Forbidden Cravings

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The One at The Club

May stared at the door of her cubicle counting the minutes till the clock struck six.

She was frustrated beyond help. For the last three days her boss had tormented her every hour to get the report on the client firms completed without sufficient data. And it wasn’t even part of her job!

She ground her teeth in anger as she remembered the person who was actually supposed to do it.

Fucking Hannah Reece.

She was the sexiest girl, or rather woman that May had ever seen. With her slim waist and full breasts she was the fantasy of every guy in the office who hadn’t already fucked her.
She could get out of any job with just a light touch to the superior’s arm.

May fumed as she thought of the hours of sleep she had been deprived of because of her.

Taking a deep breath she tried to clear her head. Atleast there was one man who wasn’t affected by Hannah.

Chase Mirth.

May felt herself relax immensely at the thought of him. He was her department in charge and was literally sex-on-legs. If that was the right term for guys like him.

He wasn’t handsome in the classical sense. His mouth had an almost cruel firm set to it and his stormy blue eyes seldom strayed anywhere but where he intended them to. But there was just something about him that was like a magnetic pull and she couldn’t help being attracted to him. His lean but powerful physique accentuated his dull grey suit to such a limit that he could easily be mistaken as an Armani model or something.

May smirked as she recollected the dozens of times the staff had had the opportunity to see Hannah throw herself at him, only to be rejected with simply a curt nod and blatant ignorance aimed at her.

But that hadn’t stopped her from trying and May would sometimes have to force herself to calm down and not gauge the woman’s eyes out.

Chase was a good man as far as his reputation in the office went. He was an excellent boss and wasn’t mean or rude to any of his co-workers. May herself had encountered him only countable times but each time he had been polite to her and if she hadn’t been seeing John who was her very attractive but a pain-in-the-ass boyfriend who thought she would be better off sewing dresses for a living, she would have swooned at his feet.

May couldn’t remember the last time John and she had had sex or had even kissed. He was always busy with work and hardly gave her any attention. He didn’t call or text and never, not even once in their entire relationship of six months, had ever asked her about her job or how her day had been. But he reminded daily of how grateful she ought to be to have someone like him, who hadn’t excited her even remotely in any fucking way but provided her with all the necessities of life. The only reason she stuck with him was because she was afraid of being alone. Having lost her parents at an early age she didn’t have anyone to call her own and with John, even though she thought she might someday die of sexual frustration, he was atleast a solid rock in her life. A constant that she didn’t want to disappear. She needed the security. She needed some sort of stability.

Lost in her thoughts, she jumped at the sound of her phone ringing.

Fishing it out of her desk, she stared at the screen.

Talk about the devil.

Suppressing her irritation, she pressed the answer button. The idiot had probably called her to cancel on the dinner date that they were supposed to have tonight. It wouldn’t be the first time.

" Hello?”

" May, I can’t make it tonight.”

She buried her head in her hands.

" I missed you too, John.“, she replied, her sarcasm evident in her voice. She knew it would piss him off.

" Nice one, but it’s getting kind of old.“, he said sharply before continuing, ” I’ll pick you up tomorrow from your apartment for the carnival. Wear something sexy.”

May didn’t respond. With sudden anger pulsing through her veins, she cut the call.

Fucking asshole.

She dumped the cellphone into her bag.

He could go screw himself. She’d had enough.

To her immense relief it was time for her to leave. She could now go home and soak for an hour in her bathtub. Maybe this time she could put in some bath salts and rose petals or light a few candles-

" May?”

She jumped for the second time that evening and gripped her desk.

Chase stood at the door of her cubicle, a frown on his face.

She flushed as she stood hurriedly, tidying her hair and dusting off the creases in her skirt.

" Yes, sir?”

" Peter asked me to drop this off at your desk. He said he’ll be needing it checked and verified first thing tomorrow.“, he said in his deep rough voice as he handed her the file, his eyes staring at her like she was some weird bug under a microscope.

May felt her cheeks redden as fury coursed through her.

First thing tomorrow morning!?

She’d have to come early again!

Taking the file from him she placed it on her desk, her eyes widening at the number of sheets in it.

That bloody son-of-a-bitch.

She hated her boss even more now!

To her surprise, Chase was watching her intently, his head almost cocked to one side and his hand resting on the side of her desk.

" I understand, Sir. I’ll get it done.“, she said with a hint of annoyance in her voice as she stacked the papers neatly and placed them in her drawer.

" Why are you so tensed?“, he asked her abruptly.

May froze in surprise.

What the-

Did he just ask her a casual question?
Or was she hallucinating?

Chase was known for his extreme professionalism and was never known to get chummy with anyone.

She opened her mouth and then closed it, unable to form an answer.

He was still watching her, his eyebrows furrowed.

Deciding to go with the truth she shook her head and said,” I’m just tired, I guess.”

The frown lessened as he nodded like he understood.

" Do you have plans for the evening?“, he asked her again.

Her mouth almost popped open in surprise. She was just about to answer when her phone buzzed.

Annoyed at the interruption she mentally cursed the person who had chosen that moment to call her.

" Excuse me.“, she muttered as she fished out the phone from her bag, watching Chase from the corner of her eye. He didn’t move at all except for a slight nod of his head.

She glared at the screen of her phone.

It was John. Again!

Was he calling to tell her that their date was on for tonight?

She answered the call, her fingers tugging at the hem of her blouse.

" Hello?”

" May, I need you to pick up my laundry from Pearsons. Tonight.“,he almost snapped at her and she gripped her phone in anger.

Why did she put up with him?

Not wanting to make a scene in front of Chase, she nodded.

" Okay.”

" Try not to get it soaked in champagne like you did the last time.“, he snapped again and the call ended.

May couldn’t breathe with the fury that raged within her.


Her fist clenched at her side.

Son of a fucking b-

" May?”

She started at Chase’s voice. He was looking at her curiously, his hands folded across his expanse of a chest.

" Was that your fiancé?“, he asked, taking a step towards her.

May couldn’t help the strangled laugh that escaped her lips.


She’d rather die.

His eyebrows shot up, questioning.

She flushed at what she thought might have come across as a rude gesture.

" He’s just a boyfriend.“, she explained as she switched off her phone and dumped it into the recesses of her bag.

She wouldn’t be able to handle another call from John.

" You didn’t answer my first question.“, Chase said as he leaned against her desk and for a fleeting moment, May let her gaze rest on his sculpted lips. Were they as hard as they looked?

" What question?“, she asked as she zipped her bag, eager to leave the confines of the small space.

" Do you have plans for the evening?“, he said slowly, his gaze not leaving hers.

" I don’t but-”

" Good, then you can come with me.“, he said, pushing himself off the desk gracefully and adjusting his suit.

May stared at him in confusion.

" But where are you going?“, she asked, her heart racing with the prospect of going anywhere with this man.

" I have a client to meet at The Vortex. You can come with me and then I can drop you off at your place.“, he said casually as he checked his watch and then looked back at her.

May was stunned.

He was offering to drop her home!?

What act of kindness had she done that someone like Chase Mirth was actually being nice to her?

Deciding that she was way too tired to walk back home, she quickly nodded her head and gave him a quick smile.

" That’d be great.“, she said as she shouldered her bag and followed him out of the cubicle she was glad to leave behind, at least for another few hours.


The Vortex was one of the most highly rated clubs in Los Angeles.

May had heard about it from people at work but her salary didn’t allow her the splurging that she would loved to have done. Nevertheless, she was in awe of the place almost at once.

It was magnificent and reeked of money.

The guards at the door had instantly let them in and May wondered if Chase was a regular there. Did he get all his girlfriends in here for a drink? He had to have a girlfriend. It would be a sin for someone as sexy as him to be single.

She was shaken out of her thoughts at the feel of something warm on the small of her back. She had left her bag back in the car and with nothing to keep her fingers occupied, she had been nervously wringing her hands, unaware of her own actions.

At the touch, her head snapped up to see Chase looking down at her, his face hardly visible in the dim light of the club. She felt his hand gently take one of hers and guide it to the crook of his arm.

May could feel her heart beating wildly at the contact. The lack of light in the room cast a dark glow to everything and at that moment Chase looked exactly like a breathtaking sculpture that had been draped in cloth.

His shoulders blocked out everything from her sight and for the first time she realized how tall he was. He towered over almost everyone around them. The hard set of his jaw gave him a sinister look that May found infinitely alluring and the feel of his body brushing against hers was for some reason, making her knees go weak.

All around them couples were dancing, their bodies moving in sync to the rhythm that blasted through the high tech speakers that were plainly visible.

Chase guided her through the crowd, his arm holding hers securely, as they made their way to the back of the club through the slit in a velvet curtain draped across one end of the wall.

The noise instantly vanished as if they had entered a whole new world. The dull throbbing through the floor was the only thing that remained.

Chase led her down what seemed like a corridor till they reached the end of it that opened into a separate room that was empty except for a glass table that had a bottle of wine along with a few glasses placed on it, a couch and two leather chairs that surrounded it.

May stepped inside the room, the lush carpet a balm to her aching feet.

" Make yourself comfortable.“, Chase said as he shut the door before taking off his coat and placing it on the stand.

May felt her mouth go dry at the sight of the silk shirt straining against his toned body. Averting her gaze, she sat down on the couch, her spine rigid, praying that the client would appear and the night would end soon.

Chase, she noted, was in no such hurry.

With increasing alarm, she watched as he loosened the knot of his tie before taking a seat next to her, his thigh almost touching hers.

" Wine?“, he asked, turning to her briefly before pouring out a generous amount in two of the glasses.

May couldn’t answer. She couldn’t think. The heat that was radiating from his body was causing unexplainable sensations to course through her and her palms were getting sweaty.

Coming here with him had been a bad idea. Now she was worrying herself into knots and he didn’t have a clue.

Where was that dratted client?

" What are you thinking?“, he asked suddenly and May stared at him, a blush creeping up her neck.

" Nothing.. just what exactly is this meeting going to be about? If you don’t mind me asking. “, she said as she took the glass of wine in her trembling hands before cautiously taking a sip.

“You’ve tensed up again.“, he stated simply, staring at her above the rim of his glass and not answering her question.

She laughed as lightly as she could.

" I’m not tensed.“, she said nonchalantly as she placed the glass back on the table.

" Really?“, he murmured as he placed his glass next to hers before shifting so that he was facing her.

“So if I do this, it won’t affect you?”

May felt her pulse quicken as he leaned in, his left hand coming to rest on her thigh. Instinctively, she tried to move back but froze when his fingers gripped her flesh through the flimsy material of her skirt.

" What are you-“, she started only to be silenced by the look on his face.

Slowly, he released his grip on her leg, his fingers caressing the spot before moving across the exposed skin above her knee.

" Are you tensed now?“, he asked, his voice husky, his eyes on her lips.

May felt goosebumps rise all over her skin as she breathed in his scent. It was spicy and almost like mint.

She shook her head mutely, unable to form an answer.

He looked amused as he leaned in even closer, his breath hot on her cheek before he suddenly lifted her making her cry out in surprise.

May found herself in his lap, her skirt hiked up way too much to be decent, his hands holding her against his chest while hers gripped his broad shoulders.

She was finding it hard to ignore the fact that she liked his hands on her.
Terrified of what she knew he was making her feel, she dared to look up at him.

" Now?“, he asked softly, his breathing almost ragged, his face touching hers.

She didn’t move. Didn’t make a sound.

Chase ran the tip of his nose along her jaw as his hand moved restlessly up and down her side. May bit her lip as she felt her nipples tighten, straining against the material of her blouse.

" The client-“, she started, almost moaning when his hands squeezed her waist before running up her side, his fingers grazing her breasts.

He growled lowly as he picked her up in his arms, his hands wrapping her legs around him as he lifted her to his waist.

" There is no fucking client.“, he hissed.

She didn’t have the time to pull back or move in any way because the next second, his lips were on hers, pressing down hard.

May was frozen.

Her mind numb, the only thing her body was aware of was Chase’s lips on hers.

And they were just like she had imagined.

Nothing could prepare her for the sensation of his hard and yet warm lips on her own mouth. May had been kissed before. But with Chase, it wasn’t just a kiss.

It was pure, sweet possession.

His lips moved roughly against hers forcing her to open her mouth. And when she did, he gentled instantly, his warm tongue sliding between the crease of her lips, stroking and exploring everything she had to offer.
She could feel her body aching for him to touch her. But to her increasing frustration, his hands remained right where they were, on her waist, while May waited for them to move higher and touch her where she wanted it the most.

She heard herself moaning as she pressed herself to him, her legs tightening around his waist.

Chase deepened the kiss further, nipping at her full lower lip and soothing the sting with his tongue.
May was lost. Her fingers knotted in his slick black hair and she scraped her nails along the base of his skull earning a low growl from him.

In some corner of her mind where sense still lurked, she felt him begin to walk, then the click of a door being opened and the dull thud of it being kicked shut. And yet, Chase didn’t touch her.

He continued kissing her passionately, the strokes of his tongue forming a sensuous rhythm. Then suddenly, he untangled her from his body setting her a foot away from him toward the wall.

She whimpered at the loss of contact. Her eyes opened and she blinked, unconscious of the wild need that was stark clear in them.

" Why-”

He cut her off with a finger to her lips.

" Turn around, May.“, he ordered, his voice like rough velvet and she felt her knees tremble at the look in his eyes.

Obediently, she turned herself around, her eyes tightly closed as she braced herself against the wall.

She heard his footsteps approach her, before she felt his hands on her waist, his warm breath tickling her ear.

" Hands up.“, he commanded as he pressed himself to her.

Slowly, she lifted her arms placing them on the wall above her head.
May gulped as she felt his erection press against her lower back.

As if he could read her mind he groaned softly, ” Do you see what you do to me, May?“, he said while he shifted so that she was pressed even more intimately against his hard body.

Unsure how to answer, she nodded, her mind reeling with the heat of his body against her back.

His hands reached up and held her wrists loosely, before trailing down her arms, his face buried in her hair.

" Eight months, May. Eight fucking months.“, he groaned as his hands reached her shoulders, moving down her sides and pausing at her breasts.

" I’ve been watching you for so long. Did you have any idea?“, he said slowly as his tongue slipped inside her ear.
She almost turned around to kiss him when his hands began moving again.

Her mind was brimming with questions. Eight months!? He had been-

She stopped thinking as his palms cupped her breasts and May moaned as she reached out to touch him.

His fingers abruptly flicked against her nipples and she cried out.

" Hands on the wall, darling.“, he murmured, his hands lightly caressing the undersides of her breasts through her thin blouse.

" Please, Chase-“, she moaned softly but placed her hands back at his command.

She felt him smile against her cheek before his hands began moving along the curve of her waist before gripping her hips tightly.

Clamping her thighs together, she forced herself to remain still. She felt him lower himself and then his face was pressed against her back, just above her derrière.

" You’ve driven me crazy all this time.“, he murmured as he moved his hand all the way down along her thighs and then the calves of her legs.

" Do you know how hard it was to appear unaffected by you?“, he said as he stood up and gripped her waist.

" Cold shower after cold shower. I couldn’t get you off my mind.“, he groaned as he moved his hands along her stomach.

May could hear her blood pounding in her ears.

" So beautiful.“, he murmured again as he turned her around, taking her hands and entwining them behind his neck.

" I’ve wanted you for longer than you can imagine, May.“, he cupped her breasts, his fingers teasing her nipples till they were painfully hard.

May melted against him as she finally found her voice.

" But you didn’t say a word-“, she gasped as he pressed her against the wall, his erection cradled against her core.

" How could I?“, he kissed her cheek, his lips trailing along her jaw.

" I couldn’t control myself around you. You were jeopardizing my calm demeanor. And I had no idea if you were in love with your asshole of a boyfriend.“, he squeezed her breasts again, massaging them till May was ready to fall apart in a heap of ecstasy.

" But now I do know. God, May, each time I saw you, all I wanted to do was throw you on my desk and fuck you till you were hoarse from screaming my name.“, he slipped his hands inside her blouse and her breathing tightened, her fingers digging into his shoulders.

" But I also want to make love to you, May. I want to memorize every inch of your skin. I want to put that smile on your face that is now such a rarity.“, he whispered as he deftly unhooked her bra before running his hands all over her skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps all over.

May felt something inside her snap at his words. She wanted him. Damn the consequences.

With whatever bravery she could muster, she stood on her tiptoes and kissed his jaw and felt his arms tighten around her in response.

" Fuck me now, Chase.” , she demanded as she reached down and placed her hand on the bulge in his pants.

He pulled back for just a second, surprise written on his features before he grabbed her face in his hands and kissed her hard.

May let out a loud moan when his hands reached behind her, unzipping her skirt and simultaneously crushing her to his hard chest.

Her blouse was next and then she heard the ripping sound as her underwear was torn apart. All the while, her hands moved as efficiently as they could, unbuttoning his shirt, with success.

Kicking off her shoes, she pulled his shirt off and then quickly undid his belt as he took off his tie, kissing her all the while.

She felt him take over as he slipped his pants off along with his boxers. And then they were completely naked, her breasts pressed against his hair-roughened chest and May had never felt so good.

They didn’t even make it to the bed.

She suddenly found herself on the floor, the thick carpet underneath them as Chase devoured her lips, his hands touching and caressing every inch of her body.

His mouth left hers as he kissed her jaw, down the nape of her neck before finally reaching between her breasts.
His fingers tugged at her nipples, making her cry out in pleasure and want. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist as she writhed underneath him, her body aching for release, his erection pressing into her inner thigh.

" Chase, I can’t-“, she cried out again as his teeth latched onto her nub while his finger slipped inside her.

He bit and soothed the flesh as she clenched around his finger, shifting his attention to her other breast, at the sound of her cry.

" So wet.“, he groaned as he lifted his head, his finger slipping out of her and she gripped his shoulders as he sucked her arousal off his calloused skin.

Moving into position between her legs, he leaned down and kissed her and May tasted herself on his tongue. Reaching down she grabbed his length, stroking fast, making him let out a garbled curse as he pulled her hand away.

Opening her eyes, she looked at him in confusion.

" No more stimulation, May.“, he said almost harshly as he positioned himself between her legs.

She hardly had the time to grab his shoulders when he lifted her hips and plunged into her making her gasp at the sharp pain that shot through her body.

" You’re so tight.“, he grunted lowly as he eased out of her, before pushing in deeper making her scream.

Reaching down, he took her lips, his hips moving with every thrust, as May lifted hers, increasing the pressure.

Chase began slamming in harder with every passing second and May dug her nails into his back as she felt herself clench once more.

And then she came, her scream smothered by Chase’s lips.

She felt him plunge into her again and again and then the next second, he gave a loud groan as he found his release, pouring himself into her.

His body slumped against her and she buried her fingers in his hair, placing a kiss on his shoulder.

Slowly, he lifted himself off her before standing up and then reaching down to lift her into his arms.

He carried her to the bed in the corner of the room, placing a kiss on her head, before disappearing into the bathroom.

May slipped inside the sheets, feeling the soreness between her legs.

She snuggled deeper, trying to calm her racing heart.

A few moments later, she felt the bed dip as Chase slipped in beside her, his arm pulling her close to him.

" Did I hurt you?“, he asked softly as his fingers moved along her arm before wrapping her tight in a hug.

She shifted so that she lay against him, a smile on her face.

" No.“, she murmured as she placed a light kiss on his jaw.

He pressed himself to her as he kissed her forehead, her nose and then finally her lips.

" Come home with me.“, he said, his hand cradling her head, as his lips expertly kissed her mouth open, his tongue slipping inside.

May was breathless.

He lifted his head long enough for her to suck in a breath.

" And break up with that twat.“, he said darkly, his fingers brushing her hair away from her forehead.

May laughed at his expression.

" I will.“, she promised.

Chase smiled before leaning in and claiming her lips.

May relaxed against his warm body.

She would never be alone again.

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