Stolen Hearts

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There’s a loud ringing in my ears.

My palms feel sweaty and I can swear that my heart has literally stopped beating.

It feels like I’m standing on the edge of a precipice and the next words I hear from Isabel’s perfect mouth have the power to send me plummeting over the edge or soaring high toward the sky.

I’m trying not to rush her. But it’s so fucking hard not to shake her and plead with her to give me a chance. To give us a chance.

She’s still staring at me with her mouth slightly open, as though she cannot believe what she’s hearing. My throat feels parched and the back of my neck is prickly. Which is downright weird and annoying.

Then finally, finally, she speaks.

“What did you say?”

Oh hell.

I clear my throat and look into her eyes, “W-would you consider”, I swallow, “going out with me some time?“, I can already feel the tips of my ears burning with self-consciousness and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.

Her hands are still in mine and I cringe when I realize that my grip on them is too tight.

I loosen my hold on her and debate on whether I should let her go.

She looks at my mouth.

This is it. This is what decides whether-


Oh shit.


Isabel licks her lips.


I grip her hands even tighter and I see her tense. But there’s something in her eyes that I don’t really understand. She looks.... excited?

“Do you like me?”

My breath catches in my throat, my heart banging its chest cavity, fighting to burst right out of me and settle itself in those precious hands of hers.

I nod.

“I do. A lot.“, my voice sounds rough. I fucking love you.

She isn’t ready for me to voice my true feelings out loud. I do not want to spook her more than she probably is.

Her green eyes light up.

There’s silence for the next ten seconds. Isabel just keeps staring at me and I start to think that she’s going to crush me any fucking second now.


I freeze.

Did she-

I stare at her, trying to get the blood rushing through my ears to calm down for just a fucking second so that I can hear her clearly.

Her eyes are riveted on mine.


The words leave my mouth before I can stop them.

Isabel blushes, her throat swallowing, and I hate myself for a second.

“I-I said yes.“, she says so softly I think I’m imagining it again.

Despite the fact that I had desperately hoped that she’d say yes, my mind takes a moment to process the significance of that one word. What it means for us.

My mouth opens and closes but no words come out.

Strangely, my speechlessness seems to put Isabel at ease. Her lips quirk up at the sides, a tiny smile forming on her mouth.

Without conscious thought, I lift her hand and bring it to my lips. Her smile freezes when I touch her skin, her scent making my pants feel a tad bit tighter. I brush my mouth against her knuckles, aching to nip at her skin so that I can taste her.

“Thank you.“, I whisper, gazing at her.

She looks mesmerized and it’s driving me insane. Then slowly, her smile lifts even higher and she lets out a soft, throaty laugh.

Jesus Christ.

It makes me want to devour her mouth and then some more.

She surprises me by pulling her hands away and I’m disappointed for a moment. But then she shifts closer to me, leaning in, and hugs me, her arms going around my waist. My heartbeat falters.

Her nose is pressed against the side of my neck and the warmth of her breath is doing funny things to my insides.

I slip my hands around her, gently holding her to me, resting my palms on her back.

She said yes.

She said yes!

I want to scream out to the sky and pump my fist in the air.

I want to grab Isabel’s face and kiss her like I have been dying to for the past four years. I want to embed myself so deep inside her skin that she’ll never want anyone else. Because she’s it for me. And I can’t wait to show her that.

We stay like that for God knows how long. My heart is finally at rest and I have never, not once in my life, felt more perfectly at home. It’s because I have her in my arms. She makes me feel like I can do anything.

I press my lips to the top of her head.

“I like your cologne.“, her voice whispers across my skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake.

I stifle a smile. “I like you.” I kiss her hair again.

She laughs softly and my stomach somersaults.

I’m intensely aware of her palms pressed right above my waist, the heat of her skin seeping in through my tshirt. I want her hands on my skin, on my mouth-

“We should probably get going. My mom’s driving us to her sister’s place today.”

Disappointment fills me.

I was hoping I could hold her for a while longer.

“Oh.“, I say, slowly releasing her when she pulls away.

She sits back and eyes me. “So.”

I turn red under her scrutiny.

“How does Saturday evening sound?“, I stare at her mouth, aware of the heat rising up my neck.

She grins.

I smile back automatically.

Her smile is infectious.

I want to kiss it away.

“It’s perfect.“, she grabs her keys, slipping them into the ignition.

I can’t stop staring at her even as she puts the truck in reverse and heads towards the gates.

Reluctantly, I turn away and sit forward in my seat.

“Maybe you could come over later.“, her voice is almost a whisper. Her eyes dart to mine once and then look back at the road.

I swallow.

Being alone with Isabel?

I’ve been waiting for it forever.

“I’d like that.“, I try to keep my tone casual.

It comes out like a rasp.

My mind is already down the gutter. Imagining everything we could do that involves minimum clothing.


I move in my seat, ashamed of the direction of my thoughts. Isabel would throw me out in the middle of the road if she knew what I hope to do with her.

I love her.

Heart, body and soul.

But I’ve got to keep it in my fucking pants.

This crazy need I have just to feel her, will kill me and the relationship that’s just beginning between us. If I don’t slow down, she’ll think I’m just another jackass that’s using her for sex.

Fuck. That’s so far from my true intention.

I can’t fuck this up.

Not now. Not ever.

I look over at her. Isabel has gone silent.

For some reason, I panic.

Is she having second thoughts about us already?

My hand reaches out and I slowly place my palm over hers, my chest feeling heavy for a moment.

Isabel turns to me and smiles.

Then she looks down at our hands and entwines her fingers through mine. I savor the moment, slowly rubbing my thumb over the back of her fingers.

Her skin is soft. Warm. My tongue begs for a taste.

Steeling my thoughts, I squeeze her hand just once.


Soon, I’ll be able to tell her exactly what she means to me. That I’m not just looking for a few dates and stolen kisses.

I’ll be able to tell her how much I’ve always loved her.

Inhaling deep I hope and pray that this amazing gift that I have just received will always, always be mine.

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