Stolen Hearts

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I squint in the bright sunlight and turn over with a groan, my hands going to my head to grab the pillow I know should be there somewhere. There’s a clamoring in my brain, telling me that I have forgotten something vital, but I force myself to keep my eyes shut, hoping that it will get me a few more minutes of sleep.

I manage to keep at it for less than twenty seconds before it all comes rushing back to me.


My eyes pop open and my heart feels like it just sprouted wings.

I hurriedly wake up, pushing away the covers urgently and stumble over to the window, searching for hers. I pause when I see that her blinds are closed. I catch a glimpse of her truck in the garage and know that she’s still home.

It’s Friday.

The day before our first date.

I am wide awake now and am already reaching for my phone when it vibrates. It’s a text from Clare, asking if I want to meet up with her during the lunch break to discuss the upcoming debate.

I frown.

We had already covered the points required the day before yesterday. Why did she want to do it again?

I hurriedly text her saying that I will be busy and to text me if anything else comes up.

Then I sit down at the edge of my bed and pull up Isabelle’s chat.

Hey. Good morning.

I hit Send and wait.

Fuck. Should I have put a smiley at the end?

I groan into my palm. What the hell am I-

My phone vibrates with a text.

Hey, good morning :) Did you sleep well?

I smile like a goof.

Yes, I did. Did you?

I hit Send and then begin typing again.

Can you give me a ride to school today?

I wait breathlessly.

I was hoping you’d say that :D And yes, I slept very well.

My smile gets wider and I laugh out loud, loving every second of the new day.


When I reach the front door to Isabelle’s house, I hesitate for a moment, checking myself once and making sure I haven’t forgotten anything for today’s classes.

Pushing my glasses up my nose, I raise my hand to the knocker when it’s suddenly pulled open and I see her. Just like that, my breath leaves my lungs.

She’s wearing an olive green shirt and worn out jeans. The shirt hugs her chest snugly and I feel the sudden urge to push her against the wall and rip it right off her so that I can get a glimpse of the perfection hidden beneath those layers.

She’s carrying her winter coat in her hand and her backpack hangs off one shoulder.


She sounds breathless and her voice makes my blood sing, making it rush straight to my cock.

Fuck. I’m an ass.

I smile at her, trying like hell not to let my eyes wander down her body and thankfully, I succeed.

“Hi.” I smile. “I hope I’m not too early.”

She shakes her head and her hair spills over her shoulder, a few strands brushing against the side of her face. My fingers itch to touch them. To trace the shell of her ear and then kiss her there.

“You’re right on time. Let’s go.”

Isabelle calls out goodbye to her parents who wave at me and then we make our way to the garage. She unlocks the door and gets in, and opens the other side for me. Getting inside the warm interior of the truck, I place my backpack on the seat and shut the door.

When I look back at her, she’s staring at me, her nose slightly pink from the cold.

I push my glasses up my nose and give her a tentative smile.

“You have something in your hair.“, she smiles softly, pointing toward the top of my ear.


I reach up and sift my hand through my hair, pulling out a tiny red gold leaf. Letting it fall to the floor, I look back at Isabel and nod my head.


To my surprise, she just laughs. Then she leans forward. Reaching out she pulls out another leaf that had somehow managed to get stuck in my hair not far from the first one.

She barely touches me and yet my body stiffens and goes rigid.

She holds out the leaf before me. I stretch out my hand before her, and she places the leaf in its center. Her fingers graze my skin and I want to close my fist, wanting to hold her.

But I don’t and she moves away quickly, turning the engine on and letting it run.

I keep my gaze fixed ahead of me, watching Isabel from the corner of my eye. She’s focused on the windshield and for some reason, I don’t like it that much. I want those brilliant eyes on me.

“So, um, it’s pretty cold today.”


I want to punch myself.

So fucking smooth, dumbass.

Isabel’s head whips to mine and she looks surprised for a moment before a slight laugh leaves her lips.

“It is.“, she nods, smiling at me like it is the most intelligible thing she’s ever heard.

God, she’s humoring me.

I jerk my shoulders back and lean into the seat. I need to get my shit together.

I stiffen my spine and decide to fuck it all. I need to touch her.

“I have something for you.“, she says softly.

Surprised, I turn to her.

“You do?“, I hate the crack in my voice.

She nods solemnly, but her eyes are shining.

I expect her to reach inside her bag. But I’m stunned when she crooks a finger at me in a come-hither motion.

My bug-eyed look seems to amuse her, and she gives me a half smile. I swallow down so hard it hurts and she moves that damn finger again.

I don’t realize I’ve moved till her face is only a few inches away from mine.

Her gaze drops to my lips. I freeze.

I think she’s about to kiss me.

I pray that she’s about to kiss me.

Her finger lands on my jaw. She drags the tip along it. I feel the bristle rub against her skin. A soft breath escapes her lips and I feel the effect on my cock.

“Am I being too forward?”

I almost miss her softly worded question.

“Fuck, no.”

My voice is hoarse and the words are out of mouth before I can think better of it.

Isabel’s eyes widen slightly for a second but thank God she doesn’t take her hand away.

Her gaze returns to my mouth and she strokes my jaw lightly, drawing closer to the corner of my lips.

Some part of my brain registers that my own fingers are gripping the seat in a death grip.

Isabel’s finger leaves my jaw, moving down my throat till she reaches the neck of my t-shirt. She hooks it around the material and tugs.

She looks up at me for a second and then makes my heart stop when she dips her head and I feel her mouth on my neck.

A groan threatens to erupt from my chest.

But she doesn’t stop there.

She moves her soft, soft lips across the hollow at the base of my throat and then licks me there.

I’m about to grab her face to kiss her senseless when she abruptly pulls away.

Her eyes are heavy-lidded and I want her more than ever.

“You taste good.“, she gives me an impish grin and I swear I almost come in my fucking pants.

Then she turns away and starts the truck.

Leaving me all turned on.

And with a huge boner.

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