Stolen Hearts

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The day passes by too damn slowly. I can barely sit still in my seat. I’m restless and fidgety and I can’t stop thinking about how better it would be if I could just skip classes and spend the rest of the day with Roman.

We could pick up where I left off back in the truck at my place.

God, he must think I’m plain horny.

Well. When it comes to him, I am.

If he doesn’t kiss me goodnight tomorrow, I will kiss him.

I’m not surprised at how badly I want to touch him. All the damn time.

We’ve had sex ed and all that, but no one tells you how amazing even a single touch from someone you love, can make you feel. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling that I want to wrap myself in and never get out of.

When it’s lunch break, I stand undecidedly at my locker.

Roman and I didn’t share the same previous class, so I don’t know if he’s going to be there in the cafeteria or if he’d like to sit next to me since I don’t see myself being welcomed to the table of the snobs any time soon.

I snap the door of my locker shut and make my way down the hall.

I might as well get this over with.

I stand in the line for lunch and look around the place. Delilah and her groupies occupy one corner of the room and there are people scattered over the rest of the space. I can’t see Roman anywhere and my heart sinks.

I can’t skip lunch, so I guess I’ll be eating alone.

I fill my tray with a slice of pizza, some salad and a pack of blueberry yogurt. Heading to one of the least conspicuous tables in the back, I place my backpack in the seat next to mine and dig out my phone from my pocket.

Swiping across the screen, I’m disappointed again when I see that I haven’t received any messages from him either.

I have my biology class after lunch, so I put my phone away and take a slice of the pizza.

We have a History test next week and I have to begin preparing for that too. Taking a notebook from my bag, I begin writing down a to-do list for the week. It helps me not forget the important things.

History test prep

Pick up mom’s dress


Complete sketch

I pause for a moment.

Then I smile.

Kiss Roman.

I write that at the very top of the list. And then I smile harder.


I jump at the sound of the voice next to my ear.

Roman is staring intently at my notebook.

Heat creeps up my neck and I slam the book closed. “Hey, I didn’t see you there.”

He chuckles and stares at the cover of my book for a moment and I want to crawl under the table.

Then he surprises me when he leans down and kisses my cheek. His lips are soft, and they linger for a long moment. I’m blushing furiously when he sits down and places his tray next to mine.

“I know it doesn’t really count as the one you wrote down, but I couldn’t stop myself.“, he says, his eyes laughing.

I’m mortified.

“W-well,“, I stammer, “You weren’t supposed to see that.”

I shove the book and pen inside my backpack.

He merely chuckles and offers me the grapes on his tray. I take one and pop it into my mouth.

When I look up, I see Clare seated two table ahead, staring directly at me before her eyes dart to Roman. If looks could kill, I think I’d be dead three times. Behind her, Delilah and the rest of her group have gone silent and are staring at us, too.

I feel my cheeks grow warmer and I look down at my tray.

“Isabel, do you have any place in particular that you’d like to go to tomorrow?”

I turn to him and stare. Can’t he see that we’re the focus of the entire cafeteria’s attention?

“Roman,“, I keep my voice soft. “Everyone’s staring.”

He blinks once and then looks ahead and sees what I’m talking about.


He turns back to me, “I didn’t notice.”

He pops a grape into his mouth. “So, any particular place?”

I’m stunned.

“Wait, what?“, I turn in my seat. “You’re not bothered by them staring?”

Roman glances at me, then at the room and then at me again.

He leans forward and looks at my lips for a moment. “I’m with the most beautiful girl. Why wouldn’t they stare?”

My jaw drops slightly.

He shrugs, “They’re definitely thinking what a lucky fucker I am.”

He pushes his glasses up, “I know I do.”

I let his words hang there. The only indication that I heard him is the rapid thud of my heart in my chest.

Roman smiles at me.

When I don’t respond, his smile falters. “Isabel?”


“Do you want a Twix bar? My sister gave me hers yesterday because I did her job of cleaning the closets.”

I laugh. “You did?”

He nods solemnly, “I’m very easily bribed, so it seems.”

I laugh again and nod my head, “Sure, I love Twix.”

He grins and fishes around in his pocket. “Here you go.”

I take it from him and tear open the wrapper. Then I break the bar and give him one half of it.

He looks surprised for a second. “Thanks.”

I smile back and take a bite.

We talk about how our classes went and the staring directed at us doesn’t matter any longer.

“How about we go for hot dogs first? Then we can get ice cream and go sit by the lake for a while if it’s not too cold.”

We’re discussing what would be the best way to spend the evening tomorrow.

I think about what he says. “Ice-cream, then the lake and then hot chocolate at my place. My parents are visiting my mom’s aunt and we could watch a movie.”

Or make out.

I am hoping it will come to that.

Roman dips the tortilla chip in the sauce and puts it in his mouth.

“Sounds like a plan.”

When lunch break is done, I grab my tray and bag, waiting for Roman to do the same. We make sure that our table is clean and then place our trays in the designated spot. We walk out of the cafeteria and head to our lockers because Roman needs the textbooks for his classes for the rest of the day.

When he gets what he requires, he walks me over to my class and we stand at the door.

I turn to him and hope I don’t sound overeager.

“Would you like a ride back home?”

He nods brightly. “Yes, I do. I hope that’s okay.”

I laugh and roll my eyes, “It’s more than okay.”

When he doesn’t smile back, I begin to say bye.

But he stops me by placing his palm on my cheek. Then slowly, he rubs his thumb across my cheek, his eyes following its movement.

He leans forward and kisses me again, this time on the other cheek.

I cannot stop myself from leaning into him.

“I’ll see you after class.“, he says, his eyes alive with something I cannot put my finger on.

I want to kiss him.

I really do.

He gives me one last smile and then leaves.

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