Stolen Hearts

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Oh my God.

I am embarrassed like I never have been before. Fucking hell. I just had the most amazing orgasm and we weren’t even naked.

Did Roman think I was a hussy for getting myself off like that? I suddenly feel the slight pinprick of tears and I am shocked at it.

My entire body tenses.

What impression have I given Roman?

I slowly lift my head off his neck and move back to look at him. Behind his glasses, his eyes are bright and wide open.

“Isabel.” He says my name in a soft whisper, his lips slightly redder than before from my kisses.

He must notice the sheen of tears because he suddenly frowns. “What’s wrong?” There’s a look of guilt and uncertainty in his blue eyes now.

Before I can answer, he shakes his head with a remorseful expression. “Did I come on too strong? Fuck. I’m so sorry-“

It’s my turn to frown.

“No, I’m sorry. I’m the one that literally jumped up all over you.” I say quickly, hating that he’d feel that way.

He looks surprised and opens his mouth to say something but I place a finger over his lips.


He instantly grabs my finger and gives me a silencing look. “Isabel, I just came in my pants.” A dark blush coats his cheeks.

I freeze in my position and stare at him. “What?”

The blush gets darker. “Yes, it’s fucking embarrassing.” He avoids my gaze for a moment before looking at me again.

I feel my sex clench at the thought that Roman couldn’t control himself because of me.

We’re both silent for a long moment, just staring at each other.

“I have a confession to make.” I break the silence in a soft voice.

Roman looks at me expectantly, indicating that I go on.

I lean forward, involuntarily straightening the strap on my left shoulder. I feel my breath hitch when his eyes hungrily follow the action. Moving toward him so that my mouth is a hairsbreadth away from his, and we are breathing the same air, I softly touch my lips to his.

“Chocolate isn’t my favorite flavor.” I breathe out slowly.

I watch his thick eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“It isn’t?”

His hands haven’t left my waist and I’m grateful for the firm hold he has on me. if I was left to myself, I probably wouldn’t be able to sit straight, not with the delicious pulsing that has already increased in tempo, between my legs.

I shake my head to affirm his question.

Then I slowly move my fingers up and over his shoulders toward the hair at the nape of his neck. I brush my hands through the soft strands.

“You are,” I say softly, my heart beginning to beat like a drum in the silence that follows my statement.

Afraid that I might have said something that wasn’t entirely appropriate, I lean in and cover his mouth with mine, not wanting to hear an answer that could potentially make me feel like a fool for being too forward.

I kiss Roman more forcefully than before. When I sweep my tongue along the entrance to his mouth, he lets out a groan and I feel the deep vibration in his chest. His hands that had been on my waist, grip me tighter than before and then slowly creep up my sides till they come to rest just below my breasts, his thumbs dangerously close to the aching tips of my nipples.

A whimper leaves my mouth and is swallowed by his when I shift on his lap and feel the rough material of his jeans rub against my wet panties. The action makes my already throbbing clit hurt with need.

When I go to tilt my head, I bump against his glasses and move away. Reaching up, I gingerly take them off his face, noting with increased arousal that Roman’s eyes stay closed and his mouth reaches for me again. The moment they touch the surface of the couch, he makes a sound in his throat again and I go back to kissing him, also beginning to slowly roll my hips on his lap, trying to make the ache go away.

My arms wrap around his shoulders and I press my chest to his even further, trying to get as close as possible.

When I break away for air, I’m shocked when he dips his head and sucks on the spot just below my ear. My body feels heated, every inch of my skin tingling with the feeling of being so close to the person I love more than anything else in the world.

Does he feel the intensity with which I want him?

Is it plain to see that I hate the barrier of clothes between us?

“Roman,” I whisper his name in delight when he kisses my neck, his mouth soft but firm, and oh so wet. He licks my skin, scraping his teeth over the spot first.

His hand moves up to pull the strap off my shoulder, lowering it further down my arm this time.

I feel the coolness of the air against my skin and it makes my nipples pucker up even more till they’re thrusting against the material of my bra. I desperately want his hands on me.

He follows his hand with his lips, his touch feeling like a trail of fire across my shoulder.

“You’re so beautiful.” His gravelly tone makes my belly clench. It makes my heart race. It makes my panties wet. I’m drenched between my legs and all I want is for him to touch me down there.

The wayward direction of my thoughts makes me feel as though my body is burning with desire.

“Y-you think I’m beautiful?”

Roman pauses in the sweet motion of kissing the nape of my neck and lifts his head. I open my eyes, missing his touch already.

His blue eyes stare at me.

“Think?” He says roughly.

I swallow, noting for the first time how his irises get dark when he’s aroused.

I bite my lip when he moves his thumbs an inch higher.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” He says it in awe, his voice low and husky. Oh dear God.

“You’ve been the most beautiful girl to me since I first saw you from across the street, with two pigtails and a stuffed unicorn in your hand.”

I blush scarlet. That unicorn used to be my security blanket. I carried it around everywhere after my dad gave it to me as a gift for my sixth birthday.

I freeze the next moment when I realize the implication of Roman’s statement. My heart stops.

He continues like he doesn’t notice.

“There’s never been another one for me since then, Isabel. And it fucking killed me each time I wasn’t brave enough to tell you how I felt and had to watch you slip from my fingers.” He reaches up and touches my jaw. “I’ve lived in constant fear till today that someone would not be as pigheaded as me and snatch you away forever.”

I’m shocked.

Roman gives me a tentative smile and then kisses my cheek gently.

“I’ve wanted you for a long time, Isabel.” He tucks my hair behind my ear. “And I’m going to make sure I do it right this time.”

When he kisses me again is when my heart resumes beating.

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