Stolen Hearts

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I try to be gentle. I really do. But it’s hard. It takes every ounce of control I possess when I feel Isabel’s soft satin skin beneath my fingers.

She’s beautiful. Perfect. I could kiss her forever.

I let my hands roam over her back. I can feel my jeans cutting into my erection. The material strains over the growing ridge. In my ears, I can feel my blood pounding. My heart beats wildly in my chest.

“Roman.” Isabel moans my name when I shift my mouth to her neck, suckling on the soft skin. She shudders and I sense the goosebumps rising underneath my fingers. I want to taste her skin. I want to lay her out on my bed, strip off the material of the clothes from every inch of her body and kiss every curve, every dip.

My hands move lower, stroking her lower back, cupping her perfect, round bottom and then moving back up.

I open my eyes when she grabs my neck with both hands and forces my head up. Then she kisses me again. I feel a hint of urgency in her kiss. Isabel licks my bottom lip and then slips her tongue inside my mouth, aggressively rolling it over mine. I groan. Jesus, she is so damn good at this.

I twist around so we’re both on our sides. Reaching over, I let my hand roam over her hip, move up and then below. I feel the gentle flare of her waist, the curve of her hip, as I smooth my palm over her thigh and then hook it around the back of her knee. I bring her closer to me, lifting her leg so she has it over mine. I realize how close my fingers truly are to the junction of her legs. Was she wet for me?

I groan out loud again.

Isabel’s fingers bunch in the hair at the base of my neck. She tugs at it sharply and I swear the sensation goes straight to my cock. I caress her back, loving the smooth skin. She’s warm ad soft all over. I couldn’t wait to have my head between her legs. How did she taste? Would she let me suck her into my mouth before I fucked her with my tongue?

I felt my balls draw up at the image that formed in my head.

God damn it.

My fingers touch the clasp of Isabel’s bra and I move them away. I couldn’t freak her out, pushing it too much too soon. Tamping down the wave of lust that threatens to consume the last shred of common sense in my brain, I focus again on Isabel’s mouth under mine.

Making out with her is heaven. Trying not to get her naked while doing it was hell.

Her fingers roam over my chest as she touches me. I almost flinch when she brushes my nipple. It feels so fucking good.

“Roman?” She breathes out in the middle of our kiss, drawing back slightly. Her breath is hot on my mouth and I can feel her chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Yeah?” I struggle to open my eyes, my gaze returning to her lips. They are swollen from my ministrations and a deeper shade of red now.

“I-I want to-” she swallows, looking over my shoulder and then back at me. A soft shy look enters her beautiful eyes.

I reach out and cup her cheek, “Yeah?”

“Can we take our pants off?” She asks hesitantly, catching her lower lip between her teeth. My heart skips a beat at her words and at the same time, a growl rises in my throat when I notice the action. Isabel’s eyes fly wide open at the sound.

I press my thumb against her lip and tug till she releases it.

“Only I get to do that.” I declare, looking at the succulent, juicy flesh. I wanted to bite it right in the middle, and hear her moan her pleasure.

Isabel smiles, the corner of her mouth tilting upward.

“Is that a yes?”

I can’t speak. Instead, I move over her and lean in, kissing her lips gently. My fingers go to the snap of her pants and I unhook them, pulling the zipper down in one quick motion.

Staring up at Isabel, my heart in my throat, I slip my fingers inside the waistband and gently tug. Her eyes are locked on mine and I see the trust shining in them. It spurs me on. I slowly move the material off her hips and look down. She has on a pair of black panties with a small bow on the seam. The tops of her thighs are barely visible now. I almost come in my pants.

I swallow hard and tug the material lower. Isabel lifts her hips off the bed and helps me take it off.

I stare at her.

Her legs are pale and slim. Beautiful. Just like the rest of her.

“Your turn.” Isabel says softly, looking at me.

I take a moment to realize that I need to move. Stepping off the bed, I stand before her, watching as her gaze takes me in. Isabel sits up straight, coming to rest on her palms, kneeling forward slightly. I pause in the middle of taking my belt off. Does she realize the provocative image that she unconsciously makes?

I let my belt fall to the floor and then unsnap my jeans, pushing them down and stepping out of them. I’m just in my boxers now and Isabel continues to stare. I feel the blood rush to my face when I see my erection straining plainly against the material of my underwear.

I move to her, going back to sit at the edge of the bed.

I look at her and smile.

Isabel speaks first. “Calvin Klein,” she murmurs, smiling.

I grin back.

Her smile brightens and then she comes to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. “You’re sure you’re okay with this?”

I lean in and kiss her shoulder. “I’m more than okay with this.”

She places her lips on mine and moves so she’s straddling me. I brush my lips against hers now, back and forth, slowly. Unlike before, the moment seems unhurried. There is no rush and I’m determined that nothing can shadow or ruin it in any way. We kiss for a long while. My hands stay on her waist but Isabel is pressed close to me, her chest against mine. After a few moments, she pulls back slightly and her mouth hovers over mine.



“Can we cuddle?”

I smile.

“I’d love that, yes.”

She leans her forehead against mine and pecks my nose.

I hold Isabel to me, moving over so we’re near the headboard. When I reluctantly let go, she slips under the sheets and moves closer to me. our legs brush together as we settle down. I put my arm around her so she can rest her head on my shoulder.

We’re silent for a few moments, our breaths the only sound in the room.

I look down at her.

“Thank you for today,” I say softly, stroking her hair with my fingers.

Isabel smiles. “I’m glad we skipped school this once.”

I grin and nod.

It was definitely worth it.

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