Stolen Hearts

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I snuggle closer to Roman, my head resting on his shoulder. The covers on his bed are warm and soft, the heat radiating from his body warming me up even more. It’s difficult to not move.

I feel like a kitten needing to be petted. Roman’s hand moves over my hip, his fingers drawing patterns over the skin of my waist.

“Isabel?” He says my name on a whisper.

I perk up immediately.

Tilting my head, I look up at him. “Yeah?” I smile.

His blue eyes light up in a grin.

“I was checking to see if you’re awake.” He says slowly.

I rest my palm on his chest and raise myself up a bit so I can look at him properly.

“I can’t sleep right now.” How could I? I could feel his erection digging into my thigh and my hand itched to touch him there, see for myself how he felt.

“Me neither.” Roman leans in and kisses my eyebrow.

“Are you hungry?” He asks.

I shake my head. “Not really.”

We are silent for a moment before he speaks again.

“Can I ask you something?”

I nod, “Of course, anything.”

He turns to his side so he’s facing me, a light flush creeping up his face when his subsiding erection nudges my hip. He is so creaking cute.

Roman swallows once and then looks at my stomach, placing his pam on my skin and resting it there.

“Have you done this with anyone else before?” His blue eyes are focused on me as he speaks, the pressure on my tummy increasing ever so slightly.

I reach up and place my hand on his neck.


Then I cuddle up even closer, feeling the pleasurable rush when his skin brushes against mine. This is heaven. Even though I’m terribly conscious about my semi-naked state, I’m not too shy about it. Roman’s inability to stop touching me since we lay down makes me feel good. Cherished, in a way.

I move my hand to his face and place a finger on his lips.

“What about you?” I say hesitantly. I know what I want the answer to be. I don’t want him to have already shared this with somebody else. This seems so special, I cannot imagine spending time like this with someone you do not love.

He smiles. “Me neither.”

Then he leans in and kisses my cheek. “I’m really happy that you’re the one here right now.”

Heat rushes through me.

I lean and take it a step further, placing my lips right on his. His arm comes up to my waist and he pulls me in closer. “Me too.” I murmur against his mouth.

God, I love him.

When I move to pull back, I let out a soft cry of surprise when he doesn’t let go. Instead, Roman increases the pressure of his mouth on mine, moving so we’re turned over, with him on top of me. I move my thigh involuntarily and he groans when it brushes his erection again. The intensity of his kiss increases exponentially. His tongue slips past my lips and delves into my mouth. I’m taken aback at the action and can’t move for a long moment.

Roman rolls his tongue over mine, licking at it, sucking at my upper lip and then teasing the corners of my mouth with quick touches of his tongue. It’s like he’s tasting me. Over and over.

I knot my fingers in the hair at the back of his neck and tug, needing him closer to me. His chest is pressed tight against mine and his thigh is between mine, the muscle firm against the apex of my legs. I want to grind against it, make the ache building in my belly disappear.

The slickness between my legs has me wanting to rub my thighs together. A sound of frustration spills over when I’m unable to move. In response, Roman’s hand that was placed on my back, moves to my waist, over my hip and down my thigh. My heart jumps in my chest when he moves it back up, but along the inside of my thigh this time, mere inches away from the spot that’s wet from my desire for him.

It’s exhilarating. It’s terrifying.

What if he touches me there and I can’t control myself? What if I come on his hand and –

The first moment his fingers brush over me there, through the material of my underwear, every train of thought in my head fizzles out. Every part of my body goes still. In anticipation. In wonder.

That felt so fucking good.

I’ dimly aware of the wetness gathering onto my panty, when Roman’s fingers do it again.

It’s the barest if touches, hardly there, but the sensation shoots through me like an electric pulse. His mouth doesn’t stop its ministrations. Roman kisses my jaw, moving down my throat to nip at the sensitive skin of my nape.

Suddenly, without any warning, his palm presses into my cleft and he cups me there.

I let out a surprised moan that’s swallowed by his mouth.

Roman’s fingers press into me with the slightest hint of pressure and I swear I see stars at the corners of my vision. He begins a circular motion, pressing against my folds, the sensitivity making me want to cry out.

He pauses for a second and then spread my legs further. I open up for him and he goes back at it, this time, pressing into my opening. I can feel how my underwear sticks to my skin, the wetness seeping through it. Roman groans louder, pushing firmly but gently.

The length of his middle finger rubs against my slit, back and forth, over and over, the move driving me insane. My thighs clench, my entire body tenses. He pushes the tips of his fingers against me, moving them in tight circles. The delicate nerve endings fire up rapidly, and I begin to writhe.

Nothing could have prepared me for the incredible feeling that follows.

The ache in my belly grows, drowning out every other sensation except what Roman’s fingers are doing to me.

I’m unable to stay still, my hands hold on to him tight, my back beginning to arch. Roman abruptly breaks the kiss, moving his lips to my neck and resting his forehead on my shoulder.

Then before I can have another thought, the wave overtakes me.

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