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Stolen Hearts [EXCERPT] (Teenage Dreams #2)

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Dear Cupcake,

I really should have worn my skinnier jeans today. Damn it! Why hadn’t I thought about it twice this morning? I can’t believe he saw me in those shapeless pair of jeans that make me look fat.

Would it be too much to ask for a time machine right now?

Gosh, I feel so silly. Fretting over something that might be so trivial he mustn’t have even noticed.

At least I got to see him smile. Hardly a grin, but it was totally worth it.

He looks like an old world scholar, with those glasses perched on his nose and his hair combed perfectly. He must think me a weirdo, what with my boisterous laugh and my unflattering choice of wardrobe. (I also think I should get braces?)

I still remember the time I bumped into him. It’s been almost two months now, but I can’t seem to forget it. He was like a perfect gentleman, helping me to pick my books and gather all my scattered assignment papers. I was so embarrassed at that moment but he merely rushed away my apologies and helped me get to class inspite of the fact that he was late for his own. I had caught a glimpse of him through the door, returning down the same hallway, when Mrs. White had just begun with the quiz. I felt horridly guilty, aware that I was the reason that he had just gotten thrown out. So I sought him out, after class, my face heated so bad, I’m sure I looked like a tomato.

He was in the library, in his usual corner. I had often seen him there during my infrequent trips to the hall of knowledge. He had looked so startled to see me that I almost lost my nerve. Before I could chicken out, I quickly muttered an apology. For a long moment, he just stared at me, his sky blue eyes wide in what I thought was surprise.

But then, he smiled.

A toothy grin that reached his eyes, lighting them up.

And that’s when I finally understood what it felt to have your knees go weak.

I could see the color rising in his cheeks, but the smile didn’t waver. He told me that it wasn’t a problem and asked me if I wanted to join his table.

Unfortunately, I had promised mom I would help her with painting the fence that afternoon, so I politely refused. But before I could explain why, his blue eyes had lost their sparkle and he had ducked his head, the brilliant smile vanishing as quickly as it had appeared. He nodded quickly, pushing his seat back and almost running away toward the racks.

After that incident, I didn’t get a chance to see him again.

Till today.

Maybe if I bug him a little more, he’ll finally notice me.

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