Stolen Hearts

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I can’t move.

The stickiness in my boxers is a testament to the fact that I’ve probably crossed all limits and boundaries when it comes to Isabel.

She didn’t even touch me.

And I came all over myself.

It was too fucking embarrassing.

My palm is still pressed into her flesh and I don’t want to take it away either.

I gently brush my nose against Isabel’s shoulder and kiss her soft skin. It is so easy to love her.

“Roman?” Her voice is soft, sleepy. I don’t lift my head.

“Hmm.” I kiss the side of her neck, marveling at the slick wetness that coats my fingers. She just gave me her orgasm. I didn’t know that it could be so incredible between two people. Was it always like this?

Her hands reach out and she cups my cheek, tilting my head up to her face.

“Did you-“ she pauses and looks down at my boxers. I feel the blood rush to my cheeks.

She looks back at me and then her eyes widen slightly.

“Yeah,” I start slowly, embarrassed even more now. “Sorry about that.”

She frowns.

“Why are you apologizing?”

I stop moving and look at her.

“Because-“ I pause not knowing how to word it.

Isabel shifts toward me and really looks at me this time. “Roman, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s me.” I look at her beautiful face.

“In fact,” she looks away quickly and then smiles, “I like the fact that you couldn’t control yourself.”

For a second, we just stare at each other.

Then she leans in and kisses me in the sweetest way.

I move my hand over to her hip.

We lay down together for a while after that, without talking much.

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