Stolen Hearts

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School seems to pass by in a blur for the next one week. I spend most of my time with Roman when we aren’t at school, studying and going out on the weekend.

I love this phase that we are in. I’m learning so much about him. I come to see how sometimes, when he’s really nervous, he can’t stop touching the frame of his glasses at the bridge of his nose and I think it’s the cutest thing ever.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been as fascinated as I am with him, than another human.

He’s warm and humorous and makes me smile. It means the world to me when even during the most stressful night of the week, when we had submissions due the next day, Roman came up with a schedule we could follow to get our work done well before the night was over so he could stay over at my house for a while and we could watch a movie together.

That night, we slept in my bed, halfway through the movie.

I remember waking up at around three in the morning to find Roman right next to me, his head leaning against the headboard, while I was curled into his side. He had his arm wrapped around my waist and was fast asleep, with his glasses still on. With careful attention, I had moved out from his hold. When I saw no way to get him into a more comfortable position without waking him up, I had gently nudged him awake. He’d opened his eyes and stared around the room for a long second in what I thought was mild panic. I was happy when he smiled at me, pushed away from the headboard and moved beneath the comforter, bringing me along with him. For a moment, I’d thought he’d insist on leaving, given that his home was right across mine and his parents were out for the week, visiting his aunt who was keeping unwell and had his sister with them.

I knew without a doubt, that my parents wouldn’t have an issue with Roman staying over but that didn’t mean that I’d let them know each time he did. My mom liked him already and always gave me a look when she saw us together. One that said she was really holding back on gushing about how adorable she thought we were.

I smile at the thought. Aside from Roman, my mom is my best friend. I am really lucky.

Today, I’m meeting Roman at school since he had to go in early for the debate team discussion. I disliked it only because I knew Clare would be there. She didn’t seem to understand that Roman and I were together and that’s how we intended to be. On multiple occasions, I’d caught her glaring at me in the hallway when our paths crossed on the way to class. For most of the times, I ignored it but I knew if this continued, it didn’t exactly spell happiness for our relationship.

A/N:- Apologies for the short chapters, guys! I lost my draft and am working on finding it. Thank you for bearing with me and still reading the story!

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