Stolen Hearts

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When I walk into class four hours later, I entre through the back entrance of the room. The room is milling with students bumping into each other and passing books and notes between each other before the test we have today. Mr. Sherman can be quite unpredictable with his pop-up quizzes and we always need to be prepared with the latest classes in the week because we couldn’t really know when he’d decide that the grade we obtained in the quiz would be a part of our overall grade for the course.

It takes me a moment to spot Roman who’s seated near the front with his head in his hands. He looks focused on the book on his desk and I see his phone right next to it.

An involuntary smile makes its way to my face and begin walking to seat myself in the spot to his right. The one to his left is already taken by another guy who’s equally immersed in his notes.

I’m almost at the desk when someone bumps hard into me from behind and I fumble with my books for a second, almost hitting my hip on the wooden edge of the desk right next to me. I see a flurry of pink pass me by as I grasp a chair to steady myself, my notebook slipping from my hold.

“Hey, Roman.” The high-pitched squeal grates on my ears and I immediately grimace.

Fucking Clare.

The bitch makes herself comfortable on the chair I was about to occupy and then thrusts her chest out in his direction, leaning in when she asks him what he’s studying.

I watch the exchange in silence. I’m appalled and shocked, but mostly confused.

Why in the world was she being such a brat?

I see Mr. Sherman enter the room, a scowl on his face. It is his signature expression that implies we have a test in the next seven minutes.

I shake my head and look around me, spotting a seat at the back. I make my way to it and sit down, feeling a bit unsure of how things would be at school if Delilah and her band of suckers decided to make my life miserable. There really wasn’t much I could do about it.

I place my bag at my feet and slip into the seat, taking out my phone and placing it aside.

When I reach down to bring out my notebook is when I see the screen of my phone light up, signaling I have five text messages and two missed calls. I frown.

Leaving my notebook aside, I unlock my phone.

My stomach does a somersault when I see they are all from Roman.

I look above the head of the girl in front of me and see that he’s staring at his phone, looking around the classroom. He doesn’t spot me because I’m partially hidden behind the girl. I think her name is Wendy. I’ve never really spoken to her before but I remember being paired up with her for a class project last year.

I open my text messages and read the most recent one.

Isabel, tell me you’re here. Please.

I smile wide.

Then I quickly type out a response.

Hey, I’m two seats behind you.

I see him look back at his phone immediately and then he turns around, looking over Wendy and seeing me sitting there.

He looks relieved. And so happy.

Today is going to be great.

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