The Legend of Wrath

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Chapter 2

They traveled south.

The trip was rough. Lu had never strolled so far away from home. As they worked their way out of the forest, they struggled through heavy rain and the chill of the night.

The wolf obediently followed Lu and was on a continuous lookout for any signs of danger. To Lu, there was nothing intimidating about the predator. When she broke down every night, the wolf comforted her with licks and whines.

After two weeks of walking away from home, Lu ran into a village on the outskirts of the forest. She was at a loss. There was a possibility that they would accept a lone girl, but she doubted her extra baggage would also be welcomed.

She studied the village for a few days, sleeping under the stars during the nights and observing the landscape during the day. It looked like the sickness that destroyed her home hadn’t reached them. Life here was flourishing. Children ran around—dirty and happy, women gathered around an open fire to prepare meals, and men tread about completing various jobs.

There was something different about today. She hadn’t seen the small patrol of men that circulated the territory every few hours. She was currently alone, deep in thought and kneading a batch of grass. Na ran after a rabbit a few minutes ago but Lu wasn’t worried. Her wolf always returned to her side.

Her warm peace came to a frozen halt when the patrol of men that had been missing all day surrounded her. They pointed their weapons and demanded answers. Lu knew their language, but her education was overshadowed by her terror. Words were a foreign concept to her. All she could form was sobs.

Loud growls made the entire group turn. Na was barreling her way to them. She cut through the air like one of the arrows the men planned on impaling her human with.

One man overcame his shock and aimed in her direction. Predicting the next few seconds, Lu rushed to her feet and tried to snatch his weapon. With a yell, the man pushed her out of his way.

Na launched herself, aiming for Lu with the intention of protecting her. When their bodies made contact, the sun which had been blazing above them pulsed with white light.

Aphrodite, the goddess responsible for saving their life by binding their souls, watched with as much shock as the mortal men that attacked them.

The bodies of the females began to merge into one.

The consequences of binding their souls finally dawned on Aphrodite. A new creature now walked the earth– a werewolf.

Cries turned to growls, clothes ripped, and pitch-black hair sprouted. Men dropped their spears, their bows, their arrows, and their pride. They sunk down to the ground and bowed their heads to the wolf that was glowering at them.

And this is how the moon goddess, the original Luna, came to be.

Out of the seven men, one refused to bow down. He remained standing— shocked, but not submissive. He was a young man, son of the village leader and next in line for the title. Rage, jealousy, and disbelief exploded deep in his dark soul, contaminating it with malice.

The sight of his men worshipping a stranger made Raiden see red. Their loyalty and respect belonged to him. He had laughed, ate, and worked beside them for years. This woman or beast, whatever it was, needed to return to the pits of hell it escaped from.

Without the slightest concern of what betraying a woman blessed by gods entailed, Raiden began plotting how to get rid of her.

This is how the legend of Wrath starts.

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