The Legend of Wrath

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Chapter 29

Their hands were still entwined by the time they reached the door.

Raiden gave Artemis a firm look, mentally willing her to behave and follow the plan.

When he pushed the door open, Artemis strolled in first. They both immediately noticed that the girls had been taken out of the room— a setback that neither of them was pleased with.

Sol and Ezekiel, who were still talking business, turned to the couple when they entered the room. Artemis’ scent perfumed the room, leaving no doubts of what had transpired in their absence.

“Well, was the pussy worth all those thousands?” Ezekiel crackled, dropping his pen and directing one of his infuriatingly smug smirks at Raiden.

Artemis was genuinely interested in the response.

Raiden didn’t disappoint by nodding. “Every penny.”

If she could blush, she would be bearing every shade of red in the spectrum right now. She was sure that even Sol was flustered by the comment.

“Sienna, go shower.”

“Not Sienna,” she corrected.

Wrath's eyes widened. This was not a part of the plan. She wasn't supposed to provoke him or get close. That was Wrath's job.

Ezekiel looked at her with an entangle of pique and curiosity. “What?” he encouraged.

She scoffed temperamentally and stretched a hand out, melodramatically studying her nails.

“Artemis.” Ezekiel watched with evident shock as her index finger’s nail lengthened.

“Clark,” her middle finger’s nail followed.

“Rhee,” then her ring finger.

Ezekiel’s chair tumbled back when he rushed to his feet. “You’re a werewolf?” he demanded, looking ready to charge.

Artemis smiled, morbidly eager to paint his walls with his blood. “An alpha, actually. But that’s only a minor detail. Oh, don’t look so surprised. You got your ass handed to you by the Goddess, you couldn’t help but fall in love hopelessly five times even though you tried not to because you knew they would die with time, and now there’s me. The cycle of falling at women’s mercy has repeated so many times that you can’t possibly tell me you weren’t expecting this. All along you knew that all any woman, whether mortal or immortal, human or werewolf, is stronger than you.”

He was vibrating by the time she finished. “Are you really challenging... a lycan? What part of immortality did you not understand?”

“Shut the hell up, Ezekiel,” Artemis snarked with a roll of her eyes. “Cut your stupid ingenious villain script.” She extended the rest of her nails on her right hand and took a purposeful step in his direction with the intention of slicing his throat.

Sudden pressure against her stomach restricted her movements. She looked down and found a large palm possessively pressing against it. Wrath.

She was about to question him when he sidestepped her and walked over to an unsuspecting Ezekiel who was distraught by her outburst. He shoved him against the wall, reached back into the waistband of his jeans, and retrieved a gun.

Ezekiel shook his head, brown eyes on Wrath’s. “I’ll repeat my question. What part of immortality don’t you get? A gun won’t kill me,” he chuckles leisurely. “What were you idiots hoping to accomplish today? All I’ve got to do is yell out and my men will come in, bend you over a table and fuck your uterus out,” he stops to point to Artemis before looking at Sol. “And torture some sense into you two cowards. I must say, Sol. I’m disappointed in—”

Wrath got bored of his delusional word vomit. “You’re mortal now,” he delivered.

The news efficiently shut Ezekiel up. A ghostly pale conquered his face.

“Oh,” he solemnly replied.

He locked eyes with Artemis without fighting Wrath's hold as he contemplated defeat. Were the men he considered partners just minutes ago playing games or did they actually do the impossible and revoke the Goddess-given curse?

There was no crazed fear in his eyes as you would expect to find in a person cornered by death.

There was acceptance.

“Well, it’s been a ride,” he winks over at Sol who was still seated and observing.

He then frowned at Wrath. “What? No speech about victory and morals before you finish me off?”

Wrath shook his head. “Nah.”

The gun cocks. “I’m not much of a talker.”

Ezekiel opened his mouth to reply and Wrath used the opportunity to shove the barrel past his lips and shoot two rounds which put holes in his head and booms in the air.

Sol was talking just seconds after Ezekiel's body hit the floor. “Alright, before you two resume your sexually-frustrated argument, let’s get the fuck out of here. Artemis, go get the girls since you know where he keeps them. We will cover you,” he tossed his gun at Artemis before shifting into staggering 7 feet tall lycan.

The three shared a firm nod before kicking past the door. Artemis and Raiden shot down two men who were approaching as Sol collided with a werewolf.

“Go!” Wrath yelled out, taking cover by a panel and doing his best to avoid the whooshing of bullets. Artemis glanced at Sol to make sure he was fine. Blood dotted the floor below him but he seemed like he was holding his own against the two werewolves that were on him.

She took off and Raiden began shooting the place to high hell; ready to fill with heads with lead. A brave woman peeked out from a wall, aiming for Artemis, and was shoved right back to where she came from when one of his bullets found refuge between her eyes.

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