The Legend of Wrath

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Chapter 31

“Hello?” Zena’s confused voice greeted the unknown caller.

“Hi Zena.”


“Yeah, listen. I need you to contact the Council and tell them to send a clean up crew to the location I’ll text you. It’s urgent.”

“A cleanup crew? Please, for the love of my sanity, tell me that my brat of an offspring isn’t with you,” the mother growled.

“I could tell you that but I don’t think you would appreciate being lied to...” Sol contemplated as he eyed Artemis and Raiden. They were all standing by the car, ready to depart.

“Do me a favor and smack her upside the head for me. How dare she lie to me!” Zena seethed over the line.

“No can do. Wrath would decapitate me for sure. Listen, can you get that crew set up for us? We left behind a bloodbath.”

“Wrath? Isn’t that another lycan?” Zena asked while knowing she wouldn’t like the answer.

“Oh he’s much more than that,” Sol chuckled at the inside joke but regained his composure when Raiden growled threateningly.

Zena sighed. “Tell Artemis to get home asap. There’s a funeral she has to attend.”

“A funeral? Whose?”

“Hers,” Zena snarled and Sol couldn’t help but pity the younger Rhee. Artemis might be a tough nut to crack, but momma Zena was a whole boulder.

“Sure thing. I’ll text you details of our location now,” Sol agreed.

After Zena bid goodbye, he hung up and turned to the group. The women were safely seated in the car, peeking expectantly through the window.

“Alright. Let’s take the girls to Red River and Mountain Hill. The council can pick them up there. Artemis, your mother insisted that I inform you of your funeral,” Sol says as he pulled the driver’s seat door open.

Artemis raised her eyebrows at his last sentence. Her memory was proved to be fixed when it reminded her that Zena was a bit crazy.

She watched Wrath make his way over to the passenger seat and settle himself down. Naturally, she sought her own seat. Her heart seemed to have teleported from her chest to her throat when the mortifying realization that no seats remained dawned on her. She would have to ride with Wrath. No, she would have to ride Wrath.

Knowing that her hesitation would only get her unwanted attention, she walked over to him. Wrath stared at her for a second, confusion printed on his face when she pulled the door open and stared at him with her tempting lower lip between her teeth.

She turned around and to Wrath’s horror, began descending down to his lap. His eyes remained on her voluptuous behind as it neared his lap. Time seemed to have melodramatically slowed. In the midst of his panic, he was able to determine that she was simply pairing with him because there were no other seats. His brain knew that this situation wouldn’t be happening if she had the choice and nothing about it should be considered sexual. But his dick... that part of him had a mind of its own.

He was hard before they even made contact.

Artemis closed the door and Wrath’s bump became noticeable when Sol started driving and her hips began swaying against his own. Her breath hitched when her sensitive folds got a taste of him even through their clothing.

“I’m sorry,” Wrath’s whisper was bold with passion.

Artemis remained stiff as a board, looking as if she hadn’t slouched a day in her life. She nodded her acceptance of his apology.

“I can’t control it...” Wrath found it necessary to elaborate. He immediately regretted his cringe-worthy attempts. The more he talked about it, the more weight Artemis’ ass had on his thoughts. Thoughts which only fed his erection.

A throb from the area of his concentration had him grip the overhead handle. If the car jolted just one more time, causing Artemis’ ass to mend against his dilemma, he will explode in his jeans and proceed to die from embarrassment thereafter.

Maybe he could ride in the trunk or sit in the driver’s seat. He canceled the second idea immediately, as sitting in the driver’s seat would mean that Artemis would sit on Sol’s lap.

His chest vibrated with displeasure at the provocative mental image of Artemis sitting on Sol. Though Sol acted like an imbecile, he was a smart, rich, strong male and Wrath figured he was handsome too. With trepidation, Wrath realized that he was bubbling with ego-melting jealousy for the other lycan and the stability that he could offer.

Artemis swayed once more, her hips demanding his attention. In an attempt to keep her still, he moved his hands to her waist and anchored her down.

This had to be the most painful lapdance of all time.

Artemis agreed with that thought. She was very aware of the effect her body had on his and couldn’t help but feel both flattered and embarrassed. In a way, she was getting shish kabobed and her core was providing plenty of seasoning for the meat.

She unreasonably feared that the moistness between her legs would seep into his own pants. Not to mention that her scent of desperation will soon reach both him and Sol.

With a gulp, she rolled down the window and tried to focus on the road instead of Wrath’s big hands and big...

Goddess have mercy.

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