The Legend of Wrath

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Chapter 32

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An hour of sitting with his mate's asscheeks nestling his package started to take its toll on Wrath. His balls had gone from blue to purple long ago.
He noticed that she tried to minimize their contact and knew that she had to be uncomfortable for sitting straighter than a ruler. Not wanting to risk talking and making a fool of himself a second time, he palmed her stomach. Artemis didn't fight him and slowly leaned in until her back rested against his chest.
The hand on her stomach remained there and his other shifted down to her thigh. His erection was still obnoxiously between them, but sensuality wasn't the only thing on his mind. As she laid in his arms so warmly with her hair tickling his nose, his heart soared.
He had read about this many times and the descriptions always seemed far-fetched. But what he once considered overrated nonsense started to become pleasantly accurate. He was falling in love for the first time in his long existence.
After Artemis' head gave out and her face dipped into his neck, he realized that she had fallen asleep.


Sol brought the car to a stop right at the pack border. He turned to Wrath who still held an unconscious Artemis.
"Art, we're here," Sol announced as he pulled the key from the engine. Hearing the nickname brought every hair on Wrath's his body to its peak. He glared at Sol who didn't catch onto his envy and absentmindedly dug his fingers into Artemis in a possessive haze.
His hold became so stiff that it woke her up. Her bloodshot eyes looked up at him curiously but he was too busy snarling at his competition to entertain her attention. When she looked out the window, she noticed that she was home.
She unlocked the door. Seeing her intentions, he hesitantly released her before stepping out after her and standing closely. The strain in his pants was still present and he knew that it would be hanging around for some time.

"Stay in the car, please," Sol told the women in the back seat. The women had already been exposed to enough violence and he wanted to spare them seeing the murder attempts that were about to unfold.

The group turned to thundering footsteps and found the alphas decreasing the space between them. When Lukas made out Wrath's face, he sped up. He had been expecting Sol but not his companion.
Zena didn't understand why Lukas took the lead. She knew that he was ready to scold Artemis but with his aggravation, he almost looked like he was going to...

Zena pushed herself to her limit when she realized that he was, in fact, planning on charging and attacking one of the men. Her thighs burned from exertion but she demanded a final burst of energy and went flying through the air, landing on Lukas' back. She was in his arms the second they made contact, shielded from the impact of the ground.

"Don't start, Zena," he grunted as he sat up, now dusty and bleeding from his shoulder.
Zena pulled away from his protective embrace and looked at him questioningly. "Don't start? You were about to kill someone!" she rebutted.
Lukas paid her no mind and turned around. "You," he pointed at the loaded gun that was standing near his daughter. "You've got five ticking minutes to get the fuck out of my land." He snarled his contempt out, his arms buffing enough to tear his sleeves. Wrath watched on knowingly as Lukas fell under the spell of rage. He stepped closer to Artemis defensively, knowing that wrath had the power to conquer your morals and drive you to insanity for enough time to harm a loved one.

Lukas could stand Sol who was tamed to some degree. But the other lycan was a different story.
He was hovering over Artemis with a suspiciously protective light. Lukas, who took a similar pose over Zena whenever danger presented itself, knew deep down what the subconscious gesture meant: They were mates. And that truth was nothing short of horrifying.

"Is there something I'm missing here?" Zena asked as she looked between the unknown man and Lukas' outrage.
"Dad, calm down," Artemis tried to diffuse the situation.
"Calm down?" Lukas crackled. "Sweetheart, you're gonna have to be a bit more persuasive if you want to save your boyfriend's neck," he stopped to roll his shoulders. The man hadn't moved an inch and as his time ran out, Lukas' excitement grew. He would re-decorate the bastard's face and put some emotion on it.

"Boyfriend?" Zena chimed in, her temper flaring as well. "Lukas, if you're insinuating that they're mates and didn't tell me this whole time..."

His claws extended and he fought a shift when his wolf threatened to surface and eliminate the male threat. "They are not mates!"
Zena's hands found her hips. "And who are you to make that verdict? Last I checked, the Goddess was a woman."
Lukas looked taken back by her counter. "The fact that you're so on board with letting Artemis ruin her life is beyond me. What the fuck is going through your head?"
Zena stood toe-to-toe with him. "It doesn't matter what's going through my head or yours for that matter! She is an adult woman who can make her own decisions so mind your own business!"
Lukas shook his head. "It's not happening," he finalized.

Wrath didn't bat an eye. Lukas' rejection meant nothing to him. He wasn't leaving his raven even if the Goddess herself demanded it.
Zena's chest rose and fell with infuriation. "Oh yes, it is."

Lukas was about to reply when she continued. "We'll mate, merge packs and I'll become the alpha," she echoed the words Lukas said all those years ago when they first met. Lukas' eyes widened with realization.
"Women don't belong in positions of power," Zena finished reiterating the words that she had forgiven but not forgotten.
"You can't possibly compare sexism to murder, Zena! These men are criminals!" he argued but Zena was having none of it.
"You were a bad guy once too. And don't you forget it," she snapped before turning to the group.

"And you," she addressed Artemis. "I am beyond disappointed in you. After all the heartbreak we've gone through, you had a lot of nerve to sneak out and vanish right after we got you back."
Artemis felt guilt for lying but didn't necessarily regret tagging along with Sol and helping him get the closure he deserved. She didn't argue with her mother, having too much respect for her.
Zena took Lukas' arm and tried to pull him in the direction of home. They had plenty to talk about privately.
Lukas refused to disconnect his stare with Wrath. He stepped closer and Zena let him, hoping that neither of them swung. His blue eyes contrasted against Wrath's brown ones. He didn't trust the lycan but the fact that Artemis was now a woman remained. He could not dictate her choices no matter how much his fatherhood protested.
His fists itched and he knew the only way to put it out would be to scratch it against Wraths' jaw. The man standing in front of him wasn't frail. He was packed with a strong build and wisdom— a toxic combination that could bring Artemis a lot of pain.
Lukas scowled disgustedly at Raiden who remained stoic. "You'll find out why this is the first pack in the country if you do anything that causes her a centimeter of discomfort. I won't hesitate to skin you, you waste of space."

Sol cringed, knowing that the dad-zilla meant every word. Artemis had begun to get nervous about the interaction but Raiden hadn't broken a sweat. "I wouldn't," is the only thing he says.
Though the action took a great deal of effort, Lukas stepped away. "No pups either. She is too young to bear children so keep your dick in your pants. And don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean that you're welcome to the family. It just means that your pathetic life has gotten an extension," he spat.
He didn't turn to Artemis, afraid that desperation would have him snatching her and taking her away from the lycan.
The parents started to walk back home, saddened by the realization that their little girl wasn't so little anymore.
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