The Legend of Wrath

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Chapter 33

Artemis watched her parents depart and couldn't help but feel disheartened by how they left off. They were such contrasting figures— Zena trusting and Lukas defensive. It made her wonder how they managed to rule beside each other.

"Good afternoon. This is Sol Coleman."

She turned to Sol and found him on the phone. "Don't try to look me up, I won't appear on the register since I'm not in a werewolf pack. I'm a lycan," he paused to hear a response

"Yeah I'm fully aware that I've been avoiding the Council's summons for the past five decades but in my defense, I'm technically not a werewolf so I'm not required to answer to your organization."

He sighed with irritation and pinched his nose. "If you've got an issue, email the moon goddess or some shit. I really don't care. Anyway, you might want to record this," he warned impatiently.

"Ezekiel, Lust, lycan number 2, whatever you people call him, was eliminated after a confrontation today. The parties involved are myself: Sol Coleman, Pride, or lycan number six, Raiden... I don't know his surname, Wrath, or lycan number one, and Alpha Artemis Clark Rhee. Ezekiel got entangled with human trafficking. I've got four human females here and I need you to take care of them."

More waiting happened. "Yeah we have no problem going into detail over a call but we're rather exhausted so give us a few days. Yes, the scene was cleaned up. If that will be all, I'll be awaiting your arrival," he finalized with boredom.

He hung up and looked at her. "Their ETA is 15 minutes. They'll send a chopper over to carry the girls out of the state so I'll wait here. You two can go ahead and... I don't know, argue as usual?" he shrugged.

Artemis sighed. She didn't have it in her to fight anymore. She was tired to the bone.

"Thank you, Sol," she beamed at him.

She heard a growl follow her words. "Yes, thank you for nearly getting her raped or killed," Raiden snarked.

Artemis turned to him, feeling defensive of Sol who only embarked on the crazy adventure because he wanted to prove that he wasn't as inconsiderate as Wrath accused him of being.

"This again? Didn't you hear my mom's speech about me being able to make adult decisions? Sol didn't drag me anywhere. I went on my own accord so drop the finger pointing because you're starting to look like the childish one here," she sassed.

Another displeased growl came from Wrath when his jealousy flared.

Sol's hands went to his temples. "Take your bickering elsewhere!" he cried out.

Taking his advice, Artemis started treading toward a guest house since she knew Wrath wouldn't fend well in a packhouse. He wasn't good with people so a sea of werewolves was out of the question.

"I am sorry, Artemis."

She stopped without taking into consideration his proximity and wound up clashing against him. He was quick to stabilize her with his arms, clinging her tightly against him.

Artemis didn't have a complaint in sight. Her hands palmed against the wide expanse of his back. "I'm not angry with you," she assured. "But I already have an overly protective man in my life. You saw first hand how well dad does the job," she chuckled gently and the action caused her breasts to rock against his chest. He subtly put an inch of space between them while remaining tuned into her voice.

"This can't work if you try to keep me on a leash. Lukas tried that with Zena and he didn't get far. I know that your intentions aren't malicious like his were. You just want me the furthest away from hurt, I get it. But danger comes with the territory of being an alpha. I have people to look after. I can't pretend to be a damsel in distress from some shitty online novel when I have a destiny to fulfill."

There was a lot he wanted to say to that. He had lost so many people over time that he eventually became paranoid of death. He couldn't wind down overnight. It was impossible. Constantly breathing over her neck to ensure she didn't get herself killed felt like a necessity.

But he'll try. He'll try for her.

"You make it worth it," he whispered.

"Make what worth it?"

He bent his head down and pressed his cheek to hers and began stroking them together, intertwining their scents to remind all passersby that they belonged to each other. His stubbled cheek felt harsh against her bare skin but she didn't mind, being too enchanted by the sweet gesture.

"Regretting, wishing, reminiscing, fearing... suffering for 600 years."

To clarify the difference between werewolves and lycans:

• They have distinct scents

• Lycans have the same strength and dominance demand as alphas. This is what makes them so incompatible for being in packs. They are competition and untrustworthy.

• Lycans are forced to shift for 30 days every year. Other than that, they can shift whenever they want.

• Lycans are old AF

• Once you become a lycan, you lose your mate. That’s why none of them have one. Elizabeth (Envy) had a mate but once she became a lycan, she lost the connection. Raiden, Ezekiel, and Sol never met theirs.
*Lycans can get a mate if the goddess forgives them
*Once you become a lycan, your mate gets bound to another werewolf
*Even if the goddess forgives you and gives you a mate, you're still a lycan. Only thing that changes is that you're now mortal.

*Remember that in my universe, you can only reproduce with your mate. This is important.

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