The Legend of Wrath

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Chapter 37

She disliked it right off the bat.

She had heard of BDSM before but wasn’t too familiar with what it entailed. Neither the human or the wolf were pleasantly pleased by the answer.

Submission did not bond well with a werewolf that was fueled by the DNA of original alphas. She would submit to Luna, her creator, until the end of time. But every other creature was a different story. In youth, she bent to her parent’s will. But that habit had weakened as of late as she got closer to the alpha position. Once she was officially crowned, she wouldn’t give into her parents upon disagreement. It was also hard to picture herself submitting to her mate even while in private.

BDSM was a human practice not popular amongst werewolves for obvious reasons. Bonds were sacred. Mates balanced each other out and brought strengths to the relationship so there wasn’t supposed to be a dominant and a submissive.

Sex was delicate for wolves. It completed bonds and provided offsprings. The practices of BDSM looked borderline humiliating but she was willing to see eye-to-eye with the chains and whips. By telling him that he could take her— a dominant woman as he would like, she would be conveying the ultimate level of trust. This could help tame Raiden’s urge to shy away from her out of fear of snapping her in half. It would teach him that he had control over himself and that Artemis trusted him enough to let him exert that control.

She slapped her laptop shut with enough force to shatter the screen when she noticed the steam emitting from the hallway and the figure working its way out of it. Of course, Raiden and his abs thought this was a good time to present themselves. Both were glistering with water that hinted at the sweat that would cover his skin once he was done with her in the bedroom.

Get a grip! She chastised.

Raiden was used to walking around shirtless so having nothing but a towel covering his goods didn’t phase him. He hadn’t been near women for so long that he didn’t pause to think if Artemis would feel otherwise. When he found her fiddling with her phone, he didn’t realize it was because of all the skin he was arguably blessing her with.

“I spilled some water in the bathroom. Where is the mop?” he asked her.

Artemis looked away from the stocks on her phone which she was pretending to analyze. “It’s in the closet!”

The outburst made his eyebrows furrow. She was rattled for some reason. And it wasn’t her slung head that gave her away... it was the fact that her phone was upside down and she was pretending to be distracted by it.

“Your phone is upside down.”

She cringed. “Yeah, I know. I was just checking the... compass...” she looked at him with a guilty smile. Raiden made her feel like she was back in middle school and tripping over her crush.

“If you were as good of a liar as you are beautiful, the world would be in trouble,” he told her with blazing eyes.

Was he trying to seduce her? Because chains and whips were starting to sound quite alright.

Artemis nearly swallowed her tongue. She doubted that he was simply ruffling her feathers. He wasn’t flirtatious like Sol. Raiden was more on the serious and straightforward end, but this didn’t take away from his charm. She adored how honest he was when it came to her.

“I can bluff just fine... just not to you,” she grumbled while avoiding anything past his shoulders.

He tilted his head and a droplet of water trickled from his hair to his right peck. Her eyes made sure to follow the movement religiously.

Fuck you, gravity.

“So you are lying to me?” he asked, shifting from curiosity to worry while remaining unaware of her six-pack-induced panic.

“Oooooh.” The unmistakable sound of a wanton moan reached them both. Artemis slapped her hand over her mouth with enough force to loosen a few teeth. Did she just moan?

A second moan much too masculine to be hers discredited her worry.

The mates stared at each other with equal perplexity until Artemis’ skin mimicked a sheet of paper. Unless the ghosts in the house were having a good time, then her laptop was playing porn.

She scrambled to the other side of the couch where the vengeful laptop sat. This is what she gets for slamming it shut.

“Oh my goddess,” she squealed like a dying pig. “I’m so sorr-

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were... busy,” Raiden raised his hands defensively and took a step back.

“It’s not like that!” she shook her head and sending hair flying. “It was research!” she argued, desperate to clear her name.

Raiden coughed. “Yes, I know how the internet works. I may steer clear of electronics but I’ve read enough about modern American culture... to... you know.”

Her hands went to her face to hide her pained expression.




This was definitely not how she planned on revealing her interest in getting spanked by him in the name of psychology.

She had been planning on seeing how his counseling went before even touching the topic of sex. While she was ready to complete the mate bond, she suspected that Raiden wasn’t emotionally stable enough. She didn’t mind waiting for him and trying out things outside of her comfort zone.

Her finger jammed into the power button and killed the relentless moaning coming from the machine. But not before the actress screamed out "yes, baby! Right there!"

“I was not watching... porn,” she told him while staring at her black screen.

Raiden chuckled. “Then what was that?”

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