The Legend of Wrath

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OPTIONAL: Gluttony

(A/N: YOU DONT HAVE TO READ THIS CHAPTER. This is a short story about Cedric, a lycan. His story is NOT related to Wrath or Artemis’. Read this if you’re interested in other lycans. Skip it if you’re not.)

This chapter is bloody so you should skip if you’re squeamish.

Cedric was lucky.

He had been born into a wealthy family of betas. As the second born son, he didn’t have any responsibilities other than enjoying his wealth.

When nothing is expected of you and everything is provided, life is good.

But it’s also dangerous.

Imagine not having to work for achievements, not having to provide for your family, not being familiar with the sourness of struggle or the sweetness of motivation.

Since day one, Cedric had it all: wealth and recognition. There was nothing left for him to unlock. He had no drive or life purpose.

But having no problems was a problem in itself.

The struggle for survival was one of the rules of existence. It is what fuels evolution. Evading this rule was a disrespect to the cycle of life as it would imply that you were born with no flaws. The comfort of living life without acknowledging struggle came with a price... it made you liable to become contaminated by the plague of arrogance.

Cedric became ill with this plague at a young age. His parents spoiled him with many things but humbleness was not one of them. The word “no” was alien to him.

It was when he reached his 30th birthday that he realized there was something his money couldn’t get him: Nereyda.

He was sure that she was the most beautiful werewolf to walk this earth. He had been enchanted by her since his teenage years, even if they weren’t mates. She lived the simple life of a maid. She had nothing to offer him but he wanted her nonetheless.

As life would have it, the feelings weren’t mutual. He had confessed his love to her over a dozen times but none of them resulted in acceptance. Nereyda let him down easily but none of them had the desired effect. Cedric always came back.

His advances escalated until they classified as harassment. With every rejection, his confidence dried out until all that remained was the unfamiliar feeling of desperation.

Although he was legally a man, his decade-long tantrum over not getting his beloved toy made it became clear that he never stopped being a boy.

Today was her wedding day.

She looked beautiful as always. Her black hair flew down her wide back. She had always been heavier than what the American society of 1600s seemed fit but he never cared. He found her perfect.

He watched her longingly from a distance as she walked into the store to pick out some last details for the big day. There was a smile on her face announcing the joy within her.

He hated it.

He detested it because it didn’t belong to him. It belonged to another man. Whenever she saw him, petrification crumbled her beautiful face. She was scared of him. She was repulsed by the man that had loved and watched over her for a decade.

The thought made him numb with fury.

What more did she want from him? No one could idolize her like Cedric could. He offered her comfort and unconditional love, he rejected his mate for her, he overlooked her generous body proportions.

The poor servant should be on her knees for him, not repaying his loyalty with betrayal.

That fat whore!

His heart clenched as soon as the insult crossed his mind. No, no. I am sorry, Nereyda. Forgive me. I didn’t mean it. It’s just that I love you so much and you upset me.

Feeling distressed, he began walking in her direction. She turned the corner and yelped out when arms coiled around her oppressively and dragged her down.

Tears prompted by her betrayal spilled down his face. They trailed down shakily since her kicking rocked both of their bodies.

“You will always be with me. You are my heart!” he swore to his beloved.

Nereyda kicked against him but she was an omega and he was second-in-line to the beta position. She wasn’t going to escape unless he let her.

He made sure that the coast was clear before he began dragging her rebellious body through the outskirts of town. Luckily for him, they weren’t in their territory and his family’s vacation cabin was nearby.

He rammed his hand against the back of her head and pulled her unconscious body into his arms before taking off.

As soon as he entered the cabin, be laid her on the nearest bed. With a hand on her throat and a knife in the other, he snapped her neck.

A sob reverberated from his chest. He wished it hadn’t come to this. He never planned on hurting her but her stubbornness left him no other choice. He had been patient with her for ten years.

With every slice of skin he detached from her body, he chanted “I love you,” before proceeding to chew on her remains.

The uncooked and unseasoned meat offended his taste buds but he didn’t care. Swallow after swallow, he filled himself with her.

Finally, they were one.

They were together as they were always meant to be.

He kissed her cooling lips and unbuttoned her top. He was about to slice some flesh off her breast when the room became invaded by light.

With human blood and tissue coating his face, Gluttony turned to face the Moon Goddess.

The rest is history.

A/N: Nope, Gluttony will not have his own story. Dude is crazyyy.

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