The Legend of Wrath

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Chapter 41


Her heartbeat was so wild that it visibly caused her breast to tremble. The breast that was now exposed and glistering with Raiden’s saliva, claimed by him in both scent and touch.

Both mates were struggling to breathe. Artemis was breathless because she was recovering from becoming undone and Raiden was struggling to keep in control.

His large torso was laid on top of her slender one, blanketing it from the eyes of the world. He decided long ago that he wasn’t giving Artemis up. Not to her parents, the goddess, or another man. The intimacy they just shared only reinforced his possessiveness.

All it took was a few sucks of her nipple for her to fall at his mercy. His tongue was made to worship her flesh. No other mortal could compete with the magic of the mate bond. If someone suicidal enough attempted to, Raiden would obliterate them.

He was still the lycan of Wrath. That menacing part of him was in hibernation but it would remain etched to him until the end of time.

“My raven,” he whispered, uncaring of how his voice was raspy from a thirst for sex.

“Ye...” Artemis struggled as the waves of her orgasm drowned most parts of her brain, including the one needed to speak English.


He lifted his head from the crook of her neck to press a small kiss against her earlobe.

“You are so responsive to me.”

Artemis quietly accepted the truth.

“You loved laying for me like a meal and allowing me to feast.”

This was another fact that she didn’t debate. Even if she wanted to, it would’ve been impossible because embarrassment and astonishment had claimed her ability to speak.

She wasn’t expecting Raiden to be so outspoken and figurative about their intimacy. He was so reserved, always so deep in his head.

It looks like their passion made both of them do crazy things.

She didn’t mind the sexy talk, though. And according to the weeping between her legs, neither did her vagina.


The yearning in her voice was almost tangible. She wanted him to finish what he started.

“Soon my raven,” the drug to her high nuzzled her earlobe. “I’ll enter your heart... and every other opening your body has to offer,” he growled.

Here lies Artemis’ underwear. Cause of death: drowning.

She turned her head and aimed for a single target: those tantalizing lips of his that were promising heaven.

She was irked by the fact that they would have to wait until he was initiated into the pack and he got over his insecurities before they got to mate.

His fears and self-doubt were frustrating. But her compassion dwarfed this frustration. She would be patient even if her ovaries threatened to detach themselves from her and run after his glorious body.

Raiden sat up and pulled her up with him. Once their lips separated, she went to fix her top.

He shook his head. “Let me.”

Now that the blur was fading and reality was clearing, his insecurities tried to slither their way back to their usual positions.

He fought them.

His hands were slightly trembling as they reached for her top but he didn’t dare stop.

Fear wouldn’t win again.

As gently as possible, he shifted her bra to hide her exposed breast before buttoning her top back up. With every button that clasped, his fear shrunk by an inch. He was doing it. He was fixing her top instead of destroying it and forcing himself on her like a crazed sinner.

He had control.

He looked at her for approval when he was done and found a massive smile on her face. Artemis threw herself into his arms and hugged him proudly. Although they didn’t communicate it, they knew what thoughts tormented his mind throughout the process.

She pulled away seconds later when her phone went off and interrupted the moment.

She glanced at the screen before answering. “Hi, mom.”

“Hey, baby. A letter arrived for you from the council and it looks urgent.”

“Okay,” Artemis replied. “I’ll pick it up in a few minutes.”

After hanging up, she kissed Raiden’s cheek and headed for her bedroom.

“Aren’t you going to Zena’s house?” he asked.

She laughed. “If I show up smelling like this and run into dad, you won’t be the only lycan of Wrath.”

“This is absolute fucking bullshit! I can’t— I will end them!”

Artemis waved the offensive letter in the air as she paced back and forth in her parents’ office.

“They are out of line for this!”

Zena and Raiden watched Artemis struggle to hold back a shift. She was an active volcano ready to scorch the planet until her anger was sated.

Hoping that she misread its contents, she paused and read the letter again.

“Due to security concerns, we are unable to recognize the lycan Raiden or Wrath as a citizen of a werewolf pack.”

No. She read it clean and clear.

They were rejecting her request of admitting Raiden to the pack even though she mentioned the fact that he had steered clear of trouble for the past centuries.

This was no security concern. This was anguish. The werewolf council hated him for killing Luna although the Goddess herself forgave him already.

She snatched her phone with one hand and intertwined her fingers with Raiden’s with the other.

She’d be damned before she let some salty old men in robes separate her from her mate.

“Where are you going?” Zena asked.

“Chicago. I’m going to fix this personally.”

“Yay! Violence! Can I come and watch?” Zena asked giddily.

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