The Legend of Wrath

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Chapter 50

Raiden stared out of the window contaminated with darkness. It was late at night. After hours of evaluating pack members’ requests and listing preparations, he was ready to go home.

He neatly stacked his paperwork and left it on the corner of Artemis’ desk. She had disappeared hours ago to check out a border report but never came back. He hoped this isn’t what the rest of his life entailed– signing papers and waiting for the clock to hit 5 PM so he could spend time with his mate.

After locking the door behind him, he started making his way out of the packhouse. The chatter of children and adults alike warned that trouble was coming his way.

A sigh heavy with fatigue whooshed past his lips.

Here come the judgments.

A veil of silence followed him as he passed adults. He could hear the adjectives crossing their thoughts.




A force attacked his left leg. He glanced down and found short arms hugging his thigh.

“Josh,” Raiden acknowledged while keeping his hands in his pockets. “Have you been climbing any more trees?”

Josh laughed at his favorite strange adult. “No. Look, that’s my mom.” His eager finger gestured to the left.

Josh’s mother stepped forward with clear timidity. She tugged at her skirt and muttered, “I never got to thank you for your help the other day. Thank you for bringing my boy home, Raiden.”

Raiden. Not Wrath. Raiden.

He nodded, pet Josh on the head, ignored the shock surrounding him and continued his way.

He didn’t get far.

“What’s up?” Sol perked out of the blue.

Raiden was beginning to miss the days where he lived in the middle of nowhere, and everyone left him the hell alone. “Not my patience,” he grumbled.

“As usual. Anyway, I met some patrol guards. They want to grab a beer this weekend. Are you down to join?” Sol invited.

“You know I don’t like socializing,” Raiden retorted.

“Come on,” Sol drew out. “Making friends will help you settle in. They’ll see that you’re harmless.”

Raiden’s fist shot out and rammed against his shoulder.

“What the fuck?” the other lycan grunted as he tried to rub the pain away.

“Am I still harmless?” Raiden challenged with an eyebrow sassily curved.

“You’re an asshole. Are you coming or not?”

Raiden sighed. Sol had been the closest thing to a friend he has had in centuries, but things were changing now. He was changing now.

“Fine,” he caved.

Raiden pushed past the door and immediately kicked off his shoes. His legs drove him to the kitchen, where he was expecting to find Artemis.

A deep frown crumbled his face when he found the kitchen cold and empty. He took comfort in the fact that her fresh scent perfumed the air. She was somewhere in the house.

“Artemis?” he called out.

After a few seconds, he heard her beloved voice.

“I’m upstairs!” she replied.

He left the kitchen, eager to cage her in his arms. He grabbed an apple on his way past the counter as he rushed up the staircase.

“I tried calling you, but you weren’t picking up. What happened at the border?”

The sound of a crunch followed his question once he took a bite out of his apple.

“Artemis?” he asked through his mouthful.

The sound of a thud followed his call when he dropped his apple.

The star of his galaxy was on their bed with her ass perked and head buried in a pillow. Her thighs were pressed together and decorated by sinfully red stockings. The stockings were topped with fluffy bows that made her lower half look like a Christmas present any grown man would love to tear into.

Raiden’s heart fell to his stomach while his dick went in the opposite direction.

“What—” a voice almost too deep to be his grumbled out. “What are you doing?!”

The head on his shoulders advised him to leave the room, but the one in his pants argued that he should step closer. He swore that he wanted to look away, but the wet, tight entrance to heaven sitting in front of him had him hypnotized.

He could see everything. Her bare pussy was glistering like a glazed doughnut. He hadn’t even touched her yet, and her lips were already drooling for a taste of him.

Artemis pressed her legs tighter, and his eyes religiously examined the tightening of her muscles.


“Take me,” she whispered hoarsely.

Take her? Where? To the nearest mental hospital?

“T… take you?” he quivered unsurely, but there was nothing unsure about his unwavering gaze which remained locked on the juncture between her legs. He licked his lips predatorily, suddenly dehydrated. Artemis’ pussy was starting to look like a refreshing glass of water.

“I’m on the pill. Fuck me.”

It wasn’t a request. It was a command. There was a pixel of nervousness in her voice, but the rest of the canvas was firm. Artemis was a determined woman, and that’s why she succeeded in doing what no other could: conquering his heart.

As time and silence waltzed together, Artemis shut her eyes. She pressed her face deeper into the pillow as her confidence began to get repressed by insecurity. If Raiden rejected her, she would die from humiliation.

A bolt of coldness touched her heated entrance. She jerked and opened her eyes immediately, wondering what was caressing her most intimate spot.

Raiden stood behind her, now shirtless, with eyes focused on what she was offering. He was massaging her experimentally with something, but it was too cold to be his hand. Just as she questioned what he was pressing against her, he pulled away and revealed an apple.

Raiden pulled the fruit that was now coated in her juices to his lips and bit it. With every crunch, Artemis’ lower abdomen tightened.

Raiden maintained eye contact as he ate what belonged to him— her desire. Artemis’ hunger flared at the sight.

His crunches stopped with a gulp, and her breathing stopped with a hitch.

Raiden dropped the remains of the apple. It tasted delicious, but he was sure that the peach in front of him would taste better.

Artemis remained in her position as he strolled closer. She was tense by caged release but patient.

He chuckled as he tugged at the ribbons decorating her stockings. “Are these supposed to make you look innocent? You are wicked for this.”

She clenched the sheets beneath her. Raiden’s voice sounded lethal; dripping with depth as her pussy dripped with longing.

“I guess you’ve rubbed off on me, lycan,” she teased breathlessly.

“Mmm, I’ll rub off on you all right.” He made the innuendo a reality by dropping to his knees and stamping his tongue against her slit.

*unrestricted scene 1*

Artemis grunted once his frantic mouth melted into her cunt. He greeted her entrance with a sloppy lick and then showed himself inside. His tongue was thick, velvety, and long. It plunged far before sliding back out, mimicking what Raiden’s thicker dick would do to her. It seized inside her without restraint, seeming determined to suck her dry.

She felt like she was floating to heaven, but there was nothing angelic about the sounds coming from their connection. The sounds of slurping and slobbering clouded the room. This wasn’t a scene of a man making love to his mate, but an animal having dinner.

Artemis could swear that there was a storm in her pussy, an overwhelming ramble of sensations that had her craving the sweetness of the calm.

She felt like she was levitating.

Higher, higher.

She was flying like a raven.

It took her a second to notice that her knees were no longer on the bed. Raiden’s fingers were clutching her ass, spreading her cheeks apart to make room for his face. She didn’t realize that he had lifted her for better access.

She remembered reality and tried to regain ownership of her lower half by pulling away, but Raiden didn’t seem to be full just yet. His fingers dug into her deeper, refusing to let go.

She rebelliously clutched the sheets and tugged herself free. Raiden growled and stared down at her disapprovingly; his mouth covered with remains of his meal.

“I wasn’t done,” he declared as he rose back to his feet. Artemis spun around, revealing her bare breasts to him.

“It’s my turn now,” she debated.

He shook his head. “No. I wasn’t done,” he repeated.

Artemis scrambled to the edge of the bed and looped a finger into his pocket. She pulled him forward harshly and began to undo the button of his jeans. Raiden latched onto one of her wrists to stop her.

“Damnit, Artemis. Just turn back around,” he grumbled. A few minutes ago, he thought that he couldn’t get any more aroused. However, the pretty picture of Artemis scrambling to unzip him was enough to make him painfully swell.

Artemis used her free hand to tug his pants and underwear down in one demanding sweep. She didn’t waste a second to assess the massive, veiny monstrosity before her. Her mouth descended and cocooned him.

Raiden choked on a groan. Her mouth wasn’t warm but hot like the cum in his balls that was threatening to pray out. Her lips sucked his head tightly like an elastic band. Was her pussy tighter? He couldn’t wait to find out.

She pulled four inches of his nine inside, allowing his head to meet the back of her throat. She had no gag reflex, so her throat gladly hugged him inch by inch. When she reached five inches of the thick muscle, she pulled him back out before swallowing him again. Judging by his panting, he was loving getting eaten.

Artemis kept her hands on the floor, using only her mouth to massage him. She shoved him in and out of her throat, thanking him for the experience with a long, slow lick. Strings of saliva and precum joined their dance, but she swallowed them away.

Raiden was losing restraint. He was another lick away from holding her head in place and fucking her skull. With a painful grunt, he pulled his hips away and pushed her back on the bed. His mouth returned to her southern lips. Artemis shivered from the deliciousness of his strokes before pushing him aside and pulling his cock into her mouth. Raiden growled and pushed her away once more.

As they tumbled around, Artemis’ hair and the bedsheets became a mess.

“This is ridiculous! Stay still and let me suck your fucking dick!” Artemis shouted.

Raiden glared. He didn’t tend to lose patience with her, but he wanted to pleasure her, and the stubborn woman wouldn’t let him.

He gave her a rare smile. “Let’s compromise.”

He then opened his arms.

Artemis stared at the six-packed, nine-inched, six-foot male.

Her core pulsed with approval.

Slowly, she crawled toward him. When she was within reach, Raiden snatched her off the bed, and she immediately wrapped her legs around him.

She pecked his lips. “I love you, Wrath, Raiden, Lycan, whatever the world calls you. You are the wind under my wings.”

His heart clenched.

He pressed his lips against hers softly, countering the earlier aggression of his movements.

“I love you too.”

Then, as brown remained magnetized with brown, he reached between them and gripped his cock. It twitched disapprovingly in response to his touch. It didn’t want Raiden; it wanted Artemis.

He pushed her away a few inches to aim the member against the entrance. He hesitated. He wasn’t conceited, but he wasn’t blind. He knew that he had a generous length that could bring her discomfort.

His cock pulsed again, demanding friction. He stared at it, and then slowly began introducing it to Artemis. He teased her core with his head, pushing it in and out.

Next came one inch,

Then two,

Then three,

Then four,

Then a “wow,” from Artemis.

He looked at her. “What? Does it hurt?” he felt his face heat with embarrassment for his incompetence. He couldn’t even fuck his mate properly.

Artemis noted the adorable shade of pink on his cheeks. She chuckled and then pecked his lips. “No. It’s just… a lot. You are a lot.”

Her hips began to take action. She slurped more of his inches and felt them challenge her size. When will his length end? At this point, his cock would reach her ribs.

He looked away from their point of union when he was finally situated in his rightful place.

He exited her.

He entered her.

The pace picked up.

He was no longer entering her. He was now invading her.

He shoved himself inside, and Artemis sighed with contentment. She wouldn’t have his cock any other way. Their patience was gone. All that remained was an anxious yearning to reach the top of the mountain they were climbing.

The sinful sounds of moans and slobbering returned. Artemis threw her head back, reigning in the feelings and the noises. The damned tension in her pussy was back, taunting her by giving her bolts of pleasure that were better than the last. She wanted to know; she wanted to discover out what the peak of this mountain had to offer. She wanted to experience release.

“More. Plea—se,” she stuttered when he pounded into her particularly hard.

Raiden delivered. His hips thrust more feverishly.

Then, it arrived.


Artemis’ whole body felt like a flower blooming in spring. She felt reborn, free of tension, and light with peace. Her orgasm was the emotional description of beauty. She cried out, announcing to the world that she had jumped off the peak of the mountain and taken flight.

Her walls contracted around Raiden, giving him the best hug that he had ever received. With grit teeth, he sprayed her fertile pussy with his load, splattering her insides with white. Unlike Artemis’ spring-like release, his was more like a winter snowstorm— harsh, unforgiving, and violent.

Artemis was full to the brim with both his thick cum and cock. She was expecting him to pull out, but he didn’t seem interested in stopping. He kept thrusting, forbidding her pleasure from dying out. He was forcing her to keep on flying.

Artemis dug her nails into his shoulders. Her raw, overdriven pussy began to flutter as it continued to get relentlessly invaded.

“R—aiden,” he stammered, shaking from his speed.

He dipped his fingers into her hips and continued to drill into her.

He wouldn’t stop.

He wouldn’t stop.

*unrestricted scene 2*

The pleasure was overwhelming. She was drowning, suffocating, but why did it feel so good?

Raiden didn’t answer, either because he was too busy panting or because the sight of her breasts bouncing in sync with his thrusts was mesmerizing.

With a lick of his lips, he bent down and sucked on one of her nipples. The warmth of his mouth made another scream ripple out of her. Having her nipple in his mouth and his dick in her guts nearly classified as torture.

He knew that her breasts were incredibly sensitive. Raiden knew exactly what he was doing to her. He sucked on the delicate flesh harshly and released her nipple with another grunt when his second load shot out of him.

This explosion of cum was more vivid than the other. As soon as it coated her walls, Artemis was a goner. She arched her back and screamed for all her pussy was worth.

Raiden tumbled onto the bed with her in his arms. They were too tired to even pull him out of her. It took a couple of minutes of recovery for her to sit up.

She was now straddling him. Her eyes were hooded from fatigue, hair messy from adventure, and lips smiling from happiness.

Raiden watched her sit up, reach down, and pull him out. A long stream of semen gushed out of her. She glanced at him immediately, wondering if the sight disgusted him.

Raiden would call the sight of his mate straddling him in red stockings as his cum flooded out of her many things, but disgusting was not one of them.

He smiled at her, but Artemis was too focused on the semen that was still coming out of her. Having never laid with a man, she wasn’t too familiar with the leakage.

“How much of this stuff did you put in me?”

Raiden chuckled, and she slapped his chest in response.

“Don’t laugh! And… and how could you do that to me? I felt like I was getting ripped apart.”

“Do what?”

“With… my boobs. You know they’re sensitive,” she muttered, moving her hands to cup her breasts.

He grinned. “I’m about to give you bigger fish to fry, love.” To follow up with his promise, he pushed her aside and positioned her so that she was on her knees.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I told you I was going to enter your heart and whatever other entrance your body had to offer, didn’t I?” Raiden asked, fully loaded and ready for round three.

Artemis’s eyes widened with realization, and her lips tightened with unease.

Anal? He wanted to shove his cock up her ass?

The better question was if she wanted him to.

Raiden sneaked a hand around her hips and circled her clit with his thumb. “Relax. I’ll take care of you,” he whispered.

Trustfully, she leaned down to give him better access to both of her entrances.

Raiden growled with displeasure. “Keep your head up, Artemis. I already told you I don’t want submission from you.”

She sat back up but kept her back arched, noticing that his cum was still trickling down her legs. If they kept this up, she would be glistering from head to toe by the end of the night.

She felt the tip of his unforgivingly thick head press against her entrance. She tensed, and Raiden resumed rubbing lazy circles on her folds to help her loosen up.

Entering her ass wasn’t as easy. He reached down, scooped some of the cum between her legs, and transported it to the stubborn entrance to help lube it. After a few more presses, he was granted access.

His hands rested on her round backside, and he helped her rock against him. He decided then and there that watching his dick disappear inside her was his third favorite sight. The first being her smile and the second being her deepthroating him.

The pleasure began to climb.

“It’s… still going,” Artemis chuckled when she noticed that a small string of cum was still coming out of her.

Raiden pulled out, laid her on her back, and picked her up. As soon as her legs were secured around him, he went back in balls-deep. Their lips instinctively began to make love just like their lower bodies were.

Although she was heavily distracted by sparks, a tongue, and a dick, Artemis could tell that he was walking somewhere.

“What are you doing?” she asked and paused to moan when her clit pulsed.

“Multitasking,” Raiden answered as he continued to raise and lower her against him.

He entered their bathtub and flipped the water on, not bothering to remove her stockings. As he continued to derive and provide pleasure, the water cleansed Artemis’ thighs from their liquid desire.

He grunted. “I’m going to cum.”

“You better pull out!” Artemis scolded, not interested in having cum trickling out of her asshole for Goddess knows how long.

Raiden chuckled and slipped out as requested, exploding on the tiles of the bathroom. He would tell that she was close, so he hooked a finger inside and searched for the spot that would make her become undone.

As soon as she began to moan, he sank his teeth into the right side of her neck.

She was now his.

He leaned back to examine his mark and smiled broadly with pride.

Artemis repeatedly blinked to shake off the shock. With her hands resting on his broad shoulders, she leaned in and mirrored his action.

He was now hers.

The werewolf and the lycan beamed at each other. They had enemies, issues, and insecurities, but they also had love.

Pressure dragged Raiden back to consciousness. He lazily cracked his eyes open, expecting the morning sun to violate his eyes.

He found something more beautiful than sunlight gracing him.

Artemis was straddling him with guilt in her expression and his aroused cock in her hand.

He blinked. “Artemis, what do you think you’re doing?”

His husky voice only served to worsen Artemis’ arousal. Since last night, all she could think of was his dick.

“I’m sorry…” she drew out. “Should I stop?” she glanced down at his member and sighed longingly.

Raiden chuckled and reached up to caress her face. “No. I’m sorry for interrupting you, baby. Go ahead and do what you want.”

With a squeal of glee, she returned her attention to her hands.

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