The Legend of Wrath

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A/N>You may have noticed that in the previous chapter, Raiden still has insecurities. This is because I didn’t want the news that he was going to be a father to magically cure all of his issues. That’s just not realistic.

In the epilogue, he is finally okay because enough time for healing has passed.

Five years later

“Goodnight baby,” Artemis waved before closing the door.

"Goodnight mommy."

The knob hadn’t finished turning before Quinn was pushing her blanket off and moving to Hope’s bed. “Come on,” she whispered and tried to dig her sister out of the blankets.

“But it’s bedtime,” Hope the goody-two-shoes argued.

“Let’s go to dad and ask him to tell us the story again.”

Hope was torn between remaining loyal to her bed and to her sister. She loved hearing her father’s story, even though she had heard it dozens of times throughout her short breath of life. Caving into the adventure, she grabbed her sketchbook and followed her big sister out of their room.

Raiden didn’t have to look up from his laptop to know who had pushed the office door open. “Girls,” he drew out scoldingly.

He wondered why he even bothered to try to intimidate them anymore. His dark tone could have pack members holding up a crucifix, but it simply made the girls giggle. They found it silly when he tried to be stern since they were so used to him tickling them, chasing them around the house, and sneaking them snacks behind their mother’s back.

They were like shorter, female versions of Sol since they never took him seriously.

He glanced at his thighs when he felt two pairs of small fists grabbing at his jeans. Quinn was on his left leg, trying to climb onto his lap, and Hope was on his right. She was struggling the most since she was holding onto her sketchbook.

He watched them squirm for a minute, finding it adorable.

“Daddy,” Quinn pouted when he didn’t help her. She reached her arms up, and he couldn’t deny her any longer. He grabbed her by her hips and set her on his left leg. He then moved to help Hope.

“Didn’t mom put you two to sleep?” he asked, pushing Hope’s black hair away from her eyes because he knew that it itched her nose and made her sneeze all the time. He had bought her plenty of hair ties but she always managed to lose them since she ran her hands through her hair whenever she was drawing.

Artemis always joked that the amount of money they spent on hair ties would eventually make them go bankrupt.

Quinn smiled sheepishly, presenting the gap between her teeth. “Can you tell the story again, please?”

“Again?” Raiden asked incredulously.

He glanced at the report that he had been finishing up, and then at the were-lycan hybrids that could probably get him to jump off a cliff if they nicely asked him to.

“Okay,” he grumbled defeatedly.

He wasn’t sure why they loved his story so much. He always gave them the PG version, not mentioning murder or self-harm, but this didn’t seem to make it any less interesting for them. They always praised him when he finished, telling him that that he was brave. Hours later, they would demand to be told the story all over again.

“In the ancient times, all the world had was the elements and the children of the earth,” the began to recite the story that he first told them when they were in his mate’s womb.

The sisters rested their heads on his chest, letting the hum of his voice lul them to sleep as it always did.

“All of these creatures had a—”

“Artemis! How are you babe?” the question was followed by a loud kiss and a feminine giggle.

“Sol!” Raiden roared.

The girls squealed and scrambled off his lap, running into the living room where Sol was waiting for them with open arms.

“My little karate masters!” he dropped to his knees and kissed both of their cheeks.

“And what are these karate masters doing out of bed?” Artemis asked, arms crossed and face stern.

Hope tugged at her collar, glancing at her bare feet nervously. “We wanted to hear daddy’s story.”

“Again?” Sol scoffed. “Come on, I have a story that is way better than his.”

The girls gasped, tugging at his jacket excitedly. “Really uncle?”

“Of course. I’m way more fun than Raiden.” He then sat on the carpet and the girls followed. He raised his finger and pointed at the twins. “I am about to tell you two the story of the most interesting lycan there is. The Tale of Pride!”

Their innocent eyes widened with awe.

Artemis glared at their father, waiting for him to explain why they were out of bed.

Raiden raised his arms defensively. “I can’t help it! They’re fucking cute!”

She sighed and watched Sol’s animated hand gestures. He and Raiden had hundreds of differences, but they were both slaves of the girls.

A warm hand touched her hip, and she didn’t even get to glance at Raiden before he was dragging her to the bedroom.

“Are you sure we should leave those three alone? They’ll set the living room on fire,” she panted as a familiar vice of excitement squeezed her womb.

Raiden dug into her pants as his free hand tried to open the door. “I’ll be quick.”

“Fifteen minutes?” Artemis suggested.

His hand pressed into her clit as his charged cock found refuge between her cheeks. “I’m sure I can get you impregnated with triplets within ten.”

The sexy promise nearly made her orgasm on the spot.

END (again)

The Tale of Pride — Book 2

The Myth of Despair — Book 3
(Hope’s story. It can be read as a standalone)

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