The Legend of Wrath

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Chapter 8

This is such a bad idea, Artemis’ mind tells her as she follows the mysterious man. But her body? It tells her to pick up her pace.

“Please hold on,” she pleads his bare back which she noted was as dirty as his chest.

When was the last time this guy showered? She wondered.

Well, it wasn’t like she was in a position to criticize. She was, after all, chasing down a potential mental hospital escapee who glared more than Hades himself.

Said escapee seemed to have translated “please hold on” to “speed up,” because that’s exactly what he did. His legs hungrily ate the distance between him and his cabin but this did little to discourage Artemis.

She felt the urge to grip his shoulder, plant him on the ground, and talk his ear off. But she knew better. The move would result in a 50% chance of losing the limb and she wasn’t at all interested in testing her luck. Because thus far it has landed her in a forest with brain trauma.

Her mouth kept running along with her legs, pleading him to stop.

Wrath ignored both her begs and the urge to explode with fury. Vivid words were swirling in his tongue, limited in message but unrestricted in delivery. This persistent girl was about to get cursed out in more languages than Wrath had years of life.

He turned the corner and Artemis turned with him, mimicking a baby duck following its mother.

What Wrath called home sat on top of the hill, as shabby as he had left it. The wood that kept the place together was one sneeze away from crumbling down. Wrath could replace the weathered planks easily but he avoided the task because he liked the look of the cabin. It was withered and old; Being inside it made him feel like he was decaying with it.

“Just hear me out. We can work on some sort of communication. Please,” Artemis continues.

You are cruel for this, Goddess, Wrath thinks.

He stomped up his porch and into the cabin. Artemis halted her steps when he crossed a boundary she couldn’t follow him into.

Without looking back at her, he picked the door which an earlier rage-fit detached and plopped it against the entrance.

Her heart shrunk when the man’s barriers became tangible. Though he was physically just feet away, Artemis knew she wouldn’t be able to reach him any time soon.

She felt ready to combust with anger. He was so terrible! So rude! She felt so disrespected and infuriated by his brutal dismissal of her. Although she was unaware, it was her alpha blood that was demanding attention Wrath had no plans of giving.


It was late now. The moon was out and the time of the wolf was upon them. But Wrath stayed inside; deep in his poorly-lit cave entertaining both a book and the roll of sheets he considered a bed. The world was better off when he was in its underbelly. The wings of the raven outside would stay intact if he wasn’t around to clip them off.

Raven? Wouldn’t hummingbird be more fitting? He wonders, thinking about her constant flapping of her jaw.

As annoying as she was, she at least was not stupid enough to follow him inside. He was glad. Because he genuinely could not fathom how he would react should that scenario been exercised.

He hadn’t seen the dreaded bird in hours. But she was there, flying around his territory. His eyes were blind to her but the rest of his senses were tuned in. Every step and every breath she made, he made with her. She was a part of him now.

Instead of dying as planned, he ended up keeping his life with an unwelcomed addition- her. Once again, Luna managed to twist his dark wishes and weave a darker joke. The goddess would never fail to surprise him.


“Stubborn just like her parents. You couldn’t have said anything truer,” Aphrodite tells the other goddess as they watch the young alpha female settle under a tree near her mate’s cabin.

Artemis decided to stay and figure the frustrating man out instead of leaving him; proving herself to be the right woman for the job of reverting Wrath to the closest thing to stable he could get.

Luna dipped a hand into the fountain of life and added ripples that blurred the image of the girl. The clouds above her mimicked the motion and soon delivered the storm ordered by the heavens.

Aphrodite laughed. “Right. What better way to get romance brewing than a downpour to get couples under the same roof? You just pulled the oldest trick in the book, friend. But I don’t think it will work.”

Luna chuckled. “I have to try. As strong as Artemis is, she’ll need a helping hand to get through to him.”

Their eyes followed Artemis as she curled into herself in an attempt to shield herself from the rain.

“He will leave her out there all night,” Aphrodite predicted.

Luna changed the reflection to Wrath’s.

“Yes, he will. But we’ve got to take one step at a time,” she draws out and observes Wrath.

He pushed himself off the floor, agitated as usual, and peeped through the small crack of the door. He found what he was looking for against a sad excuse of a tree getting soaked to the bone but did nothing more than watch.

“One step at a time,” their maker repeats with a sigh.

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