Unbreakable Love

By Neha kaushik All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action


Ashley is a beautiful, successful interior designer with a cold heart. she don't believe in love. She despises it. Her past haunted her and make her what she is now? Brandon Knight is a charming and successful businessman. His looks make women sworn. He lives his life happily with his daughter whom he loves more than his life. what happened when their path collides with each other. Is there a sign of a new war or the beginning of love. Read it to know more.....

Chapter 1

Ashley Williams P.O.V

“Come on Ash... come on... you can do this”...

“I am coming, Di... I’m coming... Wait for me”


“OMG, baby girl are you okay?”




“Aww... my sweet little ash is too strong. Right? ”


“So let’s go”

“Di wait”





I woke up from my sleep to stop an annoying sound of my alarm clock. I shook my head not wanting to remind anything about my dream.

These dreams haunted me from years. I didn’t know how to stop them but they also help me to remind my mistake.

I walked towards the window in my room and pull the curtains to allow sun rays to come inside my room. It's helped me to calm my nerve. I walked onto the balcony to see the beautiful beach near my house. I love the beaches, that’s why I bought this house. The noise of waves near shore made me happy.

After spending half an hour there I walked into my room and start ready for today.

I walk into my bathroom and look at my face in the mirror. I saw a girl who was confident, who doesn’t take any shit from anyone, with whom people afraid of messing with.

I am not too beautiful or too ugly I am just me. I have a perfect natural tanned body which compliments my height 5′8″ with slight curves in the right places, brown hair, black eyes with naturally pink lips.

I started undressing and put my dirty clothes in the laundry basket. I turned the knob of the shower to adjust it before step into the shower. I used strawberry body wash and start cleaning my body. After cleaning, I used my strawberry shampoo and put it in my hair and massage deeply after that I rinsed shampoo from my hair.

I covered myself with a white fluffy towel and get inside my walk-in closet to my find perfect outfit for today meeting. After drying myself I put my clothes on and start combing my hair. I put my hair in a high ponytail. I don’t like too much makeup so I just used a light foundation, mascara, and nude lipstick. After satisfying with my appearance I walked out of my room and descendant the stairs.

I walked into the kitchen and saw Maria preparing breakfast with humming. Maria was my caretaker and only person which I called my family. She was a very chirpy, caring and loving person. She has short height with 5′3″ with grey hair. She was in her early fifty.

“Good morning Maria” I greeted her.

“Good morning Ms William,” she said sweetly.

“Oh god Maria, how much time I told you to call me Ashley but you do not listen to me. I am like your child so stop calling me Ms William” I said with seriousness in my voice.

“I know ma’am... but I can’t call you by your name. I can’t” she said apologetically.

“Okay,” I said don’t want to push this topic. I took a glance at my wristwatch and sigh.

“I have to go or I am going to be late for my meeting,” I said in hurry.

“Not possible young lady, first finish your breakfast. Now come and eat up” Maria said in a stern voice.

I smile at her motherly behaviour.

She gave me my breakfast which is pancakes with chocolate chips, bacon, sausage and orange juice. After eating I said my goodbye to her and walk outside and saw Jack my chauffeur stand near my Porsche. He saw me came out of my house and open the door of the car for me.

“Good morning ma’am,” He said politely.

“Good morning Jake” I replied. He closed the door and walked towards driver seat and starts the car and drove off to my company.

Sometimes I thought that what bad I do to deserve this pain and agony. I never hurt anybody even not an ant... Why??? Why me??? It’s hurt to think that.

Life always was unfair to me. But what we can say, it’s a life… I think about my life and sighed. Everything had changed in these thirteen years, some good and some bad. Since the incident that changes my life completely... it’s like a cyclone, destroy everything and every ray of hope of my life and make me an emotionless, rude and arrogant person but I don’t give up...

Elders said that everything happened in life for a reason. Life only gave hurdles to people who can pass this hurdles and said that I know this shit can’t stop me to bring the best out of me. I have to be so strong for the people who don’t deserve the pain which I feel myself...

I was busy in my own thoughts that I didn’t acknowledge Jack who stood beside me opening the passenger for me.

“Ms William”

“Ms William. Are you alright?”

“What,” I said blankly

“Ms William, we are here. Are you alright ma’am???” My chauffeur Jake asked.

“Yeah,” I said coldly.

He just nodded.

I look towards my building. I was not some kind of rich people who get this company from their parents. I did so much hard work to make it happen. My company was in number one rank in interior designing in North Carolina.

I took a deep breath and get out of my Porsche and walk towards my company.

“Good morning ma’am” My receptionist greeted me. I gave her a curt nod and move towards my private elevator to reach my office. My office situated on the tenth floor of the company building which is on the last floor by the way. No one was allowed here except my secretary Mia. I enter my room and call Mia to report me.

After five minutes there was a knock on my door.

“Come in,” I said and start doing my work on my laptop.

“Good morning ma’am. you want to see me,” Mia said sweetly.

“Yes, Mia. I want you to bring me the file of our new project with Roberts Pvt. Ltd. & arrange an urgent meeting with them today” I said calmly.

She just nodded and walked out of my office.

After ten minutes



“Come in”

“Ma’am, you have a meeting with Mr Roberts at 2′o clock,” she said.

I smiled. That’s why I like her as my PA. She did her work efficiently with dedication.

“Anything else you want me to do ma’am.” She asked.

“Bring me coffee and then prepare for the meeting,” I said and she left my room. She gave me coffee and start preparing for the meeting.




“Ma’am, Mr Roberts is here for the meeting,” Mia said on the call.

“Bring them into my office,” I said and hung up the phone.

I work on my laptop when Mia entered my office with two men. First one is Mr Robert and the second one his PA Jones.

I stood from my seat and shook hand with them.

“Ms William. It’s good to see you” Mr Roberts said with a big smile.

“Nice meet you too Mr Robert,” I said with a small smile.

“Shall we start?” I asked they both sit opposite my chair.

“Yes,” He said with a wink.

We discuss our project for two hours. After agreeing with the final interior designing we finish our meeting.

“… and we will do send you further details”. I told him when my phone called off.




"Excuse me gentleman, but there is an urgent call to take. I’ll be back. If you need any information and have any query you can ask my PA” I said before came out of my office and hurried towards lift...

**Mia's P.O.V***

"Excuse me gentleman, but there is an urgent call to take. I’ll be back. If you any information and have any query you can ask my PA” Ms William said before going out of the office.

I sighed. I don’t want her to leave me with them... I don’t know why but whenever I was near Mr Robert I have a very creepy feeling. He tried to touch me sometimes but every time I escaped from him thanks to my luck...

I try to ignore him when I feel a hand on my thigh. I turn to look it was Mr Robert hand who massaging my thigh. I remove his hand calmly as I don’t want to look at his face. He again put his hand on my thigh and move higher and higher. My breathing hitched in my throat and tears threatening to come out of my eyes. I blink them away, I don’t want to give him that satisfaction to see me crying. I get up from my seat and tried to move towards the office door. But a large hand on my waist stopped me from reaching the door and pulled me towards a hard chest. I gasped and struggled in his hold.

“Let me go” I cried.

“Now baby what would be fun if I let you go,” He said with devilishly with a smirk on his face making me shiver in disgust.

“No. Let me go,” I say pleadingly.

“You may go after I play with you,” he said before kissing and biting my neck.

“N-No S-stop... P-Please S-sir” I cried and request him.

I somehow manage to move my right leg and kick him where doesn’t shine making him groaned in pain and fell down to the floor. I took it as my opportunity and ran out of the office, not before listening to Robert cursing.

"YOU LITTLE BITCH YOU GONNA PAY FOR THIS,” He said before getting up.

″COME HERE NOW “He said running after me.

I enter my cabin and try to lock it but he pushed it hard making me fall with a thud.

My eyes start watering with uncontrollable tears.

I move back only to make him move faster.

“N-No S-stop... P-Please S-sir”

He caught me by waist pushed me towards the wall in my room and tower over my body make difficult to come out of his grasp. He pressed his body extremely close to me and starts kissing me passionately. I don’t kiss him back.

“Kiss me back,” he said menacingly.

I bite his lip hard make it bleed. He cried and moves back. His lips covered with blood.

"You little bitch,” He said angrily and slapped me hard.

I cried due to the burning sensation on my chick.

I ran out of his grasp but he caught me again and smirks devilishly. Before he could do anything my cabin door open and someone came inside.

"What the hell is going on here?”

I turn my face to see Ms William stood there with an angry expression. Mr Robert leaves me and fixes his clothes.

“Um,” He tried to say.

“Ma’am” I cried since I can’t hold it anymore and burst out in tears.

Her expression softened a bit before the turn into furious.

“Explain” She growled.

“What’s the matter, Robert???” She asked again angrily.

“I-It-It’s not my fault Ashley... After you gone your PA start to seduce me and start kissing me. I pushed her back and told her that it’s wrong because I have a wife but she doesn’t listen.” He said curtly.

My eyes widened after his explanation.

“Ma’am h-he just lying... He tried to molest me” I said to her between my sob.

She takes a step towards me with a furious expression. I take a step back because I know what can she do when she furious.

“How could you??? I am never except this from you” She said through greeted teeth.

I gasped after listen to her and Mr Robert smirk widened... she is the one and only hopes whom I can believe and now she blames me for something which I never do in my dreams. I can never anyone... I cried my heart out not know what to do... I need this job what would I do if she fired me. I never feel this helpless in my life...why??? Why me???

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