Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 11

Brandon P.O.V

“Did you do that???” I asked Jenna angrily.

“No baby. why would I do that? I know much she is important to you” She said cupping my face.

I pushed her away from me.

“tell me, damn it... ”

she flinched and nodded her head in confirmation.

I am about to hit her but my dad holds me.

“You shouldn’t do that Jenna.if you are not a lady, I’ll never hold my son back” My dad barked angrily.

“I love you, baby. I know you love me too. But just because of this little bitch you ignore me. I don’t mean to harm her but I can’t bear that she was always clingy with you" She said cupping my face in her palm. I pushed her to make her stumbled backwards.

“How dare you hurt her? who the hell you think of yourself? I never, I never love you. you don’t mean anything to me. Just get out of here now or so help me god I’ll kill you” I snarled angrily.

I look behind and saw Mel hiccups in Ashley’s arms which make my eyes softened a bit. They look both cute together. the way she holds her in her arms and helps in her panic attack no one can do. she is really something and she is ours. Only ours, I will make her mine for Mel and myself. very soon.

I saw her gave Mel to my mom and walk towards me. she stood right beside me and look into my eyes. Her eyes held so many emotions which looks clouded. she nods towards my mom and nods. My mom takes Mel out of the room in the fresh air.

“Did you hurt her?"She said dangerously calm voice.

Ashley P.O.V

I kissed Mel cheeks and hand over her to Linda. I stood from the couch and walk towards Jenna in a dangerous way. I look into her eyes which show so much fear but she covers it up.

“You did this to her?"I asked in a deadly calm voice...

“No,” She said immediately.

“Don't make me, myself repeat. Are you did it or not?"I asked her in a threatening tone.

“Y-Yes... I wish she just died there, so I can spend my life with Brandon, my love. just because of this bitch he neglects me...” Before she could finish her sentence I slapped her hard making her fall on the ground. all I could saw was red. the monster inside me wants nothing but harm her.. shred her into pieces.

" How dare you? You do dare to touch my daughter? “I spat angrily...

" I a-am sorry” She shuttered.

“Hahaha...sorry... You know what, save it. Save it, for someone who willing to listen to your apology” I said while gripping her hair in my fist.

“Ahhh. Leave me please” She moaned in pain.

“Ya right, Leave you...Never”I spat

“Ashley leaves her,” Brandon said pulling me towards him.

“Never Brandon. She hurt lil one. Let me go” I shouted.

“Please Ashley, Mel needs you. For her sake. Please.” He said while kissing my forehead.

I calm myself but she needs to learn not to mess up with my family.

“Jared."I roared.

" Y-Yes” He said hesitantly.

“Take your daughter with you and if she ever came near her or even think about hurting her, I will make sure that you both rot in hell... Am I clear?” I said through greeted teeth.

“Y-yes... Ms William. I - I understand” He said and Jenna out of the room with him.

I need to calm down if I want her to happy.

“Mommy” Mel call me in her angelic voice.

“lil one,” I said and take her from Linda's arms. She yawns in my arms...

“Sleep lil one. Mommy got you."I said and kissed her head.

" Ashley. thank you” Brandon said and hugged me tightly. I shocked by his sudden action.

“Thank you so much,” He said again and kissed my cheeks.

“It’s my duty, Mr Knight. She is my daughter not by blood but from the heart” I said with a small smile.



“It’s Brandon for you” He corrected

“As you say,” I said and try to pull away from him but he again pulled me towards him.

After sometimes he pulled away from the hug and placed his arm around my waist. I raised my eyebrows in question to which he just shrugged.

“Let’s go home,” He said and drag me with him.

He opens his car door for me. I thank him and get inside the car placing Mel on my lap. He gets in after and asked the driver to drive the car.

Mr And Mrs Knight get in there car and follow behind us. We sat in a silence but it’s not an awkward but a comfortable silence. After driving for Twenty minutes we reached his mansion. He gets out of the car and came towards my door and open the car door for me like a gentleman.

I thank him before giving Mel to him. We start walking inside the mansion. Due to some reason, I feel happy to be here with his presence which was quite funny for me.

We walked side by side on complete silence. It’s just like there was no need for words. We reached Mel room. He placed her on the bed and kissed her forehead. It makes my heart swell with happiness by seeing their love.

“Umm.” He tried to speak.

I raise my eyebrows in question.

“You should stay here. It’s getting late and Mel needs you. We need you” He said last part in a mere whisper but I catch it.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea”

“No you are staying that’s final,” He said in a demanding tone.
I nodded in agreement too tired to argue.

“Umm. I need to change first I can’t spend all night in this dress” I said pointing towards my dress.

“Oh yeah. I will bring you some clothes” He laughed nervously and get out of the room to bring me clothes.

After some time he brings me clothes which were one of his t-shirt and sweatpants which was quite big for me. After taking clothes I ran inside the bathroom to change. After I came out of the room he was not there. I thought for going search for him but then shook the thought.

I glance towards Mel she sleeps happily.
I took my phone and came out of the room to make a call to Michael, otherwise, he gonna worried about me.

After filling him with the information he was quite furious as well as concerned for lil one.

“No Micheal. it’s not the right time. You can come in the morning and yes cancel my tomorrow's meetings as well" I ordered him.

He told me to take care of myself and Mel. After talking for some time I cut the call and enter the room.
Before I reached inside the room, a voice filled with sob fill the surrounding.
I ran towards Mel. I hope, nothing bad happen to her.

(to be continued)

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