Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 12

Ashley P.O.V

I saw Mel crying in Brandon’s arms asking about me.

“Dad! where is mommy? Let me go to her. Please take me to mommy ..."She said sobbing.

“Angel mommy is fine. Calm down...“He consoled her but she stubbornly ignores his words closing his eyes.

I took long strides to reach them. “May I?"I asked Brandon to which he just nodded. He is equally affected by her behaviour. I feel bad for him.

I took Mel from him and sit on her bed with her on my lap.

“Lil one?“I called sweetly. She opens her eyes and looks at me with tears.

“Mommy!“She said and hugged me tightly.

“I Thou-ght som-thing happ-en to y-you.“She said crying profusely.

“Calm down love. Mommy is fine. Look, I am here with you right. Now don’t cry or mommy going to be so sad.” she stopped crying and placed her face in the crook of my neck with a yawn.

“Sleep lil one, mommy is not going anywhere for now,”I said to her.

I saw Brandon stood there watching us with mixed emotions.

“Umm. Brandon, I ..” before I could finish he cut me off by hugging me so tightly.

“Thank you so much, Ashley. Thanks a lot.“He said still hugging me. After some time I feel something wet on my neck than it hit me. He is crying.

‘Oh god, what do I do now. Should I console him?? I was never good with emotions.’

“Hey, Calm down she is fine now.” he pulled away from the hug and look at me so much intensity.

“By the way what will people think when they find out The great Brandon knight crying like a baby”I teased him.

“You don’t do that”He glared playfully with a small smile forming on his lips. He looks cute with those cute dimples.

‘what? Did I seriously call him cute? I think I am going out of my mind. I need to check doctor’ I thought to myself.

“It’s getting late we should sleep now”His voice brought me out of my thoughts.

He took Mel from me and gently laid her on her bed. I also lying beside her & hugged her firmly. I don’t want to give her another panic attack due to my absence.

Brandon also trying to get on the bed with us.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Oh..I am running a marathon. “He said sarcastically rolling his eyes. “Of course I am going to sleep Ashley. you should sleep now”

“Oh no. no mister. you are not going sleep here. go into your room”I scold him.


what??? he just said no. does he out of his mind or what? I am not going on the same bed with him.

“Brandon no way in hell you are sleeping here. just sleep on the couch if you want to sleep in this room but not here. now shoo”I said. he looks amused but does something which I never expect. he gets in the bed and sleep.

now its confirm he is crazy. but I can't sleep here then.

I try to get up but Mel completely lay on me so I can do anything but try to sleep with both of them.

oh god... what I have got myself into.. you gonna pay Brandon Knight. I shouted in my mind. soon I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up with the feeling of something wet on my face. I open my eyes and site make my heart swell with happiness. Mel peppering me with her kisses and gave me her cute dimple smile. I pull her close to me and kissed her head. she snuggled more into me.

“That’s cheating angel. where is my morning kiss?“A voice rang in the room, I turn to look at the honour of the voice and guess what its none other than the annoying king himself. the one and only Brandon Knight. He is lying beside me on the bed with his palm on his head while his elbow supporting his weight. Mel giggled and kiss his cheeks.

“Hey. good morning” he greets in his deep husky voice.

“Morning” I mumbled and stood up from the bed to give both of them sometime but before I could take a step I pulled back and landed on Brandon’s arms.

“What?“I shouted.

“Where do you think you are going ashy?“He said innocently like he didn’t do anything.

“leave me you idiot.’I whisper yelled.

“Nope,” Mel and Brandon caged me by hugging tightly.

“Can..cant b-breath” I manage to utter this words.

“sorry’both said innocently.

Brandon P.O.V

yesterday was the worst and best of my life. worst for what happened to Mel but best because I found the love of my life. At first, I thought its a mere attraction but yesterday I fell for her deep and hard. I know i never been in a serious relationship because of what happen in my past. i do one night stands only to stop the nightmares which i am having since several years.

Yes. I am Brandon knight madly, deeply and crazily in love with Ashley William. She is like a light in my dark life.she is mine. I know I sound quite possessive but that’s true. after a long time, I found someone whom I called mine and I will make sure to make her mine for the rest of my life.

I play with Mel when I saw Ashley going out of bed but I don’t like that she is living me so I did something unexpected. I pulled her into me and caged In my arms. ‘oh you are not anywhere love’ I thought to myself.

“Where do you think you are going ashy?“I tried to act innocent.

“leave me you idiot’She whispers yelled.

“Nope,” I caged her in my arms by hugging tightly.

“Can..cant b-breathe” she tries to say.

“Please don’t go”I gave her puppy dog eyes which I learn from my princess.

“We have to get up or we going to late for the carnival,” she said.

“Carnival?“Mel asked excitedly.

“Yes, sweety. now get up. and you mister, you too or we don’t mind going without you” She said poking her finger on my cheeks.

“Okay. okay. I am up”I get up from the bed but not before kissing her cheeks.

“You...” she threw the pillow at me and gave me a death glare.

I winked at her before going inside the bathroom.

“I am so gonna kill you for this. I hate you"

’I love you too ..’I murmur to myself.

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