Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 13

Ashley P.O.V

Taking a sip of my coffee I walk into the living to rest a bit. I felt a bit devastated by a lack of rest.

I take a deep breath and sigh. A smile threatened to come on my face. Yesterday was one of the best moments of my life. I laugh a lot, eat a lot & live without worry. These knights surely know how to make me convince. I just want to make Mel happy but the fact that they both became me happy. Going to the carnival was quite fantastic. we ride so many rides. Mel enjoys a lot after what happened back then. I wish to spend some more time with her but I know I can’t neglect my work much. I have to complete it before anything.

I lost in my own thoughts that I didn’t saw Michael approached me till his voice rang in my ears.

“Good morning boss..”Michael greeted me.

“Good Morning. Why so early??”I questioned him.

“You don’t remember???”He asked in a sad voice.

“What?? I don’t remember having a meeting early in the morning or calling you to come???”I asked confused.

“Nothing boss…”He said with a look of hurt.

“Michael” I called him.

“Yes….” he asked excitedly.

“Umm… there is some file in my study room bring them for me” I said in dismissed tone making his smile fall.

“Okay..”He said annoyed.
I smiled to myself… one … two… three… there we go….

“ASHIIII” He shouted my nickname given by him…

He ran towards me and pulled me into a big brotherly hug.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” I said and hug him back

“Thank you.. thank you.. thank you..” he said and pulled away from the hug.

“You remember this day??”He asked with a small smile….

“Of course… how can I forget your birthday stupid” I said with ruffled his hair.

“Not my hair boss,” He said offended.

“Okay chill dude… take today off and spend time with Mia… I don’t have any meeting today so you can enjoy your day fully”I suggested.

“Boss… it’s my birthday today and I plan to celebrate it in jeveca” He said nervously.

“Okay cool celebrate it then there, ”I said with a shrugged.

“I want you to come as well in celebration,” He said pleading…

“No way dude. I am not coming to any club..”I said with checking some papers…

“Please boss…” Michael pleaded.

“No…”I snapped.

“Pretty please with a cherry on the top,” He said giving me his puppy dog eyes.

“Fine..”I said giving in.

“Yeah..”He jumped excitedly.

“What you are a child?”I asked raising an eyebrow. He smiled sheepishly.

“Okay get ready, I’ll pick you at 7’o clock.”He said and ran out of my house before I could utter a word.

I groaned irritatedly. Looks like I don’t have any choice now.

“Are you ready to go boss?” Michael asked as he saw me descended the staircase.

“Yeah…”All I could say and start walking outside with Michael behind me.

“Boss???”He called me.

“Yes, Michael???” I questioned.

“Thank you so much for coming today with us… its mean a lot to me” He said with so much love and respect.

I just nodded and started walking again.

After drive half an hour we reached our destination where Michael birthday held.

I enter the party club and greet by my employees and some of Michael friends. I saw Mia came towards me with a cute smile on her face showing dimple on her left cheek.

“Thank you, ma’am. For coming today” She said sweetly.

I gave her a smile in return. She was going to say something when some call her.

“Excuse me, ma’am, for a minute…” she said apologetically.

“No need to say sorry Mia…”I said and she seems to relax at my statement.

“Make yourself comfortable ma’am,” She said and walk past me.

I sighed. It’s now me and my loneliness. I love it.

I roamed the place and I must say it look quite beautiful for a club with the theme of red and black with a little bit touch of golden.

After sometimes I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn to look who it might be. My eyes narrow and gave a glare to the person who stood in front of me, non-other than stupid arrogant jerk himself.

“What do you want Mr.Brandon Knight???”I asked in a duh tone.

“Nice to see you, Ms William.”He said in sarcastic tone making rolled my eyes.

“What are you doing here???”I asked in a bored tone.

“Same, what you doing here,” he said and winked at me.

He winked at me.

“Are you always like this since childhood or you develop this annoying behaviour of yours to bother everyone?” I said curtly.

“Oh, I know you love it, babe. Admit it” He said arrogantly.

‘Arrogant and self-obsessed jerk’. I said under my breath.

“Do you say something Ms William???” He said showing his famous smirk.

All I want to wipe this smirk on his face badly but I have to control myself. I don’t want to create any scene here at Michael birthday party.

“Now excuse me,”I said walk away before he could say anything. I can’t stay any longer with him.

I just want to stay alone and this stupid jerk can’t leave me alone for a second… ugh…

I watch one of the famous band play songs which are quite interesting… I love music since childhood and I love to play the guitar while singing. My di and I always play and sing together. It's like our mini band. we don’t great in this but whatever we play we love that. A smile creates on my lips remembering those days I spend with my di… she is my darling… I missed you di. I am sorry. I mumbled to myself and take a deep breath to calm myself...

As I busy in enjoying song someone taps on my shoulder…

“What do you want now?”I thought it was Brandon so I just shouted…

“Oh calm down tigress. MISS ME" he said wigging his eyebrow.

“What do you want Robert and who allowed you inside the party,?”I said with disgust.

“Oh, still feisty. I see. Don’t worry baby soon you shout my name when I make love with you” He said making me growled.

I punched him hard in the guts making him groan in pain.

"If you want to live then leave now”I held him by his collar and snapped.

“I will come back for you,” He said and disappeared in the crowd...

“Hey, boss. You look worried.. What happen?”Michael asked worriedly.

“Yeah. I am fine” I don’t want him to make worry.

“Drink boss”

“No thanks. I am good…”I said.

“Come on boss. Live a little’He said wiggling his eyebrows

“Okay. Chill dude..” I take the glass of wine and drink it”.

“I’ll be back boss,” he said and walk away.

“Miss me”

“In your dreams knights, ”I said with annoyance.

“oh really. You hurt me ashy” He placed his hand on his heart and show fake hurt.

“Oh shut up”

“No shit Sherlock”

" Drink”

I took one more glass of wine and gulp it in one shot.

“Cool down tigress. I don’t know you can drink that much..” But I am not in the condition to say anything.

Brandon P. O. V.

I saw her drink her wine in one shot and she start behaving dizzy all of a sudden.

She looks at me with a cute pout.

"You look so cute,” She said pinching my cheeks.

“Ashley, are you okay?” I don’t know what to do. I never deal with a drunken Ashley.

She came closer to me while looking into my eyes.

“Yes” her breath fanned in my ear making a shiver ran down my spine.

Oh god. What I would do now...

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