Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 14

Brandon P.O.V

“You look so hot today,” she said seductively, her breathed fanned on my ear.

She is definitely going to regret being drunk in the morning, I smirk at the thought.

She came closer to me, our nose touching each other. Fireworks ignite at the sudden closeness. I breathe hard in close proximity. I don’t want to do anything which she regrets in the morning.

“Ashley, let’s go”I pulled her close to me.

“No.. I wanna drink more” She whined and turn back to the bar.

Oh god.

“Love. Please, we need to go home now” I pleaded.
She looks at me with her beautiful dough eyes looking so mesmerizing.

I shook my head to erase the thoughts.

“I want to meet Michael. Where is he?” she steps down the stool and moves further into the crowd.

I try to catch her but my bad she lost in the crowd.

“Ashley” I shouted but my voice muffled in the crowd.

‘Oh god. Where is she going now? ’I thought to myself.

I called her but it is out of order. Shit, where the hell are you, Ashley?.

I took my phone and dial Michael number. He received in the last ring.

“Michael, where are you man? Just come near the bar. Yah,. Something urgent. I can’t tell you this on phone. Just hurry up” I didn’t let him say anything before cut the call.

“What happen Brandon?” He asked panting hard.

“Why are you panting like a dog, are you running a marathon?”

“Oh just shut up and tell me why are call me so sudden and where is the boss?” He roams his eyes everywhere to search for Ashley.

“She is missing”


“Yeah, she is heavily drunk. I try to take her home but she left me and I lost her” I said in a one go.


“Oh stop being over dramatic and search for her. Will you?” I asked annoyed.

“yeah, you are right”He nodded his head.

We start searching for her everywhere but it looks like she is lost in the thin air.

“Did you find her?” I asked Micheal as I saw him coming towards me.

He shook his head. Before I could search for her outside we halt on our way with an announcement by the manager.

“Ladies and gentlemen, today’s event are especially for Mr MICHAEL birthday, let's wish him first.


We prepared a special performance by our band but our main singer got sick at the last moment. We are sorry for that, but that doesn’t mean we don’t present our performance. There is a young lady here want to perform as a replacement and we are more than happy to let her perform. So cheers for her and let her call. MS. ASHLEY WILLIAM.

The crowd erupted in cheers. What the fish... ASHLEY.

I look at Michael, he mirrors my reaction. I don’t know what to say..

“Hey, guys. You all having fun. Right. Let the show begin then. "Ashley slurred at the end.

" Aaaahh” she tried to sing, keyword trying. But failed miserably.

Everyone starts laughing at seeing her embarrassing face. I feel bad for her.

“We have to take her out of here or she gonna kill me tomorrow” Michael horrific voice bring me out of my thoughts.

“You are right”.
We tried to reach her but due to the crowd, we can’t reach her.

I am sorry Ashley. I saw her close her eyes when people laughed at her like a maniac.

She steps back when the light went off on the stage.

'Hooo... People laugh crazily. I know they were also drunk or else they don’t even look at her or even make fun of her.'

A soft angelic voice rang in the hall make all of us silent.

All lights went on and I saw Ashley came forward with guitar in her hand.
She starts playing and singing with it, she looks so younger and happy at this moment. she sings Taylor swift 'New Romantic song'. she looks so happy. Smile didn't leave her face. she looks so carefree without any worry of life.

her eyes twinkle with happiness. she sings like there is no tomorrow. I never thought she has this side. she looks like a child.

'Oh, my mushroom. She is full of surprises. I never thought she could sing so beautifully even played the guitar. She is really something.

The crowd erupted in cheers Saying ones more. She looks happy her eyes twinkling with happiness.

“Woahh. I never thought, I ever saw her singing” Michael said with a big smile.

“Me too”.

Light went off again on the stage and the next thing we knew she is not there, I panicked instantly. we walk as fast as could and reach the backstage to find her but our bad she is not even there. I asked the manager about her and what he told us makes my heart stop.

“I am going to kill you ”

Narrator P.O.V

Ashley is having a hard time walking and having someone she doesn’t want to see this evening make her angry. she tried her best to move away from him but he pulled her roughly with him in a dark hallway. he pushed her into the room before lock it.

"Leave me you bastard"She shouted but the monster love to see her like that.

"why would I? when I am going have so much fun with you?"He licked his lips.

she slaps him hard making his eyes turn a dark shade of black.

"You going for this bitch"He slapped her make her fall on the ground. her head pounded due to alcohol which is spiked by him purposely.

"Robert, I warn you.. leave m-me"She slurred. alcohol affect her badly, she can’t stand on her own.

he grabs her hair in his fist making her his in pain.

"Now, now, I am going to have so much fun with you. I am stupid to try something on that bitch. what her name?" He tried to think."Yeah, I remember, Mia. I can have more fun with you than her" He pushed her face impossibly close to his.

Even in this state, she tried her best to free from his grasp.

she kicks him hard where the sun doesn’t shine making him groaned in pain.

he pushed her back with a force make her hurt her head twice. she has a cut on her head which now start to bruise definitely.

"what would you like to do the first sweetheart?"He asked undressing himself.

Ashley P.O.V

where am I? I can’t see anything clear. I am aware of the fact that someone was with me but who it might be I don’t know. I tried to open my eyes but the feels so heavy and the voice in my head makes it worse.

he licked his lips before coming towards me.

“No. don’t come near me”

Arggg. my head is hurting with the sounds. I close my eyes and saw things which I never want to see ever in my life. the things which make my life a hell. why?

I saw someone come near her, First I cant see clearly who were they but at last image of the person was clear as crystal.

“Leave her alone” I shouted.

“Why would I when we can have so much fun with her”

“Di.. run.. run di.. please leave her”

But the monster ignores my plead and ruin her, her innocence. He takes her against her will in front of me. Not one but all of them. they laugh like a maniac. one of them gazes at me making me shiver in disgust.

“I want to taste you little girl” his sickening smile make me gagged. He pulled me towards him.

’Nooo... noo.. please leave me alone.” he slaps and kicked me several times. I cried profusely but he didn’t stop.

“stop" I open my eyes and saw the monster in front of me.

he smiles at me, the same sickening smile. He moves towards me with a blade in his hand. He cut my dress straps. I step back before he damages more. I can’t let it happen. I cant make him ruin me. I am stronger. I am stronger. I keep chanting in my mind. I can do this... I can do this.

I am going to make you pay for hurt her, to ruined our like. I am going to take your revenge.

I took the knives placed on the fruit basket placed on the table before aiming towards him.

I will take my revenge...

Brandon P.O.V

“we need to find her before its too late”

we keep searching everywhere but can’t find her and that bastard.

when the manager told us that someone came and claim her his fiance my blood boiled. she is mine. how can that bastard say that? I will kill him if he does something to my girl. she is my girl, my women, my love, my angel. when I found him, he surely going to regret come to life.

“Brandon... we.. we found her"Micheal said huffing badly.

without wasting any second we start rushing towards the hall. we came to know that one of the staff members saw Robert dragging Ashley with him. and they saw him last twenty minutes ago in the hallway. we quick up our pace. we need to save her before something bad happen to her.he took us to the room where he saw them going.

we tried to open it but it was locked. we kicked it several time but now used. Michael and I start kicking it, at last, it cracks open. before we open it a panicked voice rang in our ears.

“Please god. it was not Ashley’

I can’t lose her. with the fear in our heart, we entered the room and the scenario in front of us make me go pale.

‘Oh my god..’

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