Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 15

Narrator P.O.V

“Let us examine sir?“Doctor try to have a look at unconscious Ashley but Brandon not lets them see her.

“No..’He shouted.‘stay away’.

“Listen, sir, we need to see her or else you lose her” He got alarmed what middle-aged man said to him. he stands immediately and held doctor with his collar.

“You save her. you have to save her or else god knows what I will do to you”He raged. he is not in his senses all he saw was her life lying there unconscious. its hurt her seeing her like that. old man gulped and started examining her. But Brandon makes it difficult for him so he asked him to leave the room.

He left his room after arguing with them. He moves back and forth impatiently waiting for the doctor to come out of the room. He cants lose her. he loves her... yes love her. she is his life. he cants think about living a life without his Ashley. He was anxious but try to remain calm for her sake. he was on the verge of losing his sanity. But he tries to reassure her that she is not going anywhere.

“How is she now?“He asked breathlessly as soon as the doctor came out of the room.

“she is fine Mr. knight. Someone spike her drink and the alcohol makes her body shut for some time but nothing much damage done to her. She needs rest to complete heal her body” He sighed heavily and apologize to the doctor about his previous act. The doctor patted her shoulder and leave before informing to contact him as soon as she feeling nausea or a headache.

“You make me so worry Ashley”He whispers to himself.

he saw Michael but choose to ignore because his main priority was Ashley. he practically ran into the room and saw his sleeping beauty sleep peacefully. he kissed her forehead lovingly.

all the time Michael stood at the corner of the room watching everything without any emotions. it looks like he shut himself up. Mia tries to make him talk but he ignores her plead.

“It’s my fault”He runs his hand through his hair make them messy.

“All my fault” he keeps enchanting.

“Mike.. listen. it’s not your fault”She cupped her cheeks but he flinched.

“No... Stay away. don’t come near me. you will get hurt like she did. I am a bad omen. I killed my parents, she is in this condition just because of me. because of my stupid birthday. I am bad omen” He ran out of the room with tears in his eyes. he cants believe he almost lost her. her only family. he cursed his destiny. he doesn’t believe in God but believes in faith and he knew that he is good for nothing. he cants make a family of his own. he loses them like he loses his family a long time ago on his stupid birthday.

Mia stood there crying as well. she didn’t know, what to do? She lost her family a long time ago but she doesn’t want to lose her one and only family she has. she ran after him to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

“What happens to mommy?“A sweet baby voice breaks the silence.

Brandon’s head turns towards the door there stood his daughter rubbing her eyes cutely but frown when she saw her mother lying there.

she ran towards Ashley and sit beside her.

“daddy?“She asked panicked.

“What happened to her? Why is she not waking up?” she is on the verge of crying.

Brandon held her princess in his arms and cooed her.

“princess mummy was tired so she is resting for some time. Don’t worry she will wake up soon and then we all going to have so much fun”He tried to convince her.

“Promise?“She asked cutely. he chuckled and kissed her cheeks. “yes princess, promise”.

Mel jumps out of his arms and lying beside Ashley. she placed her small arms around her waist and sleep while hugging her.

“I promise you, love, nothing can happen to you..."He murmured to myself and lay beside her pulling her to his chest. He shudders thinking about what happened back at the hotel room...

A few hours ago, in the hotel room.

I can’t lose her. with the fear in our heart, we entered the room and the scenario in front of us make me go pale.

Ashley sat there edge of the bed with several cuts on her body. blood oozing from her forehead. she looks ahead of her a body lying on the floor. she looks at us and smile, a sickening one. like she is mocking us for a failure. she didn’t say anything but keeps smiling before losing her sense.

she was going to faint and fall from the bed before I ran towards her and held her delicate body in my arms. she looks vulnerable.

The thought of someone harming her makes my blood boil. I want to kill that bastard who hurt her. Robert was lying on the floor with a knife pierce through her heart and other one cut stab in his both hand. he lying there lifeless.

Micheal approaches her and checks her pulse. he was alive though we want him dead. Micheal kicked him in guts several times while cursing profusely him. I had to pull him away from him before he killed him in anger. I know, I want to kill that bastard but for know nothing important for us other than her.

we called the cops and inform them about the condition. Not before ten minutes, they reached there. They take that bastard with them. I picked her up in my arms in bridal style and start walking towards the entrance with Michael. Michael gets in the driver seat with Mia with him in front while I sat in the back seat with Ashley in my lap.

I call my family doctor to reach my mansion ASAP. as we don’t have much time. we reached my house within thirty minutes. all the time Michael stood there silent. he doesn’t show any emotions. its like he blames himself but it was not his fault though. but I don’t have time to comfort him. I take Ashley with me towards my room and placed her on the bed.

God, please have mercy on us.....

*Brandon P.O.V*

I stir in my sleep. I feel like someone poking me. I ignore it and hug my pillow tightly. it feels so good. I never know my pillow was that soft. I hug it even tighter. but immediately feel a sharp pain in my arm making me yelp. I saw Ashley glare at me.

“Get off me you caveman” She shouted irritatedly.

I look at her face for sometime before realising that she is awake and talking with me.

I pulled her close to me and hug her tight.

“Hey, get off me you fat ass” but I ignore her and hug her more close to me.

“Arhh” I yelped in pain.

“What the hell? why you pulled my hair?“I shouted angrily.

“Well, you asked for it. now get off me you moron” she pushed me hard making me fall from the bed.

I groaned in the pain. Ashely's starts laughing seeing me. I narrowed my eyes at her.

“You going to pay for this” I jumped on the bed and start tickling her.

“Oh.. stop-stop” She managed to say in between but nope. baby you ask for this. I smirked.

“please, stop,” she said breathlessly. she is having difficulty in breathing. I immediately stop and try to calm her.

“I am so sorry love. Are you okay?“I almost get a heart attack seeing her red face.

“Yeah, I am fine. she said and turn towards Mel who sleeping peacefully beside her.

she kissed her head lovingly.

“What about me?"I know I behave like a child but who cares. when being a child gives me a kiss.

“Oh, no Mr. you will not get any” She retorted making me pout.

“Mean,” I said amused.

we sat there in silence. No one spoke a word, then she breaks it with a question.

“What happens in the party?”

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