Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 17

Ashley P.O.V

“Ma’am is it fine or you want me to do change it"Mia asked me.

“No.. no.. it's fine Mia. it’s perfect. don’t need to change the presentation and also we don’t have much time left. I think it will do work”

“Okay, ma’am. I will go and check up on the clients. then” I nodded in response. she said and left the room.

I take a deep breath and sigh. It's been a week since that incident. Since then, Brandon, Mel, and Michael don’t leave me even for a second. I have to scold them or even force them to leave me to fresh n up and change. They were like a shadow to me. I know they were worried about me but can't I have a moment of peace.

Even in this morning, Brandon and I have an argument about me coming to my work. He has to understand that he cant babysitting me here and there. I have so much work to do other than doing rest.

I look at the file I needed to check. I internally groaned. I just started my work when someone knocks on my door.

“Ma’am, where should I keep it?” Mia asked for the hundredth time today.

I know flowers look good and I love orchids but I didn’t want my cabin to turn into a flower shop.

Since morning after our argument, Brandon keep sending me flowers every hour as an apology.

My whole cabin looks like a flower shop now. I am gonna kill you, Brandon Knight. I huffed internally.

“Ma’am” Someone calls me.

“Yeah.. just keep it wherever you find the place or even dumped it in dustbin I don’t care”She just laughed and placed the bouquet on my table and leave.

I ignored these things and start working on my work.

After five hours of continuously working I am feeling like hell and hungry. My stomach starts grumbled. I need to feed myself so that I could finish my work without any problem.

I pick up my bag and phone before head out of the room.

“I am going out to grab some lunch. If someone calls me just manage it” I said in hurry not giving Mia any chance to speak.

I reached a small cafe, which is near my office and quit cozy,I order a sandwiches and coffee for me. I don’t feel like it much. light snacks would be fine. after having my brunch I came out of the cafe only to bump into hard rock chest.

“I am sorry” I apologized quickly

“Don’t be love. "an annoying voice rang in my ear.

I take a step to look at the honor of the voice and instantly my eyes narrow at the person in front of me.

“Move Brandon”

“why would I?”

“Because I say so. now move”

“Nah. I don’t want to”

“Really??? don’t behave childishly. just move, I have so much work to do rather than wasting time here with you here”

“Ouch... that hurt” he fake hurt making me roll my eyes.

“what do you want?“I snapped.



“umm. I mean... I want to talk to with you.“He stuttered.

“And I don’t want to. now leave...”But he blocked my way.

“It’s about Mel,” He said and I stood in my place like a statue.

“Did something happen to her? where is she?tell me Brandon?“I asked desperately.

“Ashley, love. nothing happen to her she is completely fine. but she is persistent to meet you now. so I came here to take you to her.“He said cupping my cheek in his large palm. I ignore his endearment for me.

I nodded without any hesitation. I don’t know why but whenever something belongs to her I gave in easily. she really makes me wrapped around her pinky finger.

we reach his mansion in almost thirty minutes. all the way I prayed to god to keep Mel safe. As soon as the car stopped in the driveway I jump out of the car and ran inside the mansion.

“Mamma..you came”a small frame hug me tightly and lovingly.

I bent down to pick Mel up in my arms.

“of course love. I have to come as you called me”I kissed her cheeks making her giggle.

“I miss you, mamma,” she said and pouted with her cute little lips.

“Aww... I miss you too, little one. but mommy is here now.. right”

“Yes. thank you for coming mamma. I love you” She placed her face in the crook of my neck.

“I love you too love”

“hey. what about me?“Whining voice came from behind.

“who are you?“I asked innocently.

“Hey, how can you forget this handsome face,” Brandon said with a fake hurt and pouted making Mel chuckled.

"You handsome ? Nice joke"

"Hey, women. i know you love this face"He smirked at me. I gagged at his comment.

“Mommy, I want something?“Mel said sweetly. from the corner of my eyes, I saw Brandon thumps up her.

“Yes, sweetie.”

“Grandpa and grandma were on their vacation in their hometown. I want to go there too. ”

“Okay. Brandon would take you there. “she seems to look nervous.

“will you please come with us too?“She looks at me with puppy dogs eyes.

“Mel I have so much work to do. I cant. I have to prepare your grandpa house too.” I want her to make understand.

“Common Ashley. It’s only for days besides , you can work from there as well because the house on which you working was there. You know family comes first” Brandon insisted.

“I can’t”

“O-Okay. If you don’t want to. So it’s okay” Mel said in a shaky voice. Her lips quiver up as she tried not to choke in her sobs.
My heart hurt seeing her like that.

“Okay” I said giving in.

“Okay?” Brandon asked confused.

“Okay. I am coming with you guys”

“Really mamma??” Mel cupped my cheeks with her delicate one and asked happily.

“Yes little one”

“Yeah. Mommy is coming with us” She started jumping up and down clapping her hand.

" It works daddy."Mel said to work. They high five each other.

" What works little one? “I asked raised my eyebrows.


" umm...n-nothing,” Brandon said looking here and there.

“It does not look like nothing to me” I cross my arm over the chest to look intimidating.

“I am going to finish my homework,” Mel said and ran upstairs.

“I think someone calling me,” Brandon said and try to get away but I held his hand and look into his eyes.

“Now, tell me?”


“What are you planning?“I asked raising an eyebrow.

he looks nervous as hell.

“umm...” he pulled me towards him and caged me in his arms. I squeaked at his sudden gesture.

“what are y-you doing?“I stuttered. I always feel something different when he does this.

“Brandon” he starts making a pattern around my waist making me shudder.

“Shhh” he placed his finger on my lips to silence me.

“I am planning to take you away from everyone and make you mine,” he said with his face dangerously close to me. It’s look like he is going to kiss me. his breath fanning on my face making my heart fluttered...

“you are stuck with me forever love. Right from the day, I saw you, I know that I will make you mine”He whisper near my ear biting it lightly.

he smirks pulling back from the hug and leaves me there with my unbalanced heartbeat...

oh hell with it.

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