Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 18

Ashley P.O.V

“How much time it will take?” I asked Brandon looking outside of the window.

I could feel his gaze on me but I didn’t look towards him.

“At least two more hours to reach grandpa house,” he said tiredly.

Right now I am sitting in his car going with him and Mel to their grandpa house. Since yesterday they bugging me about visiting them. I wanted to make an excuse of work but Mel puppy dog eyes really work on me.

I don’t have any choice other than enjoying time with these two.

I turn behind to saw Mel sleep peacefully. she looks like an angel.

“she is an angel, stupid’ My subconscious said

Yeah, I know...

“Achuu” Brandon sneeze badly. he is sneezing since morning because we make him take bath early in the morning make him catch a cold.

I feel bad for him. since five in the morning, we are sitting in his car going to his grandpa house whom he wants me to redecorate. as Mel wants to visit them we do our work as well as meeting me.

“I can drive if you want,” I said at last.

he gave me his sweet genuine smile, not a stupid smirk.

“thanks for caring for me sweetheart but I can manage”He winked at me making me roll my eyes.

we drive silently listening one of few songs played on the radio. we keep the volume low not to make lil one wake up from her slumber.

At last driving, for eight hours we reached our destination. I look out the window to see our surrounding but it’s the stupid thing I ever do.

“Why are we here?“I whisper.

“love, we came here to meet my grandparents and parents” he chuckled finding it funny. but I didn’t find any happiness. my body feels numb after seeing the house where I live my childhood, where I have so much memories-good and bad as well. I rooted in my place. I can't make myself go there.

Brandon came and stood beside me holding Mel in his arms still sleeping. he took hold of my hand and drag me with him in the house beside mine.

We reached the porch of his house. My heart beating wildly. I want to run back from here but I can’t do that. I can’t even make an excuse. My eyes sting with unsheddable tears.

“Hey, you okay?“Brandon asked worry.

“just tired,” I said not looking at his face. he just nodded and lead me inside the house.

we enter and instantly greeted by his parents. I don’t get the fact that this is the house of Smith, not knights.

Linda squealed seeing me here and hug me tightly.

“Ashley meets my parents, Lucas Smith and Darcy-Smith,” Linda said happily. they both smile at me. I smiled back.

“it’s nice to meet you” I placed my hand for a shake but she just pulled me in for a hug like Linda. I chuckled at her.

“Oh mine, she is such a beauty”

“I don’t know how she ends up with this idiot?“Lucas pointed towards Brandon and he scoffed.

“Yeah right”

“You must be tired. Rest for some time, dinner will be ready in two or three hours”

“No. let me help you” I said.

She shook her hand and gestured me to go. I nodded weakly and follow Brandon.

I know I am hell nervous being here but I have to make my composure if not I will mess up badly.

Brandon leads me to the path and I follow him like a lost puppy.he open the door and get inside. he gently laid Mel on the bed and cover her with duvet. he turns towards me and smiles widely.

“Umm. Where is my room?“He ignores me and grab my hand and drag me out of the room. he takes me to the room beside Mel and sits on the bed.

I raised my eyebrow in the question.

“this is our room.“He smiles widely.

Our room.. what the hell..???

“What do you mean by that? I am not going to share a room with you” I turned back to walk out of the room.

“You don’t have any choice love. we have only four bedrooms here furnished. other rooms are under construction so we have to share.” he smiles devilishly.

“Oh, no Mister. I am going to stay with Mel then”I smirked.

“No one can do love. you are staying here with me and that’s final” he hugged me from behind.

I wiggled in his arms but no use. he throws me on his shoulder like a sack of rice and moves back to bed. he throws me on the bed, like literally, and get in the bed too. he pulled me towards him and caged me in his arms.

“Leave me”I poked him hard making him groan in pain.

“Nope. now sleep. I am tired.“He yawned and closed his eyes.

“hey. hey. Get up” I try again but no used. I am also getting tired so, I just let it past for once and decided to rest.

I snuggled closer to him and let sleep took over me.


I feel someone hand stroking my hair. it feels so good. I snuggled closer to inside hand. I listen to someone chuckled.

I open my eyes to see Brandon look at me amused. I pushed him back and stood up.

“Dinner is ready. freshen up and come fast” he left the room and I huffed in annoyance.

I walked inside the bathroom and wash my face to remove the sleep. after feeling refreshed I decided to join them for dinner.

“Hey, come dear “Linda called me smilingly.

I take a seat beside Mel.

“Mumma” Mel squealed happily. I kissed her cheeks and ruffled her hair.

“I miss you. why didn’t you sleep with me?” She pouted.

“I miss you too lil one. I want to but this caveman didn’t leave me”I pointed towards Brandon who snorted at my remark.

“Don’t worry mamma. I will protect you from this caveman” Mel placed her hand on her heart as a promise. I laughed at her antics and everyone can’t help but giggle.

“I will steal her before you knew it “Brandon butt in.

“I will lock you in your room daddy,” Mel said with an evil grinned.

Brandon crossed his arms over his chest & huffed in irritation.

“Let’s fill your small tummy. shall we?“She nodded excitedly and I start feeding her.

we finish our dinner with a few short conversations with them asking about me and my carrier. they were nice like as always. I love them since my childhood. but its a mystery for me where is he? I wanted to know about him but a part of me doesn’t want to reveal my identity to them. that only cause trouble in the future. so I just shut my mouth and enjoy the time we have here.

I hope, he is fine wherever is he?

we finish our dinner and decide to take rest so we can enjoy the early morning here.

I slept with Mel In her room despite Brandon tantrums. we locked our room before he barked in our room. I pulled Mel close to me feeling her breath on my neck. she hugs me tightly and slept on me. I didn’t take much time for me to doze off to sleep too...


“Mamma ran fast” Mel squealed when Brandon tried to catch us.

we were playing in there backyard with Mel in my arms and Brandon tried to catch us. I ran as fast as could to prevent from this tickling Bug, A.k.a Brandon.

before we knew it my feet leave the ground. Brandon twirl me around. I laughed wholeheartedly with Mel.

“Got you”Brandon whisper in my ear.

he placed us back on the ground but didn’t leave me from his grip. Mel ran out of there giggling. I tried to approach her but he pulled me even closer and back hugged.

“Leave me” I hissed.

“You ditch me yesterday, so that’s your punishment,” He said childishly.

“what are you three? just leave me”

“Never” He stated.

“Are you crazy?“I wiggled in his arms.

“Only for you baby”He bite my earlobe playfully making me gasped.

my eyes going wide at his action.

he gave me a wink before running towards the house leaving me in trance.

such a jerk...

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