Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 19

Ashley's POV

Some time in life you feel like everything drift apart. the past from which you tried to run away came back with a havoc. you can't do anything other than to face it. it either makes you stronger or the storm drown you in it. I feel like my soul drift apart from me. I was feeling mixed emotions now.

when Mr. knight contacts me to redecorate his house I never thought that in my wildest dreams that the house they were talking about non-other than this, my home or was ... where I spend my childhood happily with my dad and sister. live like a happy family. the same house where I spend euphoric moments same where I lose everything. I lose my family and friend here.

I tried my best not to run away and chocked a sobbed. it’s so painful to stand here even after all those years. I thought I overcome the day but I was so wrong. the scar of that dreadful day cant leave from my heart & my soul..”

“you, okay dear?” Linda's voice brought me back out of my thought.

“Yeah,” I said after a bit of struggle.

“you look pale sweety. if you want we can leave. we will come some other time to see the progress” Linda said worriedly.

I shooked my head and gave her a smile.

“I am fine. trust me. just little headache”.

“Are you sure?“She tried to find any lie in my statement but I gave her my best infectious smile which makes her smile as well.


we turn to admire the work done by my team. it looks pretty well. we don’t make many changes but apply some few designs to make it look classy and elegant.

“You did very well Ashley. I can’t wait to see this house after furnishing”Marcus said cheerfully.

" I too love”Linda smile lovingly towards Marcus who looks at her with so much adoration.

“Um. I - I think we should get going. and let them finish there work first."I said pointed towards the worker who works efficiently.

they nodded and follow me out of the house. we reached his grandparents home and saw Mrs. and Mel playing in the backyard. In the morning Marcus called me asked me to accompany him in seeing the progress. Brandon excused himself saying he has some other things to do rather than staying here. it’s so much not like Brandon who doesn’t miss any chance irritating me. I feel something fishy but just ignore it.

“Mamma” Mel squealed and run towards me. her little hand wrapped around my legs in a tight hug. I picked her up and kissed her cheeks making her giggle.

“Where is your daddy?” I ask.

She shrugged at the answer.

“Don’t know. He is in his room since you left. I even called him but he said he is busy” She said pouting.

He is busy?? Not showing up. Now there is definitely something wrong, he never said no to her for anything. I thought to myself.

“Don’t worry lil one, maybe daddy was tired. He will come and play with you soon.” I said with a smile. She nodded happily.

“Now go and eat some delicious choco chips cookies great grandma made."She squealed happily and ran inside the house.

Now it’s time to face the devil himself...


I knocked and wait for any response, When find none I twist the doorknob and get inside his room.

Brandon was laying on his bed only in his sweats showing his sculpture muscles, looking at the ceiling.

I cleared my throat to grab his attention but he didn’t faze.

I walked towards him and stand beside him.


“Hi” He replied without looking.

“What happen Brandon? are you not feeling well?” I checked his forehead with my palm but he slaps my hand as it burns him.

“What’s the matter? why are you so grumpy today?? Did someone scold lil Brandon???” I tried to lighten his mood but he looks at me annoyed.

“Do you need anything?” He questioned. I shook my head.

“then just leave. I don’t want to talk to anyone now” He said through greeted teeth.

“Brandon. I know you are having a bad day, but you should talk to me or anyone so that you could feel better” I placed my hand on his shoulder and gave him a small smile. I hurt by his word but I can't show it to him. I know he has never hurt me intentionally.

“Don’t you understand. Just fucking leave me. Did I say I want to talk? No.. Right? Just get out of here. Mind your bloody business Ms WILLIAM.” He snapped angrily before grabbing my hand and pushing me out of his room.

I was taken aback by his gesture. I never cried about small things but whatever he said to me I feel hurt. I blink several times to stop the tears to come out of my eyes, but the traitor falls from my eyes before I could stop it.

I roughly wiped it before plastering a smile on my face.

I don’t care what he said or think of me. I came here for Mel. I can’t make her said.

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves.

You want me to mind my business now I will make sure of it, Mr Brandon Knight.

It’s a deal then... you will beg me for a single glimpse of mine.

it’s a promise.....


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