Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 2

Ashley P.O.V

“Okay, Mr Jones, I’ll be there with my PA in two hours,” I said dismissively before hung up. Mr Jones was a caretaker of my NGO for helpless peoples. During the call, he informs me that they have a victim who was beaten by his stepfather brutally and raped, which make my blood boiled. I told him to take care of the girl and I personally came and visit her today.

I walked towards my office and open the door. The sight in front of me makes my eyes widened in shock. Everything was dishevelled like some fighting happen here. I search for Robert and Mia but they were nowhere to see. I came out of my office and walk towards her cabin when some sounds caught my attention. I walked fast near Mia cabin and without waste any second open the door which makes me froze on my track. In front of me was Mia in Mr Robert arms struggling.

“What the hell is going on here?” I asked through greeted teeth.

They both came out of there trance. Mr Robert eye widened and he took a step back from her start fix his clothes.

“Umm,” He tried to say.

“Ma’am” Mia cried and burst out in tears.

“Explain” I growled.

“What’s the matter, Robert???” I asked again angrily, tried to control my anger

“I-It-It’s not my fault Ashley. After you were gone, your PA started to seduce me and kissing me. I pushed her back and told her that it’s wrong because I have a wife but she doesn’t listen.” He said innocently.

Her eyes widened after his explanation.

“Ma’am h-he just lying. He tried to molest me” she said her between my sob.

I take a step towards her with a furious expression. She takes a step back cowardly which make me more furious.

“How could you? I am never except this from you” I told through greeted teeth.

Her eyes widened due to my outburst.

I turn my attention toward Mr Robert who looks towards her with lust.

“So...” I said. Her turn his attention toward me.

I smile towards him and he smirks.

“It’s better Ashley if you fired her from your company because she doesn’t worth it,” He said curtly.

I shook my head and move closer to him. He amused by our closeness and smirks and tried to touch me. but before he could lay a finger on me I do what he deserves. I punch him hard in the face make his nose bleed.

A gasp escaped from Mia's mouth. Her mouth opened in shock.

“You son of a bitch” I snapped and kick him where the sun doesn’t shine.

He grabbed his crotch and fell on the floor with pain. I kick his stomach and faces ones again.

“How dare you touch her? Who the hell you think of yourself?? You, a piece of shit” I said through greeted teeth.

He cried in pain unable to fight back and passed out after several minutes.

Mia P.O.V.

"CALL THE COPS,” She said in a low dangerous voice.

No one dares to move from there spot.

"NOW" She shouted making them flinch. One of the guards goes to make a call to cops.

I saw Robert lying there unconscious because of brutally beating. One part of me feels bad for him but the other part knows that he deserves this pain.

The guard which get an order to make call came back and said something to Ms William which I couldn’t listen but she just nodded.

She turned her attention towards me and took a step towards me till she was in front of me. She cares my cheeks lightly then I noticed that she try to wipe my tears which can’t stop.

“Are you alright?” She makes me sit on the couch & asked softly.

I don’t know what came over me I stood and hugged her in a bone-crushing her which makes her stiffened.

Ashley P.O.V.

"T-Thank y-you Ma’am. I d-don’t know what would happen if you did not come on time.” She said between her cries.

“Don’t cry, Mia. I am here. No one gonna hurt you now. "I try to calm her down.

She just nodded and passed out in my arms. I look at her fragile pale body with a stained face and sighed. I lay her down on the couch and get my phone from my pocket and try to call.

I dialled Michael number. He is my bodyguard for five years. He is Mia Fiance too, so I need him to come here and calm her down.

“Hey boss,” He said cheerfully.

“Where are you?”

“I am on the beach, taking a sunbath,” He said carelessly.

“Michael” I warned.

“Okay, jeez. What got you early in the morning? I am just collecting some paper you ask me from your new client. It is not like I am going to run away with that hot CEO.”He said teasingly.

“Just hurry up and meets me in my office in an hour,“ I said in a tone, don’t-mess-with-me-now.

“I am on my way ma’am. Anything serious” his cherry mood turned into concerned.

“No. Just come here as soon as possible will you, “I said demanding.

“Okay boss,” he said and hung up the phone.

I turn my attention towards Mia who is shivering to badly. I sigh. She looks towards me and gave me a weak smile. I smiled back.

“Do you call cops or not?” I asked angrily pacing left and right in the room.

“Y-yes ma’am... h-he is in his way. He will be here anytime soon” One of my security guards said shuttering.

“He should be here in any minutes or you will lose your job,” I said angrily with greeted teeth and saw Robert their unconscious fuel my anger more.

“Ma’am... he is here,” the same security guard said.

“Bring him here now,” I said.

After some time there is a knock on my cabin door making me turn my focus from Mia to them.

“Hello... I am Officer Gonzalez” A man in his Officer uniform said before walked towards us with two of his colleague beside him. He was a tall man with the height of 6′2” or so. By his looks, he may be in his early thirties. He is neither too handsome nor too bad. Good for himself but I hope he does his duty properly otherwise he going to face my wrath.

I just nodded and motioned him towards Robert unconscious body. He just nodded and walked towards him and examined him.

“So... how has it happened???”He asked coldly. There is something in his eyes which looks like he is in pain.

I told him about everything happen here. He just nodded and turned towards one of his colleagues and told him to arrest Robert and take him to the police station.

“Ms William. I know that it’s not the right time to ask but we have to take victim as well to ask her some question. ”

"James takes the victim with us,” Gonzalez said. the person whom I thought is James walked towards Mia and stood in front of her. He checks her up and down making her uncomfortable. He tries to touch her but Mia flinched as he took her hand and try to wriggle from his grip but he doesn’t lose his grip.

Tears appear in her eyes make me furious but he just smirked and satisfied as he took her with him.

“STOP” I shouted. Making him froze in his path.

“Leave her hand now if you don’t want to live your life without a hand,” I said through gritted teeth making him gulped hard. He leaves her hand instantly and takes a step back in horror. She ran towards me and stood beside me.

“Gonzalez takes him out of my sight or I am going to kill this bastard,” I told him ferociously.

“I am sorry ma’am. I am going to take charge of my officer and sorry Ms Mia for your suffering. I take your statement other time. Now I took my farewell. But please don’t take any action against me, Ms William, please” he said practically begging me.

"GET OUT" I snapped.

He sighed and ran out of the room without a second thought.

“W-Why M-Me ma’am...” Mia said, cried.

“Listen to me Mia and listen good, You did nothing wrong. They are looser to harm a girl. And let me tell you one thing you are not weak, you are a strong person. Show them you are strong. Don’t give them satisfaction by breaking you, by shattering your confidence. Trust me, Mia. I know you can do this. Do you trust me?” I said to her solemnly.

She just nodded and wipes her tears.

“Thank you so much, ma’am,” She said with a small smile.

“Good” I smile at her.

As we stood there talking Michael run into my office.

“Yes, boss you want to see me???“Michael said after entering my office room cheerfully.

But as his attention turns towards Mia, he stood there shocked.

He ran towards her and hugs her.

“W-what happened, babe... Are you hurt??? Tell me??? "he said smoothly trying to calm her down.

“R-Robert t-try to r-raped me. If Ms William did not come on time I don’t know what would happen. How I am gonna face you” she said and start crying.

“S-shh baby... I am here now” He said trying to calm his nerve to kill anybody.

“Now sleep. You need it.“He said making her lie down on the couch and cover her with his jacket.

“N-No d-don’t leave me, “She said worriedly.

“Babe I am here, don’t worry. But you need sleep okay.” He said and kissed her forehead.

She nodded and closed her eyes.

He stood and starts pacing trying to calm himself.

“Where is He?"He growled.

“Cops took him. He is going to pay for his did."I said in a dangerously calm voice.

He nodded his head.

“Thank you so much, boss. I don’t know what will I do if anything happens to my Mia. I owe you again. I don’t know how I am going to pay you back. But I promise I can do anything to protect you,” He said with a cracked voice.

“You don’t have to Michael. She is my employee and it’s my responsibility to protect my staff. Right? And as you say you owe me so there is something you can do for me.” I told him with the serious expression.

“Anything for you boss.” He said sincerely.

“You took her to your house and take care of her. Take two days off and spend time alone. She needs to relax a bit” I said casually.

“No Boss, it is okay. I need to protect you."He said hesitantly.

“You told me you owe me right. And now you back out from your words” I said questioningly.

“Boss. I owe you with my life. But how can I make myself relax knowing I left you alone here in danger” he said wistfully.

“You know that I am capable of protecting myself. Take a leave and make her happy."I said sternly not giving him another chance of arguments.

He sighed in defeat and nodded his head. He picks Mia in his arms.

“Okay, boss. See you soon. “He said kissing her forehead.

“Michael you need to teach her self-defence. She needed it” I said demanding.

“I will boss and thank you. You are the best” He said before walking out of the room leaving me there in dilemma.

I sighed and take a seat in my chair. I shook my head to erase today’s events and start to work again.

I don’t know how much time I worked but my eyes getting heavy and I feel myself getting into doze off with thoughts which never leave me alone. Few things never going to be changed.


I ran as fast as could. I cross the finish line and huffed to catch my breath. yeah, I won. I stick my tongue towards the boys whom I with race.

“You lost, "I said with happy dance making them angry.

One of them move towards me and grab me by my arms. Never you cheated on a game that’s why you win” he said angrily.

. “I don't cheat, "I said slowly.

'Never' he said and slap me hard making me fell on the ground.

“Ahh” I cried in pain. They leave there alone.

I cried hard because of stinging pain on my face.

“Hey, ” someone said from behind.

I turn and look with my teary eyes. a boy stood there around my age look at me with concerned.

He took a step towards me and help me stand up.

I wipe my tears not want to show him my tears.

“Why are you crying?? “he asked sweetly.

“Nothing "I lied and bend my head down not want to see his face.

“You are so beautiful, “he said shyly.

“Who are you?? I never saw you before” I said still crying.

“I am come here to meet my grandparents,” he said cheerfully.

“Oh. Who is your g-grandparents” I said shuttering.

“Mr Smith,” He said nervously.

My eyes lightened with happiness making him chuckled.

“candy uncle is your grandpa???” I asked blithely

“yup.,” he said with popping ‘p’ out. making me laugh hard.

“how old are you” he questioned.

“I am six years and you? “I asked.

“I am soon to be seven next month,” He said happily.

I look at his face and saw him blushing like a tomato make me giggle.

“You blushing how cute,” I said still giggling.

“Will you be my friend? “He asked sweetly.

I tapped my chin try to think a second.

" Okay,” I said happily. ” But I don’t know your name,” I said shyly.

“Oh.. I am Adrian,” he said.

“A-ad-Adrio?? Your name is too difficult” I said making pout.

He pinches my nose and laughs.

“Hmm. You can call me Aden., “he said.

“okay. Aden. I am Ashley. But my parents call me ash. You also call me ash now you are my friend “I said shyly.

“Nope. I will call you Chica”. He said pinching his nose.

“Why” I huffed in annoyance.

“Because you are my friend and you are beautiful,” he said blushing.

“Okay,” I said blushing and Start walking.

“Hey, where are you going?”

He asked.

“home,” I said.

“I am coming.. Come, sit with me on my cycle and I drop you,” he said sweetly.

“But I never sat on cycle before. What if I fell from it “I said feeling embarrassed.

“Nope... I’ll catch you Chica”.

“okay, Aden”...

(To be continued)

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