Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 20

Brandon P O V

I kept on tossing and turning around on my bed but can’t sleep, as my sleep despised me. Cursing under my breath, I get up from my bed. I picked my shirt from the couch and wear it. I felt myself getting angry again and want to punch something or someone badly now.

I opened the door of the backyard and instantly greeted by a cold breeze. The hair on my arm raised when a cool breeze hit my body. I wanted to get out of here so much that I didn’t bother to grab a jacket. I walked towards the tree standing proudly whose leave making a rustling sound when the wind blew swiftly. I punched it hard repeatedly till my hand start bleeding. I want to get this frustration out of my head but failed miserably.

“Arhh” I shouted in frustration.

“Why? Why me?? God” I yelled helplessly.

“Son” Dad called me but I care less.

I feel him behind me but the havoc in my mind makes it difficult to cop up now.

He placed his hand on my shoulder and patted my head.

“Everything going to be fine, son”

“How dad? How?“I shouted. I feel bad for shouting at him but I-I can’t help it.

“Calm down son. Time will heal everything. You have us, your family, You have Mel. You have....“He paused before speaking.“Ashley now” Listening to her name I got up alarmed.

Morning conversation with Ashley started playing in my mind like a movie.

‘I know you are having a bad day, but you should talk to me or anyone so that you could feel better’

‘Don’t you understand?’

‘Just fucking leave me. Did I say I want to talk? No.. Right? Just get out of here’

‘Mind your bloody business Ms WILLIAM.’

F**k.. what did I do?

I ran my hand through my hair frustratingly.

“What happens? Brandon?“Dad asked worriedly.

“Dad, She came to me but I yelled at her & told her some meany things. Dad. I don’t mean whatever I said to her. I hurt her badly, dad. I hurt her.” Tears started to brimmed in my eyes.

“Don’t worry, son. Just appolozise her first thing in the morning or else I don’t know what will happen” saying that he leave me there with my own thoughts.

I am sorry Ashley. I am sorry for being mean to you but I promise, I will make it up to you.


In the morning I tried to talk to her to apologize but every time either she ignored me and leave from there or someone came. I just want to apologize to her but I think I have to wait for her to be alone so that I could explain her everything. Hope so after listening story behind my action she forgave or I don’t know what would I do if she leaves me like her.

Ashley’s P.O.V

I was cutting the vegetables for a salad when I feel a presence behind me. The heat radiating from his body makes it easy for me to know who it is, but I choose to ignore it.

Since the yesterday encounter, I choose to ignore him, whenever he tried to initiate a conversation I leave from there or my cute little saviour came between to prevent me from lashing on her father.

“Ashley” He called.

“Hmm” I hummed in response.

“I-I” He tried to say something but stuttered.

Ignoring him I move my right to grab a big bowl for salad. All the while I feel his presence behind me watching my every move like a hawk. His gaze didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or creepy.

“Ashley?“He called again.

“Yes, Mr. Knight. Do you need anything? “I asked still not looking at him.

“Can we talk?“He said hesitantly.

“Like what”.

“Yesterday night, I just lost..."Before he could finish I cut him off.

“You don’t have to say anything. It’s your life and your choice. I should have known my place. I should not push you. So just forget it.“I said calmly after testing my words of choice.

“No...No.it’s not yo..“He cut off again by a squealed and here came my saviour.

“Mamma.“Mel came running towards me and hug my leg.

I scooped her in my arms and kissed her chubby cheeks.

“are you ready love?“I asked her.

“Yes, mamma.. Now let’s cook.“She said happily.

Brandon looks dejected and leaves from there. I ignore him and resumed cooking with my lovely daughter.

Daughter?? I like this sound.

We cook for one hour. We cook a whole meal for everyone.

At some point I quite nervous what if they don’t like my food. It’s been a while since I cook.

“What’s going on here?“Mel and I startled by when familiar voiced.

We both look at each other before looking at the source. Lucy and Linda stood there with arms crossed over there chest raising eyebrows in question.

“Um.. Sorry. I didn’t ask for your permission before cooking in your kitchen. Mel wants me to cook something for her so I thought why don’t cook for everyone as well. You always do that and I could for you all as my gratitude.“I said nervously.

“Oh my god! Ashley dear, you cook so much.“Lucy said looking at the kitchen counter with full of different food.

“You don’t have to tire yourself, sweety," Linda said lovingly.

I smile at her concern.

They look at each other like talking through eyes.

“It’s perfect, dear. But next time, don’t go overboard. We don’t want you to take so much stress” Linda said caressing my head lovingly.

“You made dinner, so now just let us take this mouth watering dishes to the dining room at least,” Linda said happily.

“Now just call them I can’t wait to have this food,“Lucy said with a pout.

Dinner went by fast with Mel telling us her adventure day with me in kitchen. She looks cute with her rabbit teeth. She goes on about how she helps in making this big feast. She is really mature for four years age. I look at her adoringly when she help me cutting the cake into pieces which she do most of the job in making it. It’s a chocolate cake which she wants me to teach her. Everyone love the food especially cake. Her face turned crimson due to shyness when we compliment her. Like my little didn’t take compliment well.

After dinner, Lucy and Linda urge to cleaning the dishes but I don’t want to make them but they scold me and send me in my room to have some rest. With a deep sigh I nodded and take Mel with me. I laid her on the bed before climbing with her in it.

She asked me to read her bed time story. I read her favorite story about the fairy and cobbler. In the middle of it she sleeps. I kissed her forehead lovingly before guided her head over my chest. She clings to me like a koala. But I love it. I turned off the light of the table lamb and closed my eyes. It didn’t take a long to sleep take over me.

“I hate this man” I look up from my book and saw Linda sitting on the couch opposite to mine with her crossed over her chest.

She look so cute but childish. I want to laugh at her reaction when she pouted like a kid but bite inside of my cheek to prevent it.

Before I could ask her the reason, Lucy came into view sulking. “I hate this man”. We both turned to her.

I laugh at her cuteness. They both turned towards me with their eyes narrowed. I clear my throat before asking them what happen to them.

“What happen to both of you?“I asked them simultaneously.

“I hate this man. He loves his stupid game more than his own wife” Dacy said angrily.

“Marcus didn’t even look at me when I asked him to accompany me to the market. He was busy with dad and Brandon watching their stupid football match.“Linda sulked.


“Yeah... Oh.“She said childishly.

I gave her a evil smile. She raised my her eyebrow in confusion.

“Let’s go.“I closed my book and stood up.

“Where?“Both asked at the same time.

“Girl’s day out.“I winked at them, they squealed in excitement.

“Let them have taste of their own medicine. Let’s ignore them and enjoyed our day”.


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