Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 21

“Let’s go there,” Linda said excitedly running towards the next store.

we ditch three of them today by sticking a note for them on refrigerator about our day out. Brandon saw us and offer to drive us wherever we want to go but we just politely refuse his offer and drove off before he gets any chance to get in the car.

so far we enjoyed our day. we ate our breakfast at Charles cafe which Dacy said they make best waffles. after feeding our stomach we move to shop them or rather said that they drag me with Mel in my arms from one store to another. Seriously they are too hyper and energetic for there age. Not even a child with sugar rush can be that active.

“You have to try this”Linda hand me an off shoulder dress which is too revealing for my liking. I tried to politely refuse but she gave me a look which said ‘Don’t you dare say no to this’, so like a good girl I take that dress and get in the changing room fast.

after changing into the dress I look myself in the mirror. the dress hugs my curves perfectly. It came to my mid thigh but look elegant, not sultry. I think I like this dress.

I came out of the changing room and ask them how is it look at me.

“You look pretty mamma,” Mel said flabbergasted.

we are definitely going to buy this dress for you” Dacy said with finality in her voice. I gave her a sweet smile before running back into the changing.

After going from one store to another we have fifty bags full of clothes for us. I feel exhausted and want nothing to go home and take rest. shopping always make me drained. Mel look like she will pass out anytime.

“I think we should call it a day,” I said seeing Mel.

" But, we just started having fun”Lucy whined.

Let me tell you these are more active than a teenage when its come to shopping..

“No.. Let’s go,” I said in finality.

“But I want my cold coffee you promised earlier,” Lucy said pouting.

I chuckled at her reaction.

“Okay. you go, I will bring your coffee” they obliged without any second thought. I picked up Mel in my arms seeing her so tired. when we reached the entrance of the mall I gave Mel to Dacy and told them to wait as I went in to get her coffee.

After paying the barista I left in hastily. I remember Linda and Dacy pouted face when I scolded them for eating so much sugar.

I chuckled under my breath, shaking my head whilst bumping into a wall.

I looked up to find myself not facing a wall but a man. “sorry” I take a step back and apologized firmly before heading off. Just as I was about to go towards my car, a strong large hand seized my arm & pulled me back roughly.

“Sorry? Are you kidding me? Look what have you do with my brand new shirt”An irritated masculine voice said, as I looked up to see the same man with an angry face.

I scoffed and pulled my arms in a swift, glaring at him.

“Look. I didn’t mean to mess up with your shirt. If you want I can repay you....“He snubbed me.

“Woah.. so you think you can show off me your money. listen to you bitch, I don’t want your money but I can accept your apology in another way “He smiles lopsided making my eyes burn with anger.

My eyes were burning like a volcano who can blast any minute.

“If you care about your life then don’t mess with me lil boy or you cant make to another day,” I said with a devilish smirked before turning around resuming my steps.

I didn’t make it far when the same hand pulled me back, harshly this time.

“Let me show you what can this lil boy do?“He grabbed my butt and squeezed them tightly.

My eyes saw red. I grabbed his arm roughly before pushing him off me.

three of his friends came out for his help.

“You shouldn’t have done that. Now, no one can save you from me”

“Oh.. I am so scared” He mocked high fived his friend stood on his right.

I didn’t give him much time before punching him square in jaw taking him by surprise.
He yelled in pain clutching his bleeding nose.
The men on his left came forward and throw punched at me which I dodge effortlessly before kicking him on the crotch making the daylight out of him. I snickered at the sight before one of another his friend grabbed my hair and thrown me on the ground.

I hissed in pain but didn’t give him any satisfaction.

“Mamma” an angelic voice rang in my ear. I turned my gaze at the direction of the voice and saw Mel with tears stained face in Linda’s arm, who looked equally worried. Dacy tried to come forward for my help but I shook my head in no making her stop.

“just get in the car and enjoy the show sweetie. Mommy will join you after dealing with this street dogs” I
Ordered leaving no room for argument.
I turned around and ran towards the man who grabbed my hair and tackled him onto the ground before throwing punches at his jaw repeatedly until my knuckle started to bleed. Not long after another pair of arm lifted me up by my throat.

He puts pressure at my throat choking my windpipe. I felt black dot in my vision. lack of oxygen affects my brain. I shook my head to remove this nauseated feeling while wrapping my leg around his torso taking him by surprise before slamming my head with his. He soon left me and fall onto the ground.

“you messed with the wrong girl” I declared out loud, ignoring the burning pain in my chest and neck. From the corner of my eyes, I saw the man who bumped into me, was coming towards me with a sharp knife in his left hand. I jumped on the back of his friend who fell on the ground before pivoted around, kicking the man face with my heel boots.

I grabbed his arm before twisting it backwards before kneading him hard in the stomach as I heard him screech. I put my arm around his neck in a headlock.

“Looks can deceive you. Remember, never messed with me or anyone”I spat putting more pressure.

He laughed a sickly one.

“I am impressed. You are just like he describe you” He said after sobering enough.
“whom you are talking about?” I demanded.
. “Don’t worry. You will find out soon. He is coming for you. Just wait for him” He said like we were discussing the weather...

“I ASKED, WHOM ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” I tightly gripped his neck but he didn’t seem to be fazed.

“Eager, are we?” “Just you wait, Ashley William or you can say ASHLEY ANDERSON. he didn’t make you his last time because of the old man but now he will stop at nothing, till he makes you his, by all means and the interesting part is that you can’t do anything to stop him” Saying that he stabbed me before elbow me in guts.

“just wait and watch” He left soon with his men’s leaving me there shocked.

“How can’t he be alive? I saw that bastard die in front of my eyes” then how?’I thought to myself.

I need to find out what his plan now”I said aloud.

I walk towards the car haltingly due to pain. I stumbled on my way but make it.

Dacy helps me in getting in. I look at Mel and gave her a small smile. She was crying for me which I don’t like.

“Hey, baby girl. don’t cry. Mummy is fine” I cooed her.

“you are in pain, mamma”She cried, her pink lips makes cute pout. she looks like an angel.

“No baby, I am fine. Come here” I picked her up and placed her head on my chest.

“Sleep Mel” I whisper.

“Ashley, we need to take you to the hospital,” Linda said worriedly from the driving seat.

“Yes Linda, Just hurry up.“Darcy agreed.

“No.. I am fine really. the wound is not too deep. Don’t worry. I just need some rest. Please drive” I pleaded. They nodded uncertainly.

I closed my eyes thinking about what just happen.

’I have to tell them to be prepared for the upcoming war. if you are really alive then I am only going to kill you, slowly.painfully.


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