Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 22

Brandon P.O.V

I was not in the mood of talking or doing anything. I messed up big time. I tried my best to make her talk but she gave me cold shoulder. From all above, they left this morning leaving me behind doing god knows what. All because of this old man, if they don’t fight with mom and grandma,
So I would have been spending time with her.

'Oh god! How I wish to make up with her but here I was stood in the kitchen preparing her favourite food. I hope she like it or I will domed.'

“dad.stop it. You make it worse” I shouted to my dad who killed all the vegetables brutally by his cutting skills.

“You can’t cut simple vegetable”Granddad teased him.

“Just like you make the curry of pasta”dad mocked back.

they both create a blunder in the kitchen. everything was messed up like a hurricane came here.

“out. I said get out of the kitchen both of you” I shouted, placing both my hands on my hips glaring at them.

they gave me a sheepish grin before running out of the kitchen.

I huffed in annoyance before getting back to work. Once I cleared the kitchen, I started to prepare dinner. In one an half hour, I was done with it. I patted my shoulder mentally.

Now, all I have to do was wait for them to come.

I was looking patiently at the clock on the wall. The time also decided to punish me today. I felt like ages since I saw her beautiful face. I need to see her or I am gonna mad with these thoughts.

nowadays, she is doing something with me and my mind. I can’t think straight. all I could think or wish was her, with me in my arms, close to me.

I look at her photo on my phone which we took when we went to the carnival. she looks so happy. I touched the screen and zoomed in to see her gorgeous face and her captivating smile.

I love to tease her, It makes me happy when she gets annoyed by me or looking at me in anger with a cute frown on her face. I want her to smile always, I know what I told her didn’t come from my heart and I was ashamed of my actions. I will tell her everything about me and my past, and let her decide what she thinks of me. My biggest fears were getting away from her. In a short time, she became my life. I can’t stay away from her. she is my everything.

I was busy admiring her when my phone went off.

I answered the call immediately seeing my mom name.

“Hello?“I answered. A nervousness crept in my stomach making me feel uneasy.


“Mom? what happens? are you alright?“I couldn’t help but ask.

“I am fine but..”

“But what Mom? did Mel?“I asked concerned.

“No . just listen to me. come at William square hospital. It’s about Ashley.. just come soon” She cried on phone.

“I am coming, mom. hold on”I ran out of the house taking my car key on the way ignoring the look my dad gave me.

“we need to go, dad, something bad happened, “I told them getting in the car. they don’t ask further and get in the car.

I hurriedly drive to the address she told me and found mom stood beside the car.

I walked towards them looking at my surrounding try to found what happened here, but find none.

I think I have to wait for them to told me thought.

“what happened, mom?” I asked, she cried seeing me there.

“come” she didn’t answer and gestured us to follow.

We follow her silently. each passing minute my apprehension grow. She took us to the ER room.

I saw grandma and Mel sitting there on the bench. I hug grandpa first and then Mel.

“Oh god! I thought something bad happened . its good you all are safe” I said hugging Mel tight to my chest.

“Mom..Where is Ashley?“I asked.

“She is in there,” MOM said pointing towards the ER. I stood stiff, thinking what was she implying to say.

I ran towards the room and look through the window only to crash my world. Ashley was lying there but blood on her clothes.

“what happened to her?” I asked calmly, like a calm before the storm.

“We.we were on our way to home. It’s my fault. I asked her to get me coffee. I am the reason for her condition”Grandma Dacy cried.

“it’s not your fault mom. when she was coming towards us some guys come and misbehave with her. She avoid at first when they tried to touch her, she-she lost it. She teaches them a lesson but injured badly."Mom said hugging grandma.

I stood there like a stone. I will kill those bastards who touch my life. I will punish them. I take out my phone from my jeans pocket and called my most trusted them.

I informed him everything and told him to found those bastards.

“I don’t care. I need information about them in an hour” I snapped.

“Okay, sir. will do, "He said and hang up.

“daddy.."Mel called. I turned in a swift and saw Mel crying and shivering.

“yes, love..don’t cry baby. Momma will be fine."I cooed her.

“she is hurt, daddy. She is bleeding. What if mommy?“She didn’t finish, as her panic attacks kicked in.

“Shh. I am her Mel. mommy will be fine. I promise. daddy promise” I caressed her back and felt her getting limp in my hold. I placed her face on my shoulder and let her sleep.

'Come back soon love. we need you. I need you’I whisper.


Ashley P.O.V

I woke up with a headache & felt tired. my body was paining. I tried to open my eyes but I felt it difficult to do.

‘it’s not you fault Aden, calms down,’ Someone said.

’It’s my fault dad. she is here just because of me. I can’t save her.’Someone shouted. the voice sounds so familiar but what got me was the name, ADEN.

Aden, what is he doing here? how?A circle of thoughts running in my mind making it hurt more.

I tried to open my eyes but only to regret it when a flash of lights blinding my vision.

I groaned in pain and covered my eyes with the back of palm to prevent from the luminous light.

“Are you okay love?“A familiar voice asked. I know this voice.

“easy there love, try to open your eyes slowly” Brandon whisper softly.

I opened my eyes and brink several times to get used to the lights.

The first I saw was white walls. I look around and saw Brandon, he looks pathetic with dark rings under her eyes. His looks tired with bloodshot eyes.

we were looking at each other eyes without any care about the world, lost in each other.

“Ahem” Someone cleared there breaking our stare.

“how are you felling Ashley?“Marcus asked sweetly.

“much better”My voice came hoarse making me cringed.

“Here, have some water,” Brandon said with a glass of water near my lips. I chucked it greedily.

“You take rest dear, I will go and asked your doctor about discharging process,” Marcus said.

“Aden, take care of her”He patted his shoulder and left without any delay.

‘ADEN?’ Why he called Brandon Aden?? Does he really my ADEN’I thought looking bewildered at him.

“Hey,” He said after a long pause.

“Hi” I replied.

“Do you need anything? should I call the doctor?“He asked worriedly.

I shooked my head in no. he looked worn out with dark rings under his eyes. his eyes lost his usual glowing and mischievous.

“Why did he called you Aiden?“I couldn’t help and asked.

he stiffens beside me.

“I-its just.“He stammered.

I look at him encouraging him to open up to me . his face show guilt but he hides it before he got completely lost in it.

“Its nothing important”

“But..” he snubbed me.

“Its none of your business. stop being so noisy and interfering in my life. Do you get that?” He shouted at the top of his lung.

’It would be a lie if I say his words don’t sting. tears brim at the corner of my eyes but I shook them, I don’t want him to give any satisfaction by seeing me weak. he doesn’t deserve it. he doesn’t deserve anything from me. Not my care, my friendship and not my lo..’I stop myself before the word came into my thought.

I look at him angrily. Guilt evident in his eyes after realizing what he just said.

“Ash.. love..” he said pleading with his eyes but I didn’t in the state of listening to his blabbering.

“Out, “I said calmly, calm before the storm.

“No., please. here me out”

“I SAID GET OUT BRANDON. out of the room, out of my life. just get out”I shouted at him, he looked shocked at my outburst.

“I am sorry”

“Either you go or I will,” I said while trying to stand up.

“No. you take rest. I will go.”He sighed and let without any word.

A lone tear escaped my eyes follow by other. I never cried after in a long time but seeing him here alive and this close to me break my walls. he breaks it slowly and enters in my heart again like he did the last time. I am happy knowing he is alive but a part of me know very well that I have to leave him before things get out of our hands. I can’t let him hurt again. I can’t bear it now when I am in irrevocably, irreversibly in love with him.

I have to leave him for real this time. we are not meant to be together.

We are lone souls crave for each other but can’t stay together.

No matter who hurts, either he or me, in the end, its only me who got punished.


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