Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 23

“The cut on your left sided chest is not too deep to get stitches. Nevertheless, you have to be cautious. Take good care of yourself and try not lifts anything heavy so it can heal properly." The doctor said examing my wound.

I nodded in a ‘yes’ because I don’t have any choice.

“Doctor uncle, Mommy will be fine? Right?"My princess asked worriedly.

“yes child, your mommy will recover soon."The doctor said with a sweet smile.

“I take my leave now. Mr Knight, you need to sign some paper o complete the discharge formality” Doctor informed and left from there with Brandon hot on his heels.

Brandon stops for a second and looks at me with so many emotions but I turned my attention to Mel. I don’t want to talk to him after our fight.

Brandon parents and grandparents went home in the morning after so many pleading and blackmailing. They all are so sweet, Brandon is nothing like them.

“Come here baby” I patted the space beside me but she shook her head in a ‘no’.

“I might be hurt you,” She said in a whisper.

Her eyes filled with unshed tears, any minute she will cry.

“Lil one. You can’t ever hurt your mamma. Come.“I said softly.

She ran towards me. I help her get in the bed. She hugged me tightly like a koala and started to cry.

“Hey baby, why are you crying? Please don’t cry love, I can’t see you like this?“I cooed her.

“I was so sacred mamma. Those bad uncles hurt you. I - I am.“She stammered.

“Shh. I am here baby. Don’t worry. Now sleep for some time. Mamma is not going anywhere.“I picked her small figure in my arms and hugged her tightly. She placed her head on my chest and doze off.

‘My princess was really exhausted.’ I thought and smile.

It didn’t take me long to doze off as well.

I felt myself floating in the air. It feels so good. I never knew hospital bed was so warm and it smells so fresh. I snuggle more into it when I felt something vibrated. I leisurely open my eye and saw it’s not the bed but an idiotic, manipulated, egoistic, self-centred jerk. He was carrying me in his arms. I look around and saw the hospital staff looks at us in adoration.

Is he crazy? Why he carried me like that??’Thoughts keep running in my mind which irritated me to the core.

“Hey, are you out of your mind? Why are you carrying me like that?“I whisper yelled. He looks at me in astonishment.

“You look so peaceful while sleeping like a baby and I didn’t have the heart to wake you up, so I thought is better to carry you.“He said with admiration make my heart start beating wildly.

‘Don’t Ashley, don’t fell in his trap. You have t+o stay away from him. He is not good for your health’ My consciousness warns me.

“Put me down, you idiot. My stomach is hurt not my legs. I can walk.“I hissed coldly.

“I know that very well love but I don’t want to make

“I don’t care. I will do as I please and right now I want to carry you, so be with it” He retorted with an amused expression.

How I wish to wipe off this stupid grin from his face.

I huffed and let him carry me as I know that he is not going to listen to me.

As soon as we approached his car he placed me down on my feet gently and helped me to get inside the passenger. Not before giving me his stupid smirk.

All the way we didn’t talk much. The silence is not suffocating but a pleasant one. I asked him about Mel and he informed me that she is at home waiting for me crazily.

I smile tug at my lips thinking about her.

“Ahem” Brandon cleared his throat to grab my attention but I know better. I ignore him like I didn’t hear him.

“Ashley?“He called to which I didn’t respond.

I looked at him when he suddenly stopped the car in the middle of the road.

I raised my eyebrow in question only to be greeted by silence.

He opened his mouth to say something but close it as he lost of the word.

“Sorry.“He breaks the silence at last.

“What?“I asked indifferently.

“I am sorry for what happened back at the hospital. I shouldn’t have shouted at you. It-its just that I lost my calm seeing you like that. I w...“He stammered.

His eyes showed a plethora of emotion. He looks like a child who asked his mother for forgiveness after doing something naughty.

“Mr Knight. It’s your life. I don’t care what do you think or what you do? I don’t think you need to explain anything to me. Who am I to you? No one, so stop all this you are trying to do. I am only here because of lil one and I am living day after tomorrow. So bear with me for sometimes, after that I will never meet you again.“I said serenely.

Hurt visible on his face. He looks so vulnerable, heartbroken at the moment but I can’t do anything to console him. It took everything in me to stop myself from pulling him in for a tight hug like old times we used to hug.

I know I need answer how he saved himself from Scorching fire? Did any member of my family survive? Why did he change his name?“So many questions kept running in my mind but I can’t get the answer. I can’t ask him without disclosing my identi.ty. I can’t tell him what I was to him. I can’t tell him that I am his childhood friend, his Chica.

I think this is my life; I don’t have a happy ending or a happy ever after.

I sighed inwardly. Let see, what’s life have decided for me.

Mel didn’t leave since I came back from the hospital. she denied to sleep and said that I will leave her if she went to sleep. she has not emerged from this accident, yet.

Linda and Dacy were hell worried as well. they didn’t stop blaming themselves for my condition even after I told them that its not their fault.

I spent my whole day resting in my room. they didn’t let me do anything by myself. since morning, I didn’t saw Brandon neither he tried to talk to me. I know I should be happy with this but I didn’t like something is not right.

’How can be everything will be fine when that bastard is still alive’My subconscious said angrily.

I know, what I need to do.’I thought to myself.

I pick up my phone and dialled the only number I needed right now.

“Boss,” He asked.

“Get the team Alpha ready and me at four in the morning at the base”I ordered and cut the call.

let finish some unfinished business. You will not die so easily this time, I will make sure of it.

I waited patiently for them to sleep. I tried to sleep for sometimes but I couldn’t. How can I sleep when the monster is still alive, breathing in the same air as me? The thought itself infuriates me.

When the clock stuck 3′o clock in the morning, I got off the bed. I change my clothes, into a more comfortable one. I grab my jacket and shoved my phone in my jeans pocket. Tiptoeing I came out of my room without making any noise. Before leaving I check Mel check room, she is sleeping peacefully cuddling Brandon.

I open the front door slowly and get out without looking back. I had to walk for some time away from here. I stopped when I spotted my car. Without delaying any minute I get in the car.

“Are you ready boss?"Michael asked concerned.

“Yes, "I answered without any emotions.

I have to be strong for them. I can’t let them show the turmoil inside me. Being there leader, I have to be strong.

We reached the base in fifty-five minutes.

He stopped the car in the dark alley. We got out of the car and walk further.

When we reached the end of the alley, we came face to face with a wall having a tiny cross mark in the middle. I placed my left hand over it and the brick starts moving. I remove my hand when the wall of brick turned into a metal door. The door opened not before scanning my eyes.

Michael stood beside me all the while like a rock.

After crossing every security we reached our base.

“It’s been a long time, boss.“A very familiar voice said from my left.

“Indeed, Derek,"I spoke before turning towards him.


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