Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 24

He came out of the shadow and stood proudly with his hand crossed over his chest. He looks so intimating but I know better.

“He is back, only to go back to the hell where he truly belongs."He said emphasized ‘hell’.

I love this thing about Derek, he never beat around the bush, he always straightforward. If he doesn’t like anything he told onto your face if it hurts you or not. He is one of the trusts worthy men I know.

He is in his early thirties with well-built body structure. He had a scar on his left eye which gave him a bad boy look. He is the son of my father right hand when he was mafia king. After father left the mafia business to spend with us, his father stood by my father side like a shield. Like, he is my shield.

When I was younger father told me and my sister that if anything bad happens to our family and one of us survived then we need to reach this place as soon as possible, there will be people who will protect us. He is my shield, my best friend which I dreaded for a long time.

“He will, Derek. He will, “I said with determination. My eyes were burning with rage.

“Shall we start the meeting?“He asked in a robotic tone. I nodded in a yes.

“Alpha team, the time has come to use all the training you all are doing since childhood. It’s time to use all you have. I don’t want to give you false hope about our victory but one thing I know that we will fight till our last breath.”

“They not only killed my family but also your leader too. It’s time to get back to them, let them taste their own medicine.” I said with conviction looking at the men stood before me with their hand behind their back. All of them have the same aura.

“If any of you want to back out then left now, “I said exasperatedly looking at them. No one move from their spot so I continued.

“Jackson, you will take care of the safety of Knight’s family. Make sure no one hurt. You and your team member will guard them without them knowing. I know he will do anything to harm them especially Melanie."I fist my hand in a death grip with the very thought of seeing Mel hurt.

Jackson, my third in command of Alpha team nodded in a ‘yes’.

“so, what are you waiting for? Get back to your training, now."I shouted. They didn’t need to tell twice before they left from their like their tale on fire.

Derek came towards me slowly with calculating steps. He pulled me in for a tight bear hug, caging me in his arms.

“I miss you so much” He breathed out.

“I miss you too Derek”I whisper back.

'Derek was not only my first in command but also my best friend. He was the one who teaches me how to fight, from hand combat to the usage of the rifle. He taught me everything. We use to practice daily until I have to leave from there to establish my business.'

“How are you?"He asked after pulling back slightly.

“You know Derek, how am I?“I sighed.

“Everything gonna be alright” He smiled showing his cute dimple on his right cheek.

“I hope so too. So?"I asked with mischievously.

“So?"He arched his eyebrow in question.

“So? Oh come on Derek, don’t be shy. Tell me."I punched his shoulder playfully.

“yes.“He blushed slightly.

“oh my god! Really? When is the wedding? I can’t believe it. I thought you never got the courage to propose her and she will end up marrying someone”I winked at him.

He scoffed irritatedly." Yeah right, as like I let her marry someone other than me."He said sarcastically with a hint of possessiveness.

“I am so happy for you. My baby is growing up, finally."I teased him.

“You never gonna leave the chance to tease me, will you?“He asked annoyed.

“Nope.what will be the fun without it?“I said innocently.

He rolled his eyes but smile slightly.

“let’s start with your training. Shall we?“He asked sternly, all playfulness from earlier was gone. That’s the thing I like about him most. He knows how to change according to need from a best friend to a trainer.

“But AB, you can’t practice. Doctor strictly told you not to do excessive work or you worsen your wound.“Michael said concerned.

“Don’t worry Michael, this little scratch don’t do any harm to me” I pointed towards my wound. He looks at me sternly.

“Micahel is right, boss. You can’t do training”Derek butt it.

“Oh no! not you too. I am not a child. I am doing practice!“I exclaimed.


“Enough. You too, get back to training, now.“I ordered them and they oblige like a small child.

I practice hand combat after a long time but it feels like the first time. The adrenaline rushed into my vein makes me excited. I practised for an hour while tried my best not to worsen the injury.

It’s Six in the morning when we finished our training with guns and knives. I left from there with Micahel not before informing them about my plan for the psychic bastard.

Micahel drive crazily so that I reach back before anyone could notice me.

After we reach near Brandon house I got out of the car. I sneak inside the house without anyone noticed. I hurriedly get into my room and locked.

I breathe out the air I didn’t know I was holding.

Without bothering to change I lie on the bed and doze off due to exhaustion.

I woke up when I feel someone stroking my hair lovingly.

I slowly open my eyes and saw Linda sat beside me on my bed.

She smiled at me when she saw I was awake.

“How are you dear?"She asked politely.

“Much better. I guess”My voice came hoarse making me cringe.

“I came to call you for breakfast. Do you want to come downstairs or I send It up with Brandon”

“No... No."I shouted thinking about Brandon. She looked at me confused.

“I mean, I would like to have my breakfast with you all, "I whisper.

“Okay child. Come down soon."Saying that she went out of the room.

I get down of the bed and went to the bathroom to get fresh. After taking a relaxing bath I went to my closet and pick up the first dress saw which was denim jeans and a black shirt.

Once I get dressed, I went to the dining room to have my breakfast with everyone.

“Good morning mamma."Mel ran towards me as she spotted me.

I pick her up in my arms and kissed her cheeks.

“Don’t morning lil one."I coo.

“Love, don’t strain yourself."Brandon scolded and took Mel from my arms.

“You mamma need rest baby. Come, I will feed you today.“Brandon sits with Mel on his lap.

“Good morning, everyone."I greet everyone as I sat opposite to Brandon.

“Good morning Birdie. How is my feisty girl?"Dacy asked excitedly making everyone chuckle.

“I am fine, Dacy.”

We had our breakfast with some jokes. The room filled with laughter due to Marcus teasing to Linda. Dacy’s naughty comment. I never felt so loved before. It was a feeling of bliss, having your loved ones with you, who make me you feel wanted, who wants to spend time with you, who wants to listen to you in your low days.

Looking at them, only one thought came into my mind. I get back my lost family... I get back my love.....

I get back my life...

“Where is Brandon?"Marcus asked me.

“He said he has to do some important call,” I said like it’s not a big deal.

He shook his head in denial with a worried look.

“He is not fine Ashley. Will you please go and check on him?” his eyes pleading me. I can’t say no to him even if it breaks my heart going there. The memories of my past make it difficult for me to breathe but I can’t let them see that.

I nodded in affirmation.

“Mamma, can I come with you?”

“Baby you just stay here with grandpa I just go and bring your dad.“I kissed her cheek and stood in search of him.

Where did he go now???

I came out of the house and spotted Lucas sitting on the chair reading the newspaper. I walk towards him and asked about Brandon whereabouts. he pointed towards my old house, the house haunted me in my dreams.

All the thoughts came into my mind. I shook all these thoughts away. I need to find him first. I entered my old house. My heart was thumping loudly seeing everything. It’s burn now but I can decipher the details about his old self.

I search everywhere but I didn’t find him. I thought of going back but a shaky voice grabbed my attention. I took the stairs and reach the first floor where was my room. I opened the room slowly and carefully. The sight in front of me shocked me.

“Brandon, "I whisper called him.

He sat there hugging his knee to his chest with his head hung low. He was shaking badly.

I ran towards him and kneel down in front of him.

“hey., what happens?"I try to say but he didn’t respond.

I placed my hand on his shoulder. He flinched at first but stop when he saw me. He looks like a mess with his messy hair and red eyes with fluffy cheeks due to crying.

He hugs me around my waist buried his face in my stomach. He cried badly making my heartbreak.

I never saw him like that. I don’t know this side of his. I always saw cocky, jerk and caring, Brandon but this side of his new to me.

I ran my hand through his hair to calm him down a bit. After some time his sobbed turn into hiccup but he didn’t pull back.

I try to pull back to look at him but he only tightened his hold. It didn’t hurt though.

“Please. Don’t leave. "He spoke after some time.

“I-I know I-am bad but please don’t leave me as she did”

Who leave her?“I was confused was an understatement.

“Who? Brandon. Whom are you talking about?"I am trying to make him tell me.

“She left me. I can’t save her from them. They killed her in front of my eyes. My chica, my best friend. They killed her whole family. I couldn’t save them."He cried.


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