Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 25

Ashley POV

My body was in a complete shock but it didn’t stop me to ask him again. My body was shivering due to pain, guilt and anger but most of it because of the vulnerability I felt that time. The memories of the past start moving in front of my eyes like a movie, my breath became rigid. I hold him tight to overcome my fear. Only his presence makes me feel safe.

“what do you mean, Brandon?” I couldn’t help and ask. Even though I knew what he meant by that but I want him to tell me the truth, I want to know his side of the story. I knew it was painful to remember all those memories but I needed an answer, I needed them for his safety, for a guilt-free future.

He didn’t respond. His hold tight around me tighten. His body was shaking due to pain and anger.

“ Brandon,” I said after a long pause. He looks so lost so vulnerable. He looks like a child who wants a reassurance from her mother that everything going to be alright.

He pulls back slightly and sits straight. He pulled me towards him gently and make me sat on his lap as I straddled him.

My face land on his hard chest. He is breathing hard through his nose. Placing his head in the crook of my neck he inhales deeply to calm himself.

“Tell me everything love, ”I know this endearment was inappropriate for me to use for him but this moment I didn’t care.

“I am here baby, I am here with you, let this pain, out of your chest”I caress his back.

“You will hate me after knowing the truth” His dejected voice breaks my heart. “I am selfish, I know but I can’t lose you. Please, Ashley. I can’t live without you. You are so precious to me. I know I am a jerk to you sometime, but please trust me. I am not a bad person.”He hugged me tightly like he wants to make us one.

“I trust you. I am not going anywhere. I am with you here. Don’t worry, I am not going to judge you but first tell me everything, ”I encourage him. Closing his eyes he nodded and sighed.

I held my breath in anticipation. I didn’t know how will I going to react after knowing the truth. The only way to find out it’s to wait for sometime, wait for him to fill me with all the details I was missing all these years.

He holds my hand tightly seeking for some comfort which I was more than willing to give him now.

Brandon POV


There were clouds in the sky, the wind was blowing swiftly. There was no hope of seeing a glimpse of sunrays far away. Something was off about the day which I couldn’t pinpoint out. But I brushed it off.

I was so happy at the moment and why wouldn’t I? I was going to meet my best friend, my chica, after a long time. I knew the fact that she must be angry with me for not showing up on her birthday but I know how to make her forgive me. I will do anything to make it up to her.

As soon as I reached my grandparent’s house, I ran towards her house to give her surprise without knowing the fact that I was going to be one who got surprised.

When I reached her threshold, I thought of knocking the door but the door was already unlocked.

Strange I thought. They never left open the door like that.

I pushed it further to make it compete openly.

“Chica” I called her but got no response.

I wait for sometime but when no one shows up I started to get suspicious.

I slowly and carefully make my way inside. I didn’t even reach there completely when someone hit my head from behind. A sharp pain shot in my head. I felt down due to pain.

The person forcefully pulled my hands behind my back and pulled me inside like a rag doll.

I didn’t understand what was going on there? Who the hell these men? What are they doing here with guns?

“Aden” a familiar voice brought me back to reality.

I look here and there to find the source of the voice and my breath hitched in my throat.

I saw two men stood beside chica holding her as a hostage. She was on her knees with her handcuffed behind her back like mine. Her lip was busted. Dry blood covered her lips.

“Leave her you bastard or help me god when I get my hand on you I will kill you” I growled.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Young love. So passionate, but little boy you don’t know with whom you are messing with?” a person said coming towards me. He looks so dangerous with a dark aura. He grabbed my chin forcefully. His finger digging in my jaw making me moaned in pain.

“Leave him, Dave, ”An older men said. The men Dave instantly leave me after listening to his boss.

The older men grin devilishly. He grabs her hair and slapped her hard making her fall due to the impact.

“Chica” I cried.

“Lil boy, I save you from him but tried to act smart, she will be the one who gets punish for this” the old man snapped.

“Leave my daughter, you bastard. ” Vincent ran towards him and punched him into guts making him groan in pain.

“How dare you, Vincent? Don’t you know the consequences of touching me? Son or not, If I want I will kill you and your good for nothing daughter this moment”He spat in anger.

Its the biggest shock I ever get. He is Vin father. I was so confused. How can he do this with his own son family?

“If you harm my family then I don’t hesitate before killing you father” He snapped back.

“That’s enough... are you coming and join our group again or not? “The ugly elderly person asked with his gun in his hand.

“NEVER” Vince roared.

He holds his both daughters firmly and stood straight with a determination to protect her oblivious to the storm about to come.

“Bad choice son...“He said and pulled the trigger.


everything stop. As like time has stopped moving.

The old man falls on the ground with a thud. Dave stood with a gun in his hand looking like a beast he was.

“I am done with following you like an idiot, Now I am the new mafia boss.” He kicked old men dead body several times. He looks like a pyscho.

“What did you say that only your son can be a mafia, look who is boss here now, ”the lunatic said. His face broke into a grin making me cringe in fear.

I struggle to get out of this handcuffs but failed miserably.

“boys, lets the fun begin”his man cheer for him.

He shot Vincent in his chest several. Blood ooze out of his wound. He falls onto the ground.


“You bastard, I will kill you” Her sister lunged at him. She tried to punch him but he grabbed her fist and pulled her close to his body and caged in his arms.

" Take lil angel and lock inside her room. She is my only mine. I will have her once I finish with this slut” his eyes hooded with lust. He looks like a horny wolf ready to pounce on his prey.

His men take Chica upstairs and lock her inside her room.

They beat me till I can’t breathe properly. My eleven-year-old self can’t fight back. My lung gave out due to several injuries. I find it hard to breathe. My eyes started to get heavy but I fight back against it.

I saw them rape her sister, one by one. They took her innocence. They broke her beyond repair. She struggled in their grip but those vultures didn’t stop. They tortured her, her body was covered in bruises and cuts marks. They stabbed her with knives. At last, they set the fire in the house and left us there to die.

Dave took Maddy with her, he said he will make her his personal slave. He couldn’t get Chica with her because of the fire in the staircase.

The fire in the house blazing profusely. Still handcuffed I tried to make my upstairs to save her but the fog makes it difficult. I passed due to smoke and all beating.

Everything turn blank. It feels like it’s the end.

I never thought but it felt like this is the end of our life. I was angry at myself that I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t make everything alright.

I close my eyes and accept fate. This is the end, I guess...


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