Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 26

“I was in a coma for two years; two complete years wasted which I could be utilized in searching for her. I lost half of my memory. My grandpa, Lucas, help me remember a few things. I even don’t remember her name. A faint memory I have of her that I used to call her Chica. Everyone told me that they died but my heart didn’t believe. Deep in my heart, I do believe that they were alive. I just need to find them. In that scorching fire half of my face was burnt

I need to undergo several plastic surgeries to make all those marks remove. I search for her everywhere. Trust me, I tried. At last, I found her. The investigator found about the whereabouts of her sister. Without wasting time we reached the place. She was in the hospital, she was eight months pregnant. Her condition was critical. The doctor informed that her body was weak for the delivery. It could be fatal for her and her child life. She immediately was taken for cesarean but she couldn’t make it. She was dying in front of my eyes and I was stood there looking like a helpless. I couldn’t save her.

She died Ashley’s. She died in front of my eyes. I can’t save her. What would I say to my friend that I am a loser? I can’t save her sister.

“I couldn’t save her.“He was breathing heavily, He was crying badly pouring his heart out.

“Brandon, don’t cry. I am here with you. “I called shakily to grab his attention but he was in some other world.

“I - I. I changed my name because it reminds me of her. I send into depression for years. My mental state was so weak. I need to take several therapies but nothing improves my mental state. I started to have nightmares. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t socialize with people. I lock myself in my room. I am not a player Ashley. I know you don’t believe me.“He said looking into her eyes.

She shook her head in denial but he continued to speak.

“I became a playboy because it helps me to get over with my nightmares. I know what I did was, using women’s for this is not an excuse but I don’t understand what or how to do to overcome this? Then Mel came into my life like an angel. She changed me for good. She became the centre of attention of my life. Then you came into my dark life like a ray of hope and love. Since you came to my life take a one-eighty degrees turn, I felt alive. I know last few days I was a jerk to you.“He chuckled at his own thought.

“But, the truth is. You are the reason behind my sanity. I love you, Ashley, I love you so much.“Ashley stiffened in his arms and struggled to pull back but he tightens his hold further. He didn’t want to stay apart from her.
“I know you will hate me after this but please don’t leave me. Don’t leave me, baby. I will die, die without you. You and Mel are my everything, you both complete me.“He looks at her with sincerity and vulnerability.

Ashley's heart clenched seeing him like that.
She wants to say the truth, reveals her identity. She wants to shout it out that she loves him too, since childhood. She is his friend, his Chica but she can’t.

The life was being unfair to them. They both are vulnerable and wants to seek comfort in each other but life has other plans under his sleeves. She knows if he gets to know about the truth then his life will be in danger and she can’t see him getting her. So decided to do what is best for him.

“Brandon, I.." He snubbed her by placing her forefinger on her lips.

“Shh... You don’t have to say anything back. I said this because I want you to know about me, the real me. I love you, Ashley, since the day you came into my life. Always love and always will. You are mine... I will never let you go.“He said sternly.

She struggled in his hold but all goes in vain. After trying for several times she pulled away from him and turned around. She wants to get out of here before she does something stupid. She didn’t even take two steps when he grabs her wrist firmly and pulled her back and caged in his arms.

She turned her around and looks into her eyes. He wants to read her face, he wants to know what she is having in her mind but seeing her blank face irritate him more.

“You are not going anywhere. I know I am being selfish love, but don’t leave me.“He begged with glossy eyes.

“No... Don’t leave me, Ashley. Please. I know I am bad. You don’t want to be with me but I need you. I can do anything for you. I will be a good person. I will do anything for you. I will do as you say without questioning. Just be with me...“He said panicked seeing her struggle.
She looked at him bewildered. He started to get a panic attack. Her eyes widen seeing him like that.
At this point, she does what she thinks was best. Ignoring his mind she chooses her heart for once this time.

Cupping his face in her hands gently she placed her lips on his. At the contact of their lips, he stiffened first then overcome it soon. He grabbed her by her waist and kissed her feverishly. They were kissing each other like they never want to stay away from each other.

The kiss was urgent. In this kiss, he shows her how much she meant to him. This kiss was not only affected him but also Ashley. She never kissed before but this kiss was enough for her to know that this is the place where she wanted to live forever, in his arms.

They pulled away after sometime when their lungs out of the air.

Placing their forehead on each other they breathe heavily.

Brandon looks at him with his hooded eyes with so many emotions, love, care, desire, lust. An unknown sensation burns inside his body but ignoring it, he hugs her tightly.

On the other hand, Ashley having mixed emotions, confusion, guilt, hate but the most is love. Love for him.

There was an awkward silence between them after their kiss.

“Let’s go," Ashley said after a long pause.

“No!"He exclaimed caging her in his arms.

He looks so vulnerable and broken.

“You will leave me if I let you go."He stated.

“I am not going anywhere. Come, let’s get you to bed for some sleep."She told him like talking with five years old.

He hesitated for second but gave in seeing her determined face.

“But..."He hesitated to speak.

“But? What?”

“You will cuddle me to sleep, right?"He asked hopefully with a pout.

She smiled seeing at his cute dimple and pouty lips.

“Maybe yes or maybe not."She winked at him, intervening her hand with his she pulled him out of the room, Feeling contented.

He shakes his head in disbelief but smiles nevertheless.

All previous tension leaves his mind. He felt so much light and contented. He knows this is the only girl he could think about his future with. This is the only girl who can handle him.

she is the only girl whom he loves unrecoverable, unreversible, unbreakable...

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