Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 27

Ashley P.O.V

Entering the house my gaze turns toward the couch where Marcus and Linda were sitting looking worried. Linda was biting her lips in nervousness, her shoulder slumped while her legs shaking nervously.

As soon as they saw us they rushed towards us.

They didn’t say anything just look at our joint hand and a knowing yet genuine smile.

I hastily blink my eyelids to reassure them that everything is alright and take Brandon with me upstairs in his room.

I made him lie on the bed and pulled up the duvet up to his chest. He looks at me with his stormy yet mesmerizing eyes and scoot on the right to give me some space to lie down.
I laid beside him and let him cuddle with me as I promise.

Everything is new to me, I never been this close to anyone all these days. And the kiss we share few moments before couldn’t do any better. I don’t know what came over me that I kissed him.

My breath became harsh when he snuggles his face into my neck and hugged me close to his body. I almost lie on top of him. Even I tried to sleep I can’t due to our compromising position.

I lie there motionless while focusing on my breath. After some time I felt his breath became slow. I slowly turned into his arms and look at his innocent yet handsome face.

He looks so mesmerizing, handsome and innocent for my eyes.
His thick lashes kissing his cheeks, his red plump soft lips parted slightly looking so inviting. He was snoring lightly, his messy raven hair increases his handsomeness ten folds.
It’s tempting me to run my finger in his hair.

“Jezz... stop behaving like a stalker girl, you talk like a creep.’My mind scolded.

I rolled my eyes internally at the remark.
’I am not a stalker, I am just admiring his features idiot.’I retorted back.
’whatever you say,’my mind said in mocking tone.

I slowly tried to pull his arms off my waist but his grip only tightened. After trying for some time I finally freed myself. He turned around in his sleep and lying on his stomach facing the other side.
I slowly tiptoed went out of the room and going down when a small body collided with my legs.
“Mamma” Mel said sweetly.

I look down and saw Mel pouted face.
“Hey, lil one” I picked her up in my arms, out of instinct she wrapped her legs around my waist and buried her face in my neck.
“Is daddy alright ?“Her voice came out muffled but I hear it eventually. I was astonished by her question. How can a four-year-old child be so generous and tender?

“Yes sweetie, he is fine. Just take some rest” I answered kissing her cottony soft cheeks.

She didn’t seem convenience but I gave her a sweet smile and she just melted.
“I am hungry, mommy”She whined as I descended the last step of the staircase.

“What would you like to have then?“I questioned.
“Cupcakes and cookies. Lot so cookies” She grins excitedly.

“Cupcakes, it is then”I sat her on the counter before taking out the ingredients from the cupboard required for it. I gave her a small glass full of watermelon juice and get back to work.

“So, chef Mel, would you like to help me?“I asked in professional yet playfully..

“yes.yes.."She eagerly nodded.

“Really?“I asked mischievously.
“Chef Mel on duty, madam”She made a cute gesture of salute and wink at me...

I laugh at her cuteness and excitement.

After one hour of messing in the kitchen, we finally made cookies and chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, Mel favorite. Till the time we finish, we both covered from head to toe with flour. We laugh seeing each other.
I help her in getting clean and myself take a shower as well...

After drying and changing our clothes we run back in the kitchen.
I gave her and Marcus cookies which they love.

“Mommy, can I go with grandpa Marcus? I want to see the farm. Grandpa said that they have big cows there” Her eyes became wide in astonishment when she describes it.
“Of course munchkin. Just don’t trouble grandpa”I kissed her cheeks before she dashed out of the room enthusiastically.

I smile seeing her small retreating figure.
“she is so energetic. A cute bundle of joy”A voice said from behind.
I turn around and saw Dacy before me...
“yes, she is”I nodded in affirmation.

“Ashley, I want to talk with you,” She said and gestured towards the couch.
She sat one end of the couch. I sat beside facing her calm and happy face.

“Thank you dear”She breaks the silence.

I look at her confused not knowing why is she thankful for.

“Thanks for taking care of Mel, Brandon you are really something. I never saw him smile freely for so long. You are the reason for his happiness.”

“I never thought in this life I could see him as his old self. Thanks for everything.”
“Please don’t leave him, dear, you became his life. Promise you don’t leave”Her voice pleading me to say yes.

I smile at her and nodded. She kissed my head and left from there when her phone called off.

I can’t leave him after knowing everything. Even if I want to I can’t.

It sounds crazy, a few days ago I couldn’t bear his presence and now I can’t think my life without them.

“Ashley... Ashley”A familiar voice boomed in the room. I turned around and saw Brandon running down the stairs. He looks panicked. His face looks so pained, vulnerable and anxious. He looks like someone took his life away from him. He was panting hard griping his hair in his hand.

“No... No...“He murmured something still in a daze.

“Brandon?“My voice came out as a whisper but I know he hears it effortlessly.

I saw his tense muscles relax. He stops when his eyes meet mine...
He hastily came towards me and pulled me towards him. His action catches me off guard. My body collided with his hard chest. As his left hand grab my neck pulling me impossible close to him while right hand around my waist.

I slowly placed my left hand on his back. My hand ran into his hair. He pulled back after calming down a bit

“Where were you? I thought I lost you. I -i thought you left me”His eyes turn glossy. His voice cracks at the end. It breaks my heart seeing him like this, so broken so vulnerable.

“I am here Brandon.“I coo him cupping his face in my palm.

He relaxes a bit before bending down and picks me in his arms. I caught off guard by his sudden action.
I squeaked at his action..

“What are you doing? Put me down” I said breathlessly.

He looks at me with his devilish smirk. His eyes were full of mischievous.
“No...you promise to cuddle but you leave me alone there and make me worried. Now, this is your punishment” He answered ascending the stairs with me still in his arms.

We enter his room. He closes the room gate by kicking it shut and gently place me on the bed.
Throwing his t-shirt on the floor. He jumps on the bed and pulled me towards him abruptly.

“Brandon” I called but he didn’t respond.

“hey?"He groans but still not utter a word.

“Let me sleep and you are going to sleep with me until I wake up. If you sneak again than I handcuffed you with the bedpost and never let you go” he said darkly and chuckled.

“ I thought you leave me. You are mine. You are my life, Ashley. Without you, I will die surely. Don’t leave me. I love you, Ash” he mumbled softly before doze of.

I smile at his confession. "I love you too," I said to his sleeping self. I know he didn't listen to my confession but I want it out of my chest.

He snuggles more into my chest. My breath came out as panting. My body felt so hot. My heart pounding making it more difficult for me.

I tried to move slightly away but all goes in vain.

I guess, I don’t have much choice.'I thought and close my eyes and snuggle more into him.

It didn’t take too long before I passed out with a speed of light.

Unknown P.O.V

Somewhere in California forest, stood a two storey house more like a mansion. twenty of something men's guarding it with guns. all wear black with a tattoo on their neck.

their face was emotionless gave them scary look.

Inside the mansion look magnificent with big chandeliers and golden, silver work.

Moans and groaned sound can be here from afar. The sound of moans came from one of the master bedrooms.

The beast of a man may be in his late thirties pounding on the petite girl. The girl was moaning in pain as well as pleasure he creates. her eyes covered in lust and urged him for me.

With every thrust he groans, calling only one name he fantasized since so long.

"Ashley..."He moaned.

the girl didn't like being called by another name but she didn't say anything to make him mad.

"F**K... Ashley.."He collapsed beside him and turned opposite from the mess of a girl.

She moves her hand up and down his back sensually but he stops her movement by grabbing her tightly.

"Leave..."He said sternly.

"Come on... I would to pleasure you now."She said sensually and seductively only to make him mad more.

"leave or you will die"His dark voice sends a shiver down her spine. She didn't need to tell twice before she was out of the door covering her with only a silk bed sheet.

He gets up and stood before a large frame looking intensely.

Moving his hand up and down slowly on the photo frame.

"you are making me crazy, Ashley." he breathed out.

A sickening smile form on his lips.

"Enjoy your time with your stupid crush, princess. Once I make you mine, you will do nothing than moaning and groaned beneath me. I will make love to you so hard that you forget anything and everything other than me."

"I will kill every person about whom you care. I will break you, your confidence, your soul until you can't stood."

"Just wait and watch..."He laughed so hard.His voice rang inside the room.

' I am coming for you'......


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