Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 28

Unknown POV

“Boss what should we do now?”One of his men asked.

It’s time to give her a present. Killed that old lady with her grandchild. Send her body to her as a pre-wedding gift from me” His husky dark voice laced with venom, his menacing dark chuckled echoed in the room.
Nodded his head his man left the room.

“You could do anything Ashley, in the end, you will be mine. I will kill anyone who came between us. You are mine and I will claim what’s mine.”He traced his hand on her frame. His body shivers with desire and needs to have her.
“Soon” His beast of a mine groan.
“Very soon” He breathes out.


Ashley P. O. V

“Ms.William, it’s our honoured that you agree to work for us even after at this short period of time. I know you will never disappoint us.”My new project partner Mr Russell said with enthusiasm.
Mr Russell was one of the famous billionaire and painter in Brazil. He was in his early thirties with dark brown hair and tanned skin which brought out his honey colour eyes. From his looks, anyone can take his as a player but he was a very nice and understanding person you could ever meet.
“pleasure is all mine Mr Russell. Thanks for trusting us”I replied with a warm smile.
After discussing for some more time about the interior of his new hotel which he wants me to design, he left.
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I felt so worn out. It’s been a week since we came back. Everything happens in the last few days make me exhausted, both physically and mentally and on the top of it, the piles of work on my table don’t do any better.
I want to take a rest but I can’t. My muscles were aching and numb due to continuing typing and travelling from site to site to check the updates.
I just get back to work two days ago after compelling Brandon and Mel. These two devils adamant in not leaving me even for a second. These two are making me crazy.
“three days ago, I told him that I am going back to my house. And what this idiot of person, A. K. A Brandon?

He throws me over his shoulder and takes me inside his room. He locks me in with him. He hugged me so tight and cried like a lunatic. I tried to talk with him to let me go but he doesn’t let me. I need to do so much pleading and promise that I am not going to leave him or not going anywhere then he left me with a goofy smile covering his face.”

“Even yesterday, When I said I am going to take a shower he refuses to let me go saying that I always smell fresh like a flower, so I didn’t need to take a shower. He became so clingy, sometimes I feel like murder him.

“Oh god, I hate it”I whined.

“but deep down I love it… just admit it”My mind shot back.
I love him and Mel, there is no any second thought. But I can’t give my hundred percent to them. All these things going in our life, the threat to our life make me upset.

We are not getting any evidence about his whereabouts. We don't know where the hell he goes. Since the day I came to know about his survival, my heart and mind are not on rest. I have this gut feeling that something was about to happen, something which shatters my life, burn it to ashes.

I also know that he wants to crumble my life and loved ones. But he didn't know that this time his beast going to face the devil, the monster.

He left a broken girl to cry over his father ashes but now the girl became a monster, a ruthless one.

The monster inside me was on alert. It can’t rest until it shed the blood. The blood of him after tearing him apart little by little, limb by limb.

I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I don’t bother to look up when someone barges into my cabin.

“Boss” Michael breathless voice breaks my chain of thoughts. The panic written all over his face. He looks so pale like a paper…

I stood alarm, my heart sinks at the thought of something bad happen but I stood my ground.

'I need to be strong.’I enchanting in my mind again and again.
I look at him in his eyes ready for anything which was about to come out of his mouth.

“Maria is in hospital” his words felt like a salt on my wounds.
“She got to shoot, her condition is critical…”I couldn’t comprehend further what was he saying.

My thoughts wander to her face, smiling with her sparkly eyes. Her teasing, her care for me. The only person, I have when I was a broken girl, of my family who was with me through thick and thin was at the margin of dying.

My breath became rigid. I couldn’t understand what he was saying by shaking me, pleading me with his glossy eyes.
I couldn’t or I didn’t want to.
I saw my phone called off. I look at the screen and saw Brandon calling me but I was too numb to respond.
I cut the call and switch it off.
I don’t want a distraction not now…
“Double the security. No one gets harm this time”My voice was too sharp making him wince.
“No one gets hurt this time…”I shouted at him.
He was shaking in anger and fear but didn’t say anything. He was hurt just like me.
I turned my back to him and took a deep breath. I need to calm myself.
“Maria…”I whisper yelled.
I close my eyes feeling my inner monster on the verge oof coming

‘You shouldn’t have done that.’

‘ You didn’t do it right’

‘You wake up the monster, the devil, now. You hurt my family not once but twice. I will not let you go this time so easily. I will make you suffer until you beg me to end your pathetic life but I will not let you die’.

'I will not let you die so easily. You deserve all the pain, all the misery you gave me. You will die slowly and painfully. You just wait until I get you. It’s a promise.’I said slowly in a dark and deep voice. My mind clouded with the thoughts of things which I will do with his pathetic self.

It’s a promise to myself… You just count your days.
I am coming for you, to send you back from where you came… You are going to be there, where you belong. Hell…..


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