Unbreakable Love

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chapter 29

Brandon POV

Love is not something you can describe in words. It’s a feeling, an emotion. When, how and where it happens we never know. It can happen at any time, any place, it’s all need a magic and feelings.

This is a very sacred feeling. Only that person can understand the love that has ever loved someone. It’s a pure emotion, a feeling of protectiveness, possessiveness and caring towards another person.

When only thinking about her your heart started to beat wildly. When only thought of her leaving you, make you restless.

All you want to stay with them and take care of them. It’s a love. The love I felt for her. For my life, my Ashley.

Since the day she came into my life, she brought the light out of me. Without her knowing, she became the sun of my universe. Every thought, everything revolved around her. Without her I am nothing. She completes me.

I was looking at her photos in my phone as a smile plastered on my face. My phone gallery filled with her and Mel pics. I can’t think of staying away from her. I need her all the time. I can’t work without seeing her beautiful face.

My Ferocious lioness...

Today I want to spend time with her but she scolded me and send me do work. As I am CEO and many people are relayed on me. But how can I? when she is the only thing in my mind.

I tried my best to do my work without thinking about her but I can’t even I tried hundredth times.

Ashley. What do you do this to me?“I thought and sighed.

After continuously working for straight five hours, I decided to take a break and call my love.

I called her but she didn’t receive. I tried again but this time it says her phone was switched off.

My mind started to think about the worst scenarios.

‘Why is she turned her phone switch off? Is she alright?’

I started to panic. My heart sank with the very thought of her getting hurt.

I need to find her. I will never forgive myself if something happened to her.

I ran out of my cabin like a lunatic. Everyone looking at me shocked but it didn’t bother me. I need to see if she is fine or not.

After running like crazy, I reached the parking lot. I get in the car and drive off. All the way to her office I mentally prayed to god that she is fine.

I reached her office in record time. Without bothering to ask at the reception I ran towards the elevator. I get in the elevator and press the top floor button.

Sweat beads form on my forehead. A shiver ran down my spine of fear. I clenched my teeth to calm this nervousness.

’God, why this stupid lift taking so much to reach her floor?’I thought and punch the wall in irritation.

Once we reached the floor, the bell ding signalling our arrival. I bolt out of the door straight towards her cabin.

The staff on her floor looks at me like I was some crazy person but It didn’t bother me.
I barge into her cabin and found no one.

’Where the hell this girl?’I ran my hand through my hair in frustration.
I slide my hand in my pant pocket and bring out my phone.
I called the number again but it’s again telling the same thing, Switch off.
I fisted my hand to control my anger. I was on the verge of snapping.
“Mr Knight, “A familiar timid voice rang in my ear…
Hastily turning around I say Mia, Ashley PA, stood at the entrance of her cabin. Her eyes held fear and panic.

I stalked towards her and look at her eyes which shows fear.
“Where is she?”I ask calmly, like a calm before storm.
She gulps in fear but didn’t utter a word which made me mad.
Grabbing her by arms, I shook her hard.
“Answer me dammit, where is she?”I asked desperately. My voice roared in the room.

A pang of guilt hit me seeing her quicker lips and glossy eyes.
I left her immediately and look down. Too ashamed of my cruel act.
“I am sorry” I apologize.
“Ms William has gone out of this city for some time. I don’t know where is she has gone and when will she return? She left in a hassle.”Mia filled me with the pieces of answers which I was missing.


Nodding her head she went out. I turn around and look at her office.
The room filled with her sweet fragrance. I take a deep breath to calm my aching heart. I felt like my heart been ripping out of my chest. J found it difficult to breathe.
I fall on my knees clutching my chest. My hand fisted over my heart.
“Ashley” I shouted and palming my face.
“where are you, love? Why you left me?”
“You promise me that you never leave me alone, then why? Why did you this?” this is the words I want to ask her.
“Please come back, love. Please, Ash. Mel needs you, I need you… Please come back soon… please come back to me before I… Before I die…”


Ashley POV.

“How is she now?”I asked Matilda, Maria’s daughter, on the call.
As soon as I came to know about her I asked Michael to book a flight ticket for me.

I left from there but not before making sure that Mel and Brandon are guarded properly.

I can’t take the risk, now.

this is the war which he started but now I will finish it with his life.

“She is still in the ICU. But Ashley, my child, my Melissa is missing. please save her”She sobbed on the other end of the line.

I clench my teeth to calm my nerves.

“don’t Worry Matilda. No harm can come to her till my last breath. just take care of her”I said solemnly and hang up.

I was angry was an understatement, I was furious. I can’t just sit in my hotel room doing nothing. Her life depends on me. Melissa was in danger because of me and here I was just wasting my time.

“Derek, do you find anything which leads us to his base? We need to find her before it’s too late” I asked impatiently.

“Boss, I am trying my best to find her phone location. Just give me ten minutes more”He answered without taking his eyes off from his laptop.

“We don’t have time Derek. They have her. What if they do something bad to her. I can’t forgive myself if anything bad happens to her”I yelled furiously punching the wall.

I wanted to hurt something or someone. The blood was boiling in my vein.

I send off Michael with few of my men’s to guard Maria hospital while I was trying to find a way to get her back with the help of Derek. I didn’t even go to see Maria, I was too ashamed of myself.

But I know she would never blame me for this but I need to mend this problem.

“Found it”Derek's voice broke my reverie.

“Where is she?”I asked sternly.

“Her last location was two hours ago near the old warehouse, after that her phone was off. It will take more than two hours to ”He informed.

“We don’t have much time. We need a chopper or something like that" I said frustratedly running my hands throw my hair.

"But Boss, it will take time to arrange the chopper"He replied.

"Call Alessandro and asked for his help. He can help us in this situation” I commanded.
His eyes widened in realization. he nodded his head and left to call him.

Alessandro was an old friend of mine. He was a mafia leader of America. Once I help him against Italian mafia boss. Since then he owns me. And now it’s time to ask for a favour.

“It’s settle boss, his chopper will be here in ten minutes,” Derek said sliding his phone back into his pocket.

I nodded my head and went to pick up the bag I brought with me. I placed the bag on the bed and open it.

It’s the bag which contains my play toys which I was planning on using at them. I picked out two mousers and hide them in my boots. One gun in my back jeans pocket. I hide two knives near my waistband. Closing the bag I turned around.

“Ready?”I asked Derek who was checking his gun.
“Yes, Ashley”His gaze was hard and distant.

It's time to show them who is the boss here?

Let make them begging for mercy.


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