Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 3

(Flashback continue)

"Nope. I’ll catch you, Chica”.

“Okay, Aden”...

“Chica. you are my friend. right??” he questioned between our rides to home.

“yes Aden”

“So.Can we play now? Please" He said as he drops me at my house, trying to convince me with his puppy dog eyes.

“Aww.. you are too cute...” I said by giggling making him laugh too.

“okay we can play but I need to inform my parents first,” I spoke.

He grinned while nodded.

I open my front door and run inside with Aden by my side.

“daddy. daddy. I am, home. Where are you??” I said while searching for my father.

“Hey, baby girl. Daddy is here why is so rush???” he said kissing my forehead making me smile.

“Daddy. I made a new friend.’I say pointing towards Aden.

’hey, cute boy” my daddy said making him blush.


“Hello dear. I am Vincent, Ashley father. You can call me Vin.”

“okay Vin,” He said sweetly.

“Daddy where is Di. I want her to Aden″I asked making a pout.

“she is going out to meet her friends at Starbucks. Now you two can play daddy gonna make some cookies for my babies” he said while walking back to the kitchen.

“Let’s play then, "I said while dragging him towards my backyard.

Wake up. I look at Aden confusingly.

Wake up

“Wake up, ma’am. Are you alright ma’am???

My eyes shot open and I stood up from sit.

“Oh, thank goodness you are finally awake Ashy.” Someone said beside me.

I turn my head towards the person and narrow my eyes.

“Michael. What the hell are you doing here at this time? I told you to take a day off and you are here standing in my office. You have sure enough guts to disobey me.“I said sharply and slammed my fist on the table.

He gulped hard and took a deep breath before spoke.

“I-I –am s-sorry boss. I don’t want to disobey you but it’s regarding Maria.” He runs his hand through his messy hair while speaking.

“What about her?” I asked concerned.

“I got a call from her granddaughter. She told me she had a panic attack but now she is safe and the doctor gave her sedation for rest. But she is asking for you. She tries to call you but your phone was off so I came here to take you home.” He said in a breath.

“Let’s go then... ″ I gave him a quick look and run out of the room with him by my side.

After we reach the parking lot, He sat in the driver seat and put on his seat-belt. I quickly get in the car and put my seat-belt too. He starts the ignition and drove off towards my house.

God, please. I hope she will be safe or I don’t know what am gonna do without her. Please god. Take care of her. She is my only family to call. I prayed to god silently.

I glanced towards Michael who looks ahead on road try his best not to utter a word. I also didn’t bother to start a conversation right now. All I want to see Maria...

Drive from office to my house feels like an eternity. When we entered my house territory, I practically jump out of the car without giving him time to stop it and enter my house.

I saw my maids look worried.

“Where is she??” I asked hurriedly.

“S-she is in her room” She replied.

I barged into her room and there she is, lying on her bed. I stood there and took a deep breath before approaching her.

“Hey,” she said lightly and try to sit.

“No. just take rest. How are you now?” I asked smoothly.

“I am fine dear. This old lady not going anywhere this soon” she said and winked towards me.

I smile at her.

“You know Ms. William, you look beautiful when you smile” giving me her bright smile.

I try my best not to break in front of her. I just smiled weakly and kissed her forehead.

“You should take rest now and tomorrow we are going LIGHT IN THE DARK to catch up with children” I announced and help her lying down on her bed.

I walked out of her room and saw Michael stood there leaning against a wall.

“I am sorry, boss... I don’t want to defy you. Please forgive me.” He said with tears in his eyes.

“Chill Michael. don’t be a crybaby now. go and take some rest. I am not angry at you okay” I asked smoothly.

He grinned widely and nodded.

“you are the best,” he said and walked passed me.

I enter my room and sigh. I walked towards my bathroom and took a cold shower to calm me down. After taking bath I change into some sweatpants and a long t-shirt. I get in my comfy bed and close my eyes and drift off to a long slumber.

Brandon P.O.V





“Arhh...” I groaned and get off my bed to pick up my stupid phone.

I checked caller ID. It was Lincoln call. He is my college friend and also my PA.

“It must be something urgent Linc otherwise I’ll personally kick your ass for waking me up in six in the morning,” I said annoyingly making him chuckle.

“Oh, my sleeping beauty. sorry for waking you up from your precious dream,” He said jokingly making me roll my eyes.

“What you want Linc, "I asked impatiently.

“chill dude. I just call you to remind today’s meeting with dad, Mr White at 12′o clock.” He said in his full professional manner.

“Okay. I’ll be there on time. just keep all the necessary documents ready.” I said sternly.

“Okay boss,” He said and hung up.

I walked towards the balcony to get some fresh air when I feel a hand on my torso hugging me from behind. I remove a hand from my torso and turn around. There stood candy. No. I think sandy or shabby? Oh god, I don’t even remind her name. But that doesn’t matter. She is one of my one night stands. I spent yesterday night with her in my penthouse. But there is she stood in front of me trying to seduce me again.

“What are doing here? I thought I told you to leave in the morning...“I asked annoyingly.

“Oh come on babe. I know you want me too... yesterday night was one of my best nights. What about we do some fun again?” She said biting her lips seductively making me shiver in disgust.

“I told you it’s only a nightstand. So just, get out now."I said obnoxiously.

“No... I want you and I know you want me too” She said as she walking towards me.

“I said get out or I’ll call my guards to take you out of my house,” I said fiercely making her gulped in fear.

She took her clothes and ran out of my room but not before winked towards me making me roll my eyes. Oh god, she is so irksome.

I know I am hot and handsome with perfect sun kissed tanned skin, well built muscular body with perfect jawline, plump lips and a height of 6′3″ making any girl go crazy. I know some people called me self-obsessed but who I am kidding I can make any girl fall from head to heel for getting a chance to be my one night stand. I am the CEO of New York biggest company and merchandise knight’s. I used to believe in love and destiny in the past but not anymore. Now I don’t believe in love or you can say that I don’t find anyone yet who can change me and my player ways. But I don’t think God made someone for me. So I am happy with my one night stand.

I walked towards my bathroom to get ready for my meeting with my dad. I take a quick shower and do my morning business as well. After taking shower I walk towards my walk-in closet to grab my suits suitable for today’s events and start getting ready. After getting ready I came out of my room and descendants towards the kitchen. I used to live alone in my penthouse with some staff members whom I need to clean and maintain my house.

“Good morning Mr Knight. What would you like to have for breakfast, sir?” Julia said as she saw me enter the kitchen.

She was one of my senior staff. I know her since my childhood. At my parent’s house, she used to take care of me and my younger sister as my parents busy on the business trip. She is like the second mother to me. When after joining business I buy this penthouse so my mom sends her to me to take care of me. She is in her late sixties but quite energetic and attractive at her age. She has short blonde hair with a shade of a few grey strands with her beautiful smile.

“It’s okay Julia. I like to cook for myself today. You can go and do some other work."I told her and she just nodded and walked out of the kitchen.

I prepare myself an omelette and my favourite espresso and placed my breakfast on the table and start dig in.

After finishing my breakfast I walked out of my house and got into my Mercedes Benz I didn’t bother to take my chauffeur with me. I don’t know why but I feel like something is going to happen today. After a long time, I feel happy truly. With this feeling, I start my car ignition and drove off towards my office.

I hope today's meeting go smoothly without any trouble..

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