Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 30

There is a time came in our life when there is a pain in our heart, sadness too, anger as well as hatred too.

There is no one who does not fear anything. Everyone has their own demon to fear and fight but no one shows it.

It’s not like that I don’t have any fear, I’m also afraid but that fear is neither about to die nor to lose something.

My fear is to see them disappoint from me, Fear is to let something bad happen to them when they need me the most. But I need to overcome my fear to save her.

Because If I break now, many more Ashley will make by these monster.

“Are you sure boss this is the right thing to do?"Michael unsure voice brought me out of my reverie.

“Yes, Michael. We don’t have any other choice. They go ahead this time. We need to stop them before they do more damage.“I said in rage.
He nodded in understanding.

We reached the clearing, where the main base located, in twenty minutes. We get out of it

I informed the pilot of the chopper that we were going to went down and pointed towards the clearing where he needed to land it.

We already covered three fourth of the distance. Rest of the distance we are going to cover with the cars from there. As we didn’t want our enemy to get alert. We saw a few Alessandro men waiting for us there with cars.

“Ms William."A man with dark brown hair with few streaks of blond and black eyes greeted me.

I nodded in acknowledgement.

“I am Nathan. I send here by the master to help you in your mission” he said looking down in respect.

“Master wants to talk with you,” He said handing me a satellite phone.

“Hi babe, miss me” A very familiar and annoying voice greet me on the line.

“You wish Alessandro” I scoffed.
“Still feisty, I like it” He laughed. I could imagine him with a goofy smile.

“Stop with this nonsense Sandro. It’s an emergency.“I spat annoyed with his childish behaviour.
His men stood stiffly. From the periphery of my vision, I could see him fisted his hand in a tight grip to control his anger at his boss disrespect.

“Ashley baby, just calm down. I am just trying to ease your tension. I still can’t believe I am saying that but don’t worry. I am here for you” He said and sighed. His word was full of sincerity.

“I know sandro. Thanks for the help” I said calmly this time.

“Good luck and came back in a single piece. I don’t want to see you in pieces” He chuckled at the end make me roll my eyes

“Get lost. You idiot” Saying that I throw the phone at Nathan, who catches it with so ease.

“Ready?” I asked.
“Ready!” They answered.

“Before we go in there... I want to say thank you to all of you, for your support, to come with me so far, for standing beside me without any fear. I don’t know what danger awaited for us there? I don’t know if we came safely out of there or I will keep my promise to keep you all safe. Just... Just do your best...“My voice breaks in the end but I quickly mask it with a hard glare.

“It’s time to kick some asses. Let them know what we are made of?“I smirked.
“Yes boss, let them know who the real boss here is?"Derek's fist bumped in the air followed by others.

“Let’s go” We all get into the car provided by Alessandro.

Derek was driving the car following by Michael and Nathan with other team members.
We reached there in no time and stop our car at a safe distance.
Getting out of the car we stood in a circle.

“So, do you have any plan?” the men on the right side of Nathan asked. He had olive skin with an ugly scar on his right cheek.

“Yes, we have,” I said and nodded at Theo, my best hacker and software programmer.

He opened a bag which was on his right shoulder and take out his laptop. Placing it at the bonnet of the car he went through some software.

He hacked the CCTV cameras of the base to get us information about the enemy forces.

“Boss, they all are twenty men to be exact.“He informed.

“Five on the roof top guarding. Two at the front door while other were pass out or chilling in the living room.”

“What about Melissa?"I asked.

“The girl is captivated in the basement with two men guarding outside her cell.“He said clearing his specs lens before putting it back on.”

“So, here is the plan. We will...”

After telling them about the plan they nodded. Clearing few of their doubts we take our position.

“We can do this” Nathan and Michael said at the same time.

“Okay guys, are you ready?” They yelled yes before reaching out for their guns.
The sky turned dark to make it easier for us to mend in it and keep our enemies at bay from approaching us.

Derek with the two of men got through the back door.

Nathan and Michael went climbing the warehouse wall to take down the guarding men.
I put the silencer on my gun before removing its safety lock.
I aim at the two of men guarding the front door without missing it I shoot it. I shoot them with the sleeping shots. So they will pass out for the whole day.

Making my way towards them I search for something useful but found nothing other than a lighter and cigarette. I kept the lighter in my pocket and move to my left to check any passage to get inside.
Luckily, I found a broken window with few glasses covering it. I kick it with force to make it open. It's broken into pieces and I get in climbing carefully not to cut myself with glasses.

The room was dark with no source of light make it difficult for me to make a move. Gripping the gun in my hand tightly, I went in further.
Few murmuring sounds could be here from the outside. Slowly tip-toeing I went towards the door and slowly open it.

The light here was not dimly lighted but it better than nothing.

I saw two men’s with their back facing me.

“Dude, she is a fine piece of meat. All I want to eat her, taste her” One of the men said.
“Yes bro, you are right. I want to take her here and there, do all my fantasy with her but sadly we have to wait for our turn. Marco boss will be the one to have her. Lucky bastard” The second guy said groaning loudly...
They laugh evilly making my blood boil.

Putting the gun down, I took out the knife. I slowly walk behind them without making any sound.

Before wasting any chance, I closed his mouth with my palm my slit his throat. He felt numb in my grip. I left his lifeless body making it fall with a loud thud.
The other one shouted and came into action. He jumped at me trying to grab my arm but I dodge it before it came anywhere near my arm. I muzzle his face and punch his gut making him moan in pain then wrapped my legs around his neck in a choking grip. He struggled to free himself but all goes in vain as I put more pressure on it.
I left him from my death grip made him look at me. He looks so terrified seeing my dark and furious face.
Gripping his neck, I twisted it harshly making it snap. I left his body and went further to found a way down to the basement.

“Michael, what’s the status up there?” I asked through a conference call.

“All is clear up their boss. We are having your back."He informed.


“Boss, we take two down but still five more to go. You go ahead. We will take them for you” He answered. I could hear punching and kicking sound from the phone line.

“Theo, lead”

“Ashley boss, you need to get to the fifth door to your left. In that room, there is a secret passage which directly leads you into the basement.”
I hastily make my way there looking around for any threats.

Once I get in the room. I searched for the secret gateway. I checked the wall to found any passage but find none...

I open the cupboard and throw all the clothes out as per instructed.
I came face to face with a wooden door behind all the clothes.

I slowly open the door making it crack an annoying sound making me cringe. I open it fully and get inside.
I saw a long hallway illuminated by the small light bulb placed on both sides of the wall.

I went down the hall, down the stairs. I stop when came to a dead end. There was a metal door with a seal locked on it. I tried to open it but it didn’t budge. I aim it at the lock and shot it making it break into pieces. I slowly open it, my heart is pumping loudly. I was breathing heavily but the adrenaline course in my vein made me alert.

I went in and instantly engulfed with the foul smell of damp and alcohol. The darkness inside made it difficult for me to say anything.

I covered my mouth to prevent me from fainting. Something was not right here. I don’t know why but everything makes me suspicious here. Something was fishy. As much as I know him, he always had his guard up.

‘I need to alert boys before something happen to them.’ I thought.

“Derek?”I called but get no response.

“Michael? Nathan? Theo?”I asked but greeted with silence.

My nerves were on its peak. I have to get out of here but I need to take her with me.

Without thinking twice I went further in by touching the wall with my slow and steady step.

“What are you doing this?”Melissa voice boomed in the air by killing the silence.

My ears perk up and focus on the voices which could be here from where I was standing.

“Oh, you don’t need to know anything at all. Just understand this, no one can save you from us. Neither your old woman nor anyone. You are going to be our new toy until we get bored from you.”A harsh voice came followed by the sound of slapped.

I fisted my head tightly making my knuckle turn white.

After walking for a while I saw the cellar with two men guarding it.

I saw Melissa in the cellar cupping her right cheeks with her puffy red eyes. A man stood near her feet with a smug look on his face. He was smiling evilly like the monster used to.

“Either you come with me now willingly or I will take your innocence here in this cellar. The choice is all yours.”He said eyeing with her with lust.

She scooted back clutching her legs to her chest.

“No… Please...Please leave me. I didn’t do anything bad to you. Please for god sake.”She beseeched him to stay away.

“Hahaha, What will I get if I leave you for god?”He bites his smirking at her evilly.

All the men laugh of her vulnerable state.

I close my eyes and took a deep breath. I can feel myself getting angrier as the time pass. There is no turning back now.

It’s time to free the monster from his cage…

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