Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 31

Author POV

There is a difference in fear and courage just like love and hate. The more you make them fear, the soon their fear will come to an end.

Ashley was one of those people who overcome their fear. She knows nothing will break her until she gave them any reason or a glimpse of her vulnerability..

She knows the pain because she sacrificed so much in her life.
She is not a damsel in distress, she don’t want any knight in shining Armour, she is her own knight and today she have to save all of her loved ones.’She thought.
Ashley was in dilemma, whom to save first? Melissa or her team members? All of were in danger which she was unaware.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She was not in a state to think rational. Her monster site was at its peak. Once she opened her eyes, they were not their usual colour but deep red.

Red for danger.

Red for anger

Red for thrust

Red for blood

Red for revenge.

The cool wind blowing in the airway way soothing but the tension build inside the room had another story to say. The room was heated up due to the plethora of anger, pain and revenge.

Standing in the corner she looked at her surrounding to find something useful to take them down without Melissa getting hurt in the way.

Her eyes spotted the lamp hung high on the ceiling which was the only source of light on the basement.

Crouching down in prone position Ashley crawled towards the guarding men. . Clutching her gun tight in her left hand she shoot the lamp.

“Who is there? Den check someone is here?”Marco asked in anger. He takes his out of the pocket and stood in alert position.

Taking the advantage of darkness Ashley to make her move. She grab on the men and shot him with sedative shots. Both fell on the floor with a thud.
The Marco guy stood alert with his gun pointing towards the entrance.

“Show yourself you coward,” He shouted angrily and nervous at the same time. She entered the cellar and look at him with an intensity. Ashley shot his hand making his gun fall and punch his jaw making him fall on the process.

Marco eyes gone wide seeing her looking deadly, he felt like she was a goddess, goddess of death who came to take his soul away.
She walk towards him and crouched down to his level.

She grabbed his hair making him wince, and sneered.
“Well..well.. What we have here? Loyal dog of a bastard?”She chuckled darkly.

“I will kill you” He shouted at her.
She punch him and kicked him hard in response.

“Don’t boy… Don’t want to make it difficult for you, are we?”She said slowly and darkly.

“Ashley” A familiar voice called her making her head turned in the direction of the source.
There stood Melissa looking so lost with a few starches on her face and split lips.
She left him and walk towards the scared girl.

“You okay?”She asked politely.

“They.. They tried to..” she couldn’t finish and sobbed hugging her tightly.

Ashley clenched his teeth in anger and frustration.
Without delaying any longer she turned and started to punch and kicked him. He stood up and tried to defend himself.

Marco kicked her left leg and tried to hold on her but she ducked on time and kicked his groin. He fell on the floor clutching it moaning.

She kicked his face and stomach repeatedly but she didn’t stop. He was lie down there at the verge of dying but she stood there emotionless.
These bastards don’t deserve any sympathy or any remorse from anyone. There deed was unforgivable.
She wanted to kill him so badly but refrain herself for the sake of poor Melissa. She didn’t want to gave her shock of her life by showing her monster, who was always lusted for blood.
She shoots him with a tranquillizer to put him to sleep. Looking at him one last time she turned around

Ashley grabs Melissa hand tightly and drags her out of there. On her way to upstairs, she didn’t leave her hand. Once she gets out of the secret passage, she takes her to the room beside this.
Ashley left her hand and grabbed her by shoulder make her look at her with a stern face.

Ashley William POV

“Listen Melissa, I need to go and help Michael and my team members,” I said with devoid of emotions.. She just rooted at her place looking pale and scared..
“Don’t worry. I will not let anything happen to you. You are not coming with me. You just wait here and locked the room from inside. Don’t come out until I or Michael came to take you with us.”I ordered making her gulp but nevertheless, she nodded.
. I made her hide in the cupboard and left from there.

‘It’s time to bring them back’ I said to myself.

’Let me out for once. I want to have fun.’My monster side said whining.

’Soon. but not now, let’s the party begin.’I replied.

Sliding my hand in my jeans pocket I take out my phone. I tried to found any clue about there whereabouts on the GPS but it didn’t respond.

Groaning in annoyance I decided to check it manually. I checked my guns. I found only twenty tranquillizers and one loaded gun.’I thought.

I checked every room on the ground floor but everything was silent. I

I walked slowly down the hallway and I knew the guards from his side were hiding somewhere waiting for a chance to get a hold on to me.

Once I finished checking all the room on this floor I make my way upstairs to get on the second floor. Something is odd about this building, don’t know what?

As I was scanning around the surrounding something cold hit my head making me stop in my track.

“Don’t try to move or else I will shoot you.”The person said holding a gun at my head.

“Do you really think that your loser trick can scared me.”I retorted and jab my elbow in his stomach, then turned around rapping my palm around his wrist which hold the gun and twisted it badly.

“Ahh.”He shouted in pain.

I shoot him with the same gun in the leg and arm. He was crying to have mercy on him but I know better.

I shoot him a tranquilizer and left from there.

I need to find them as soon as possible before it’s too late.”I said to myself.

I ran upstairs, there is a lot of shooting sound can be hear from the east wings. I smiled knowing what was coming next.

Making my way to east wins I greeted by fifteen of guards at the second floor guarding outside the room. I shoot all of them with tranquilizer without any delay.

I hastily walk towards the room entrance. The noise grew louder just as the distance decreased.

The room door was open ajar. From where I stood, I could see everything clearly but no one can see me.

The person, who was talking on the phone, had his back towards me.

I saw Michael, Nathan and Derek were held hostage there with the other team members. They had several cut marks on their cheeks and forehead. Blood was oozing from their wounds. Their hands were tied behind their back with the rope just like their foot. They were on gunpoint.

“Yes boss, we killed the old lady and her granddaughter is with us. She is quite hot. What you want me to do with her.”His dark and nasty voice boomed in the room.

“Really boss? Thanks. I am going to have so much fun with her than.”She chuckled and cut the call.

“Leave me you bastard. I will kill you if you tried to act funny with her.”Michael roared angrily.

“Oh, I am so scared.”He said in a mocking tone.

“You should be. You can’t save from her. If you love your life then leave me.” Michael said in a dangerous undertone.

“Oh, I will. Once I got a hold on the person my boss is fascinated with.”The man laugh holding his gun at him.

“you wish, Once she came here you will beg for her mercy. She is a death herself. She is a like a wildfire in the forest. You can run from her but you can’t hide.”Derek said smugly wiping his mouth from his shirt sleeves.

“Even I want to meet her so badly. I want to know what she is made of?. Ah, you all are her play toy, don’t worry from now on we will be satisfied her all need”

His words break the last barrier of my self-control. I felt myself shaking in rage.

“you bastard, how dare you to say about her like that. I will kill you..”Michael was snubbed by the fist landed on his face making his face turned right due to force.

His men pointed there gun on them ready to shoot them once they get chance.

I ran towards him with the speed of light and kick him hard make him flying around the corner. I shoot everyone one by one before freed them from the rope.

They looked relieved seeing me.

Michael hugged me tightly like his life depends on it.

“Thank god, you are safe! I thought something happen to you!”Michael exclaimed.

I didn’t get the chance to reply when a loud sound of laughter grab our attention.

The same men stood their giving us a murderous look. Ten of his men came out of nowhere with knife and hockey stick in their hands.

“Ahhh” He shouted and lunged at me.

He punched on my face but I snubbed it with my arm. He kicked my leg making me stumble backward. He was pretty fast from the other one I fight before.

He tried to roundhouses kicked me but I grab his leg and throw him away. He gets up quickly clutching his hand in a tight fist. His eyes were dark just like his hair giving him a dark aura.

He started to rain his kick and punches at me. But I dodge it with breaking any sweat.

My gaze wandered around the room. Everyone was fighting , doing their best.

My attention shifted back to the person who was ready to kill me once he get his hold on me.

“I will kill you. You bitch.”He shouted aloud.

“But sweetheart, To kill me you have to be born again” I smirked seeing his red face.

He growled and took out his knife from his pocket.

He swings it swiftly at me and jabbed it in my arm. I grab his hand tightly in a deathly grip making his hold lose on the knife. I twisted it weirdly before kicking him in guts, then bend down and punch his inner thigh. Losing his balance he fell down with a straight face. I hold his neck with my leg and twisted it harshly making his soul leave his body.

Leaving him there I turned my gaze around.

Everyone was busy in fighting unaware of their surroundings.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw a man pointed his gun towards Derek. Everything happen in a swift motion before they could register what’s going on? A loud ear piercing voice echoed in the room, silencing all the commotion.


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