Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 32

No matter how powerful the evil is, it will always defeat by goodness.

~Neha Kaushik

The silence was everywhere. The darkness in the night couldn’t compare with the darkness in the heart.

Pounding of their heartbeat can be heard from afar. The adrenaline course through there vein, the perspiration beads on their skin, the nerve-racking silence was killing menacingly.

“Ashley…..”Shouting of my name I could hear but I was unable to lift my head.

The bullet straight hit me in my stomach just below my heart. It pains like hell but I need to stay calm or else they lose their sanity.

I was lying on the cold floor in the pool of my own blood.

Every previous noise of fighting, the shooting stopped. All I could hear was now my harsh breathing.

I found it too difficult to breathe. I felt myself getting into sleep. I shook my head to fight with this but I was helpless.

“Are you crazy? Why did you do that?”Derek shouted angrily placing my head on his lap.

I gave him a small smile, not saying anything. I found it difficult to breathe.

“Derek, we need to take her hospital,” Michael shouted angrily running his hand through his hair. The old habit of his whenever he was worried or nervous.

“Calm down boys, I am fine. Just little-wounded nothing else”I joked.

They both glare at me.

“It’s not funny Ashley. Why did you jump? The bullet was for me not for you. I am your bodyguard, I should protect you not otherwise. What would I do if something happens to you?”Moisture evident in his eyes. He was trying his best not to break down in front of me.

“Michael, go and bring Melissa,”I said before I felt myself slip into the darkness.


I woke up with a commotion around me. Still closing my eyes I tried to listen to what’s happening around me. I felt it difficult to open my eyes.

'Maybe due to sedatives?’I thought.

“Boss, please open your eyes. I begged you.”Micahel drained voice coming from my right.

I want to give him comfort, to tell him nothing to worry about. I am alright. But I couldn’t.

My body was not responding to my commands. I felt like shouting to the world.

I felt myself be in trapped in my own body. I could feel anything. I could hear anything but I couldn’t respond.

“Boss, we need you. Derek, me, Mary, Mel… please, you can’t leave us.”I felt something wet on my palm, maybe his tears.

'Oh Micahel, don’t worry. I am going anywhere. You can’t get easily away from me. I don't even see your marriage after all’its all I want to tell him which I know made him smile instantly. I need to fight with my self.

’God, help me.’I groaned internally and fell again into deep slumber.

Brandon POV

“Mamma, please don’t leave me. Please, mamma."My heart pained seeing her like that but Ashley didn’t respond. She looked at her blankly.

I tried to walk towards her but my feet like glue there. I tried, I tried to shout, to make her stop but I lost my voice in the air.

" I am sorry. I have to go”She pulled away from her and ran out of the room without gave her second glance.

“ Daddy, please. For me. I want my mommy. Please daddy. Mel no more a bad girl, I will be a good girl for mommy, please bring her back” tears falling from her eyes like rain.

I hugged her tight near my heart. I know nothing could ever calm her like the touch of Ashley but for now, I need to try.

Why you left us, love? Why? Punish me, fight with me, just come back…

Mel breathing started to quicken. My anxiety reaches another level.

Mel? Angel, calm down”I said panic but she closed her as her breathing became rigid.

Mel….”I shouted.

I sat on the bed with a jerk. I cupped my hand with my palm. Perspiration beads form on my forehead.

I slowly breathe in, breath out until it became normal.

I grab the full glass of water placed on the bedside table and chugged it.

My body still shaking due to the effect of dream, Bad dream but it feels so real. My mind was still in a haze.

Pulling the duvet off I get off the bed, I went straight to Mel room.

I open her room door slowly and get inside.

Mel was sleeping peacefully. Seeing her I sighed in relief and kissed her forehead. Closing her door carefully I decided to go for a walk.

I sat on the one of the benches in our backyard. My elbow rested on my thigh, my head rested on the intervening hand.

‘Where are you love? I can’t live without you. Please come back soon or I will go insane.’

‘I need you…’

’I love you.’these things were I wanted to tell her.

It’s been three days since Ashley left without any trace of her whereabouts. No one knows where she went. I tried everything to reach her but always came to a dead end.

I hope she’s fine and come back safe to me or I will go crazy.

She is my salvation. I can’t think rational without her. She is my energy source. I can’t think my life without her.

I was lost in my Reverie when I felt someone hand on my shoulder.

I turned my gaze to the source and found my mom looking at me worriedly.

“Brandon, calm down son. She will come back soon” My mom says assuringly but I shook my head.

“How mom? How?”I said defeatedly.

“I can’t live without her mom. I love her too much to let her go.”

“Don’t be sad, son. just pray that wherever is she now, she is fine”

'Mom’I hugged my mom tightly tried to seek motherly comfort from her.

One hand she placed on my head while with other she patted my back lightly.

“Brandon?”She called.


“Mel birthday is at the end of this week. You remember right?”Pulling back from the hug, she asked, her own eyes filled with the moisture just like my own.

Once her words register in my mind I bolt up.

“Oh god! I forget about it!”I exclaimed loudly palming my face.

“How can I be so careless? I don’t know mom, what would I do if you didn’t remind me” I said hysterically.

I felt like punching myself.

'how can I forgot my angel birthday?’I thought.

’Because you are a loser,you idiot. ’My mind scolded me.

’You shut up.. Just go away, don’t give me a headache’I shoot back.

“Calm down son, we have time and I know you will make her birthday memorable. Don’t you?”She asked hopefully.

“Yes mom, I will,” I said solemnly.

“I will make her special day memorable. She is a princess after all” I said contended.

We both went back into the mansion with so many thoughts in our minds.

I don’t know why I felt like it that something is not right? Like someone close to me was in pain.

I hope nothing bad happened to my loved ones. I hope every piece fell back into its place.


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