Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 33

Brandon POV

“What do you mean that you can’t? I am not paying you for lazing around. I want it to be done in two hours. Do you hear me? Or else send your resignation in the morning first.”I shouted on the phone and hang up.

‘Stupid people, don’t know how to do their work.’ I whisper to myself.

I turned around and saw one of the workers almost broke my expensive vase.

I ran towards him and pulled him aside before he ran straight into it.

“Are you blind? Look, where you are going? It’s my mansion, not a public park” I snapped for the hundredth time, today.

The poor fellow turned so pale and nodded hurriedly before scrubbing away.

I close my eyes to calm my rage but I felt myself getting more furious than before.

It was Friday, the day before angel birthday but the preparation had yet to finish.

I want to give her best birthday party ever but with these people, I am having a second thought.

I felt someone patted my back. I turned around and saw my dad looked worried. His face looks so stress and age.

Cupping both my shoulders he shook them slightly.
“Calm down son, nothing to worry. Everything is under control.”He said reassuringly but I shook my head.

“Nothing is in control dad. The decoration is yet to be done. And that stupid bakery honour said that they can’t prepare the cake until tomorrow….”I said defeatedly.

“I know you son, more than you. I know Ashley absence get into your head. You are missing Ashley more than anything. It’s killing you inside but please son. You have to be strong for Mel. You have to be sane to calm her. Even she is missing her more than you ever know. She didn’t eat properly, always asking about her. Please just make sure that she will be happy.”Dad said calmly.

I nodded my head in acknowledgement.

“Now, cheer up. Take some rest first before getting back to work”

I tried to refuse but he gave me a look, don’t- try-to-defy-me-and-do-what-told-you-to.

I sighed defeatedly and nodded.

“Okay, dad. You win”

He smiled and left from there when his phone started to ring.

After briefly gazing at the preparations, I went to my room.

In didn’t bother to change and just lie down. I guess I was really needed rest. It didn’t take too long before I doze off.

I woke up by the annoying sound of banging on my door. I ran my hand through my hair in annoyance.

I went to open the door with eyes partly closed.

“What?”I asked annoyed.

“Miss you too, big bro.”A familiar voice rang in my ear making my eyes open in a second.

The effect of the sleep was completely gone by only listening to her voice.

“Kate” I shouted cheerfully and pulled her in for a hug.

“Kate, short for Katherine, was my first cousin. She used to live here with us but she left two years ago when she starts her modelling carrier. She is 5’7 with dark brown hair and grey eyes. From her look, people could mistake her for a bitchy and rude personality but she is a sweetheart and my lil sister.

I was always protective of her and even beat a boy, blue and purple cause he made her cry.

“I miss you too kate”

She pulled back from the hug and grinned showing her perfect white teeth.

“When you came? And why don’t you called me? I could have come to pick you up from the airport?”I asked her questions without any break.

“Calm down bro. just take a breath. Good. Breath in, breathe out.”She said sweetly, always caring for her brother.

“I just came now and ran upstairs only to meet you. I want to surprise you so I didn’t call.”She said and pouted.

My lips curled up in a full-blown smile.

“I am hungry bro. I need to feed my poor tummy.”She said childishly.

I laughed at her antics and drag her with me down the hall to the kitchen to grab some snacks for her.

I took three plates full of food and placed them on the dining table.

I have my dinner with Mel and her with our little talks and jokes.

Mel was happy after meeting her. I felt grateful for her because she diverted her mind from Ashley, even though it’s for some time.

Even my heart was paining, it can’t bear the separation. Its only three days but I felt like years since I saw her beautiful face.

I miss you tigress. Come back to me. I love you….

“How am I looking?” Kate asked coming out of the trial room.

I planned to have an early night but my sweet and loving sister barge in my room and pestered me to take her on shopping. I tried to reject politely her offer but her puppy dog face melts my heart like always.

So here I am standing in the Chanel clothing store. We went to every shop in this mall but this little devil didn’t found her one n only dress. She said she wants to look fabulous because her boyfriend, about which she has not told me yet, was coming to meet us on angel birthday. I tried to compel her but she was a hard nut to crack.

“Hmm. You look good” I said still not looking at her.

“Bro, please. It mean so much to me. I-I..”My eyes snapped turn towards her. Her lips were trembling as she tried not to choke on a sobbed.

I cursed under my breath for making her cry.

I went towards her and hug her tightly.

“Don’t cry baby sis. Why fear? When your bro is here? I will make everything alright. Just change your clothes and let your big bro to found best of best dress for my lil sis” I cooed her.

She gave me her sweet smile and nodded.

After searching in the whole store, I finally found a dress up for her standard. I hope she like this one. The dress was raven colour mermaid style dress with sweetheart neckline beaded with small pearls around the neck and waist.

I hope she like this one. I thought and hesitantly gave it to her.

Once she tried it, she squealed so loudly almost gave me a heart attack. She looks so happy and me too that I am saved for more torcher. Finally, I can sleep without any disturbance.

After paying for her dress I dragged her by her arm straight out of the mall so she didn’t run away in another store to shop more.

I asked her to stand in front of the entrance and went to bring my car from the parking lot when my phone called off. I gave my phone to her to answer the call for me without bothering to check the Id.

When I came back after three or five minutes later she was yelling at someone.

I snatch my phone from her but before I could utter a word the person on the call cut the call. The Id show private number so I don’t know who it was?

I crossed my arms over my chest and raised my eyebrow in question.

“Bro, some of your old fling. The girl was saying that she is your friend and need to talk to you. But I know how these girls behave, remember Linda, she is so clingy and saying that she is your girlfriend. I know this Ashley girl is same like that.”She said carelessly shrugging her shoulder.

My ears perk up at the mention of Ashley name.

“Ashley? That was Ashley who called me?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes Brandon, but what happens? Why you are sound so nervous suddenly? Who is Ashley?”She said concerned.

“She is my love… Mel mother and my life... The girl whom I love unbreakable.”Closing my eyes in frustration, I answered her.

Ashley POV

I woke up with an excruciating pain on my left side. I groaned in annoyance. I open my eyes slowly shielding with the back of my palm to prevent from the straight light blinding me. After I adjust in daylight, I look at my surrounding.

There was canula in my left hand which connected with the IV set tube to the saline bottle to hydrate my body. Beeping sound could be heard from the heart monitoring machine which stood proudly to my right.

I remove the tube from my hand and wobbly lift my right side of the body in the decubitus position. Slowly carefully I stand on my foot taking the support from my bed. I don’t know for how long I was passed out but I know it will be two or three days to be sure.

I was feeling dizzy due to my wound and at the loss of blood, but I didn’t have anyone at this moment who could help me standing on my feet.

Defeatedly, I get down from the bed and went into the bathroom.

I splash water on my face to remove the sleep. I felt so refreshed after taking a long nap. After doing my business, I looked myself in the mirror placed over the basin on the wall.

My face looks so pale more than it already had. My hair, you could mistake them for a birds nest. I ran my hand slowly to untangle them before tying them up in a messy bun. Even after looking like a complete zombie, there was a proud smile on my face which stood out with a twinkle in my blue eyes.

I was ecstatic after a long time even though it was a small victory but for me, it’s the beginning of his destruction.

My chain of the reverie brook by the loud noise of shouting. I went outside to saw the commotion. Michael stood in the centre of the hospital room with his back facing me. His body was stiff with his one hand rubbing his forehead while another one on his front pant pocket.

Before I could ask him anything a distressed voice beat me to it. Derek and Nathan barge into the room with their guns in their hand. Derek's face had the dark aura, there were bags under his eye like didn’t sleep at all. The tension and negativity inside the room were killing. I couldn’t understand, what’s going on here?

“I check the floor and asked every guard, but no one saw and hears anything suspicious,” Derek said hastily to cover his emotions. His voice breaks at the end but he tried his best not to break in front of them.

“But I just go outside for a minute how can they take her?”Michael couldn’t finish and choked on his words.

“What’s going on here?”My voice was loud and clear.

Their head snapped in my direction with the speed of light. They look shocked but relieved at the same time.



“The one n only,”I replied cheekily.

Without any delay, they pulled me in for a hug. I flinched in first due to my wound but I didn’t show it.

“I thought they took you,” Michael said meekly.

“I was hell scared. Don’t do that ever again.”Derek scolded me like a big brother.

I hissed in pain when he grabs my arms and looking straight in my eyes with so many emotions swirled in his eyes.

He loses his hold around me when and cursed under his breath for hurting me.

“I am fine. Don’t worry.”I said assuaringly.

Michael rolled his eyes at me and cross his arms over his chest like a child with a pout.

Before I could gave him a piece of mind, a squeaked let my lips when I felt my feet leaving the ground.

Derek carried me in his arms in bridal style and gently laid me down before vcovering me with duvet.

“you missy, just shut your mouth and sleep now. You already gave us heart attack in last two days.”He said sternly but I could saw the concern and worring lacing behind is touch façade.

So I decided to do what they asking me to.

“Just for this one time.”I narrow my eyes before do as I was asked.

I close my eyes and felt myself getting sleepy due to the effect of drugs and passed out.


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