Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 34

Ashley P.O.V

“Don’t you pass on my message to him?“I asked Nathan furiously eyeing the empty office of Alessandro mafia clan.

“I informed him Ms William but boss was busy...“Before he could finish I interrupted him.

“What is more important than this? Tell me”I asked sternly.
I was feeling like breaking everything in this room.

Instead of resting in the hospital as I was instructed by the doctor, I choose to come here to know the details about the attack, ignoring my pain and health. But this stupid man, good for nothing, was missing, doing god knows what?

I will kill you Sandro if you don’t come soon...

Michael and Derek were stood calmly with an irritating smirk plastered on their face by sensing my anger and frustration.

They know what’s going to come next.

“Call him now”I ordered. I was thinning on the patients.

Sliding his hand in his front pant pocket, he took out his phone. He called him hastily with his shaking hands.

Perspiration was forming on his forehead due to growing tension in the ambience.

“Boss, we are waiting in the office. Where are you?“He takes a deep breath to calm his erotic heart and asked.

Hushed whisper could be heard from the other line but was not clear.
I snatched his phone and put it on speaker.

“Tell Ashley, I am busy right now. Postpone the meeting till evening. Do whatever you can do”Alessandro said with a grunt. His voice was hoarse and breathing deep like he was running a marathon.

“Come baby” a whining voice came breaking his voice.

Moaning and groaning sound could be heard from the line which irks me to the edge...

I was feeling like a volcano ready to burst and burn everything came its way.

“Damn you, ALESSANDRO RUSSO. Stop whoring around you idiot. Come here this instant or else I will drag you here by your hair and beat you black and blue”I seethed.

“And wait, I will bring Gloria along with me. She will be delighted, you know”I finish saying with a chuckled making him cursed under his breath.

Gloria is Alessandro mother and one hell of women. She is as sweet as sugar but can be deadly when needed to be. She doesn’t like him playing around and wants him to get settle down with a beautiful woman. He knows very well if she gets to know about his way, she will tie him up the very next second which he can’t bear.

“You will not say anything to mom”He greeted annoyingly.
“Oh, try me,”I said in a challenging tone and cut the call.

’No one mess with me, not even a stupid mafia.
Now just wait and watch”I said aloud with a victorious smirk.

“Hi, lil one. Wish you very Happy birthday my child. I love you” I wished Mel on the call. I was missing her so much but I need to handle a few things here before going back to my sweetheart.

“Thank you, momma. But I miss you so so so much. Please, Mel miss you, come soon” She pleaded in her baby voice making my heart hurt with a pang.

“Mommy miss you too sweetie. I am coming dear for your birthday and mamma will spend all her time with my lil one”

“Promise?“She asked hopefully.

“Promise.“She squealed at my response.

All the while I felt someone glaring holes in my head. I turned and winked at the furious Alessandro and smirked.

“Lil one, mamma need to go for now. I will meet you soon. Love you baby” I said and hang up.

“So?“I asked raising my eyebrow at him.

“What the hell Ashley?“He burst fisting his both hands.

“What do I do?“I asked innocently cupping my left cheeks with my palm resting my elbow on the table carefree.

“I hate you. I don’t why I am befriended with you. You are worse than those stupid bimbos. Egoistic bitch.“He asked annoyingly making my temper rouse.

“You are the one who wants to befriend me not otherwise, back in the college. Cause I save your drunk self from committing suicide and getting killed from Italian mafia. This egoistic bitch saves you and your family without thinking of the consequence when no one was willing to help you.“I seethed giving him a death glare.

his face morphed into terror when he realised what he just said.

“Ashley, I don’t mean to....“I snubbed him before he could finish.

“Save it... Save it your damn apology for someone who is willing to listen but I am not. Just give me the damn file I am asking you.“I shouted banging my hand on the table and stood up.

he asked one of his men to bring the file and gave it to me.

I know he doesn’t mean to say it but I can’t help it, I just lost it. Always being strong doesn’t mean I don’t have feeling or I don’t get hurt. It just that I don’t want to show them my pain so they don’t get unnecessary worry.

I can take anything but if someone bad mouthing me then you will pay for it.

I check the file and read all the details sharply before lifting my gaze only to meet with a worried orb of Alessandro.

“Our deal is over now. From now on, you don’t own me anything. I hope we never see each other again. Goodbye.“I said with a blank face clutching file in my left hand. My voice was void of any emotion.

“Ashley, wait..“He tried to said but I ignored him and left his office with Derek and Michael hot on my heel.

‘Its really a goodbye Sandro. From now on you will never hear from me ever. I know you are hard headed but this time you messed up with the wrong person. I can be sweet as sugar and bitter as bitter gourd. I can easily make you pay for what you say but I want it to be the end of this chapter.’ I thought as I slide inside the car and close my eyes.

“Back to the airport, ”Derek asked getting on the driver seat.



**Brandon P.O.V**

“Happy birthday, baby girl,"I said and hugged Mel close to me.

“Thank you, daddy.“She said hugging me back.

“Let’s get you ready for the celebration. Shall we?“I asked her to which she nodded eagerly.

“Yes.. yes.“She squealed.

My baby loves to dress up and look pretty. Why won’t she? She is a princess after all.

I help her in getting ready. All the time she keeps telling me about how much she is excited to celebrate her birthday with Ashley. How she wants to show off her mother to her friends?.

A pang of guilt hit me. What if she didn’t show up? What would I do then? Mel will be disheartened.

As Mel said face came into my vision, I shook these thoughts away. She will come. I know she loves her.

’Ashley will come ’I said to myself.

‘She has too.’ My heart yelled back.

The party was already started but there was not any trace of her. Since yesterday, I call her hundredth times but she didn’t answer any of my calls. I was beyond frustrated.

I was busy greeting the guest while looking at the entrance in hope of seeing my love. I felt like she will come at any moment. Each passing second my heart started to sink. I was always optimistic but now I was losing my patience.

“Mr Knight, I am looking forward to starting this project with your company.”One of my business partners, Jared Lincon, said bringing me out of my reverie.

“Of course Mr Lincon, ”I said with a firm look. He looks pleased with my answer.

“Excuse me,”I said and left from there.

My heart was restless. I need to see her or I am gonna lose my shit. She is my solace, my salvation.

I was walking towards the entrance when someone called me from behind.

“Brandon...”I stop dead in tracks listening to Kate's voice.

I immediately turned around and saw Kate coming towards me with a man whose arm snaked around her waist, a little low to my liking.

I narrow my eyes at him but he didn’t seem to faze with it.

“Brandon, I would like you to meet the love of my life, Nicholas.”She said with so much love and adoration. Her eyes sparkled when she looks at the man.

“And Nicholas meets my brother, Brandon Knight.”She said side hugging me.

I shake my hand with him and ran my gaze over him.

He looks in his late twenties with dark hazel eyes and raven hair. He looks handsome but the aura I felt around him seems don’t right to me. I don’t know why but I was having a bad feeling about this guy. I know I am being paranoid but he didn’t seem like a man I would let my sister date.

“Nice to meet you, Mr Knight. Kate told me so much about you. She has very fond of you.”He said and kissed her cheeks making her blush.

“Likewise.”I cleared my throat before stated.

“So, tell me about yourself,”I said to know about why do I don’t feel like trusting this man.

“Umm…”He stammered.

“Ohho, Brandon. Stop scaring him.”Kate interrupted by pulling him towards her and left.

“Son, it’s time to cut the cake. We can’t let the guest wait for more.”Dad said coming towards me.

“Okay dad” I sighed and nodded.

I longingly look at the entrance before following him.

“Lil one. It’s time to cut the cake.”I said cheerfully as I could.

She scoffed and pulled her little arm around her chest and turned her back towards me.

“I don’t want to celebrate my birthday daddy.”She said with so much sadness. It broke my heart. I felt like a useless father who couldn’t make her daughter special day memorable.

“Why baby? Don’t you like the decoration?”I asked as I turned her and look at her gloomy face...

“I love it, daddy. So much. But, mamma promise me that she will celebrate with me. I want my mommy daddy. I don’t want a big celebration. I want her daddy. Is she angry with me? Did Mel do wrong to make Mamma angry?”She asked crying, clutching my legs.

“No baby…mamma loves you. Don’t say like that. She is having some work so she couldn’t make it….”I started to reason but she pulled away and ran from there.

“Mel..”I called but she didn’t stop.

She kept on running not seeing where she was going. I tried to stop her.

The guest looked at all the commotion and started to whisper with each other.

“Mel…”I shouted and stood beside her but she didn’t turn towards me. She was busily looking at something near the foyer.

I saw the silhouette of a person coming towards us. I couldn’t saw who it was as the fog covered the surrounding.

I narrow my eyes to saw better but it didn’t help any.

“mamma…”Mel yelled as the person came out of the cloudy fog like the sun rays came passing through thick clouds.

“Happy birthday, lil one…”Ashely said and bend down at her level.

Without wasting any time Mel ran into her arms and wounded her arms around her neck and snuggle into her chest.

“I miss you, mamma. I thought you are not coming” She said gloomily.

“I couldn’t miss this day for the world, sweetie, ”Ashley said pulling from the hug and kiss her cheeks repeatedly.

My heart swells with pride and love seeing both my girl in front of my eyes.

All I want at the moment to hug her. She looks breathtaking in her midnight blue gown. The gown was fitted her so well around her small waist. She looks like a queen. She and Mel were actually matching as Mel was wearing a midnight blue pearl beaded princess dress.

She looked at me and nodded her head in acknowledgement.

Her eyes filled with so many emotions which I couldn’t decipher.

I wanted to ask her why did she leave us here? But I know this was not the right time. So I kept mum.

“I have a surprise for you lil one,” Ashley said with mischievous.

“What is it, mamma?”Mel asked excitedly and clapping her hand.

“Come,” She said looking at me.

I walk towards her as she took us at the backyard where was the actual party held.

We stood in the centre of the room when she pointed towards the sky.

I look at her confuse when I saw nothing but dark sky with few stars twinkle.

She smiled and shook her head. Then the cracking sound rang in my eyes making spark-filled in my eyes.

Everyone look I the sky in astonishment.

Fireworks started to began in the sky. The lightening sound and colour was something which we couldn’t describe in words. It was splendid.

As the firework stop, something started to form in the sky.

the letter was written in bold and clear.

I read it aloud.



Hey, my lovelies.

I am sorry for not updating for so long.

It just that I recently diagnosed with Laryngopharyngitis. Due to this, I couldn't speak. It kind of frustrating and make me anxious. I felt like a bird in a cage, who looks at the sky but couldn't fly. I want to talk and share my feeling but I can't. I couldn't focus on my writing due to heavy medication.

I am sorry for the wait. I hope to update more in future.

Love you.


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