Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 35

****Ashley P.O.V.***

All the time Mel was stick with me like a koala. It would be a lie if I say that I didn’t like that. She is my lil one, after all, my child, even she missed her badly. A mother can do anything and go anywhere in the world but she can’t stay apart from their child, no matter what the situation is. the mother in Ashley found piece seeing her child in front of her eyes, safe and happy.

Mel was so happy and cheerful all the time.

There was also someone who irritates me to the core.
The great Brandon Knight. He was following us like a lost puppy.

’A cute, adorable and hot one. ’My brain said.
Oh, hush. stupid brain’

Once I arrived, he didn’t leave my site for a second like he was afraid that I might leave him or vanished in the thin air.

He was behaving like a possessive and clingy boyfriend in front of every man who looks at me for more than ten seconds. If someone ogles at me, he gave them a glare.

In my entire life, I never thought that I would ever love someone, The wall that I had built around my heart was difficult to pass through but he slowly broke all the wall with his love.

Before he came, I didn’t have any heart and never felt any need to have any but since he came into my life I felt like I too have a heart like everyone else and that too he own.

I don’t know how, when and where I lost my heart to him, but he has my love and time, nobody else.

I never show him but I too love him, since forever and ever.

he is mine to cherish, care and love... unbreakable.

When the cake she squealed jumping up and down. It gave me immense happiness seeing her. We cut the cake and feed her. She feeds me than Brandon after that, then Marcus and Linda. we ate our dinner with small chats and lame jokes. Mel told me about everything she did in these past days and never for once she stop saying how much she misses me.

I hug her tight and kissed her baby cheeks countless times to make her laugh.

she is my bundle of joy, my ray of hope, my sunshine.

Children were playing and running around, enjoying their time. Brandon left when his phone called off but not before kissing my forehead possessively. he looks in his eyes shows longing, care and something which I can’t pinpoint out.

My phone started to vibrate indicated that something was up.

“Mel baby, mamma need to make a call. You stay here with grandpa, I will come back shortly”. I said kissing her cottony cheeks and smiled to which she pouted but eventually nodded.

I gave Marcus a small smile before went out of there.

As soon as I came out I was greeted with an angry looking Derek, who was standing near the foyer with his arms crossed around his chest. He looks like a wounded animal.
“What happen Derek? Why are you in killing mode?“I asked as I stood before him.

“Stop it, Ashley. I am not in the mood of hearing any of your jokes. The little stunt you put there in the morning was enough.” He seethed.
His muscles were stiff. He was breathing heavily through his nose to calm his temper but failed miserably.

“Derek..“I tried to say but he interrupted me before I could utter a word.

“Don’t... Just don’t. You are coming with me this instant. You need to check your wound and let the doctor stitches them for you” He said grabbing my left hand pulling me towards him.

“I can’t Derek. Not now. I will go for a check-up later” I said firmly snatching my wrist from tight grip.

I hissed in pain when my wound started to hurt. I felt blood oozing out of my wound as it still fresh and deep.

“Oh god, Ashley. Can’t you see? You are hurt, dammit”He said clutching his hair in annoyance.

“I know D but she needed me now. I can’t let my baby sad on her birthday” I said calmly to let him know my perspective.
His shoulder slumped in defeat as he knows he can’t change my mind, no matter what he does or says.

“Okay but I am not going to leave your site even for a second. Even Michael is not here as he busily searching for the proofs you asked for.“I gave him cheeky smile as he sighed.

He narrows his eyes at my playfulness and rest his hand on his hip to look intimidating but failed miserably. If it was a character of some animated movie, we could see the smoke coming out of his ears which will look quite comical due to his build up. He looks like a cute whiny kitten to me.

“Okay, anything else master, “I said with a sickly sweet smile to lighten the ambience.

“Actually yes. First thing in the morning, you will be coming with me” He said straight looking in my eyes. His face shows a plethora of emotions like anger, concern, worry, happiness...

“Okay, Derek. No need to get cranky or you will get wrinkles” He rolled his eyes playfully at my comment but say nothing.

“Do you want to make a call now?“He asked after some time. His lips turned into a lopsided grin as he was waiting for my command.
I nodded my head with a smirk on my own.

“Let’s do this then”He stated and fished out his phone from his jacket before dialling the number.

It’s time to show them who is the boss here...

****Unknown P. O. V****

“How did it happen?“Dave asks throwing the vase at the wall in aggression.

His voice was cold and menacing sending a chill down the spine of the men who stood there looking down at the floor praying for there dear life.

he couldn’t digest the fact that Ashley broke into his base early this morning, injured most of his men or send them into jail and destroy most of his weapons.

Dave was out of control. He can’t believe that they found about his main base. No one knows about it not even his men. Only some trustworthy people of his knows about it.

’I underestimate her. How can I behave so careless?’He thought running his hand through his hair in complete frustration making it messier than before.

“Boss, we don’t know. They just came out of nowhere and start to fire bullets on us. We didn’t even have time to read”One of his men answered looking scared.

Dave excel air through his nose and shoot him straight in the heart. He looks like an angry bull who was seeing all red. He looks so lethal and dangerous.

Everyone gulp seeing him as a killer machine.
And why won’t they? It’s not usual for anyone to come and straight challenge his authority.

His eyes were bloodshot in anger. He wants nothing more than to have her. He wants to punish her in every possible way. He wants to make her scream in both pleasure and pain.

He wants to claim her and let the world know that he is a male Alpha. No one can challenge his authority and get easily without being torcher.

’You will pay for this, little birdie. I will not let it slide easily this time’He thought with a sinister smile forming on his face. His face looks so cruel.

He went towards his chair and sat on it as nothing happen. Placing his hand behind his head he looks at his men who were ready to pee in their pants.

’Good. You all should be afraid of me’He thought.

His phone started to call off broking his reverie.

He looks at the screen which shows private number.

He presses the green button and placed his phone near his left ear haltingly.

“How was the surprise, Dave?“The voice came from the other side was quite familiar and bold which he could never forget. His ears perked up in an alert.

he takes a deep breath before starting.

“I will let you know once I came to get you. You will beg for me to show mercy on you, I will make you scream under me with my sweet torcher, but my darling I will not.“His voice was firm despite his erotic heart who was beating wildly by only listening to her sweet voice.

There was something about her which always make him have her, make her his and this time he will do it for his salvation for his need.

“You wish. Even I am waiting for your coward self to show up in front of me and this time I will give you a surprise, a surprise I am planning for you for so long. you will die the same way you kill my family” She said in a grave tone, her voice was firm and hard.

“Do you really think that sweetheart? You are just a mere pathetic girl who couldn’t save her family that time nor you could save yourself from me now”He says with a dark chuckle. he found it so amusing listening to her threat.

“I don’t think Dave, I just know. this time no running away. you need to die to let the world stay in the peace. This time you can’t do anything except watching everything helplessly. I will crush every support you have before breaking you into pieces. It's my promise. ” she stated like a word grave on the milestone like a prophecy. .

“We will meet soon. Just keep open your eyes because you never know what would happen in the blink of your eyes, Nicholas Dave Henderson." She said with dark chuckle making perspiration forming on his forehead due to nervousness.

“How?"His voice wavered as a lump formed in his throat.

“Just wait”Saying that she hung up her phone.

Nicholas slumped in his seat with a feeling he never felt before. A wave of nervousness, fear and terror strike him like a brick of wall.

No one gets to know about his true identity but she not even found about his base but about his real name...


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