Unbreakable Love

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Chapter 36

After discussing a deal with his PA over a phone call, Brandon joins his father who was laughing and talking with Mel. There were only a few guests were left as the party was about to end.

His eyebrow knotted in confusion with a wave of nervousness hit him when he couldn’t saw Ashley with them.

Mel was giggling listening to some joke his father told her. He stood beside her and asked about Ashley.

Marcus informed him that she went outside to make a call and resume his conversation with Mel.

Brandon tried his best to compose himself and calm his aching heart but he felt helpless. somewhere in his heart, there was a fear of losing her which his heart couldn’t bear.

Sometimes, the physical wound was nothing in comparison with mental stress. The physical wound could be healed but the scar on your mind and heart can’t be healed, it only makes you helpless.

The thought of losing our precious loved ones make us go crazy. It didn’t matter how and why? but a person can lose his sanity.

Same goes with Brandon, he was not only in love with her but she was like a breath to him. without her, he can’t imagine his life.

He is like a barren land, which is eagerly waiting for rain. For him, she is rain in his life. she completes him.

All the time he follows her like a lost puppy because his heart wants to stay near her. Only he knows, how was he holding himself back before hugging her in front of everyone. He wants to hug her so hard and made her stay with him without any intention of letting her go.

He wants to scold her, kiss her, hold her close to his heart to calm himself. His heart needs an assurance that she was indeed with him.

For him, she is his one and only loves. He felt so blessed having her in his life.

Even though she didn’t confess her feeling like him but he knows she loves him as he does.

After debating with himself, he decided to go out and look for her.

Excusing himself he hurriedly went out. He didn’t bother where he was going and bump into someone.

“What the hell?”He burst in anger but stopped when he saw the person he bumped into was none other than his younger sister, who was rubbing her temple painfully.

“Kate? What happen?”His voice was filled with worry and concern.

“Nothing,” Kate replied came instantly without any second delay.

But he knows better that something was up. She was not looking like herself.

He didn’t saw her at the time of cake cutting and the dinner. He knows something was wrong and he needed to find out.

“Kate?”He asked sternly this time crossing his arm over his chest looking intimidating. His voice was demanding to leave no room for argument.

“It’s nothing really. It's just…”She closed her eyes and sighed in frustration, running hands through her dishevelled hair making them messier.

“It’s just… Nicholas left early as he was having some emergency back home. I am just missing him”she finally spoke looking straight into his stormy eyes. Her eyes were glistering due to unshed tears.

She sniffled and wipe the tears before they fall from her eyes.

Brandon felt sad for his lil sister. She was so dear to him and he could do anything for her.

“Come here” He spread his arms and beckoned her to come over.

She went towards him and hug him tightly feeling calm and relax.

He kissed her forehead lovingly still hugging her.

“don’t worry baby sis, he will come when he will do with his work.”He said sincerely.

She nodded at him with a bright smile.

A smile formed on his own seeing her finally smile.

“Come you don’t eat anything. I will bring you something.”He said grabbing her hand but she shook her head in no.

He looks at her confused but she smiles in return.

“Bro, calm down. I will go myself. You just go and you’re your love.“Kate said winking at him.

His face morphs from confusing to shocked in second.

“What? I …”He stammered making her giggle in delight.

She ruffled his hair and beckoned him to go.

He looked unsure but one sharp look at her making him gave in to her request.

“I will be back.”He said and started to walk but stopped abruptly.


She turned around and look at him confused.

“No matter what, I am always having your back. Never forget that.”He said with a bright smile and left.

He was searching for her like a maniac but couldn’t found her.

At last, he gave up halfheartedly and thought about getting back in when something caught his eyes. Or you can say someone caught her eyes.

He saw a couple hugging each other.

He narrows his eyes to look at them as it was difficult for him to look in the dark.

His jaw clenched and hand form into a fist when he saw the couple. He felt like his heart being ripped out of his chest and crushed into pieces.

He went towards them and shouted angrily making them startled.

“What the hell?” He shouted and punched Derek straight on the face making him lose his balance. He fell on the ground clutching his bloodied face.

Ashley looks at him shocked. She never saw him in so much anger. This side of him was new to her which she never introduced before.

She tried to help him but Brandon stops her by pulling her towards him by her waist.

“Are you crazy? Why did you do that?”She shouted at him and keep struggling to get out of his hold but he only tightened in response.

She was fuming in rage and his silence was irking her anger.

“Who was her?”He finally asked. His voice was void of emotions. His usual mischievious glint was missing making them dull and plain.

He looked at her in anticipation. He wants to shout at her, claim her as his but he needed to found out first, what was in her heart?

Her silence was killing him making him suffocate.

“Why?”He asked defeated.

His fingers digging in her skin making her whimper in pain. The wound around her lower chest and waist didn’t do any better.

“What was he to you? Are you in love with him? Am I nothing to you”He shouted pulling her towards him harshly.

She looks at him startled but couldn’t bring herself answer his stupid questions.

“You are hurting me.”She whispered meekly.

He looks at her in disappointed. He wants her to tell him that she was only his and there was nothing between her and the men but his hope shattered when she worriedly look at the man lying on the floor.

He pushed her away and turned around. He was going crazy with the thought of her with someone else. His heart couldn’t bear these wild thoughts.

His eyes brimmed with unshed tears but he didn’t wipe them. He felt too helpless at the moment.

“It’s nothing like that Brandon,” Ashley said standing in front of him after getting out of her shock state.

Brandon look at her for sometime before started to laugh like a maniac.

he never thought love hurt so much. She was his only love. he felt betrayed by her. he wants to die at the moment as the pain was unbearable for him.

his tears started to fall making their down to his sharp cheeks.

"I love you... I love you with all my soul. I love you as no one could ever love you but you never love me. you never love me when you have someone in your life."He whispers looking down.

A tears fall down on her eyes as she felt his pain.

she went towards him slowly. her hands were shaky as she cupped his cheeks with her both palm.

he avoids her gaze but she pulled him into her making him gasp.

"He is Derek. A close friend of mine, he is family to me like Micahel. He is like a brother to me" Her voice was steady and determined as she utters those words.

His eyes widened in shock. He looks at her then turned his head towards Derek who nodded his head in confirmation with a small smile.

he felt guilty for saying such cruel words to her, for blaming her for the things she never did.

he wanted to apologise to her but before he could she fell down as black dot forming in her vision. She found it difficult to stand straight making his breath stop.

"Ashley" He shouted and crouched down holding her to him.

I can't lose you, love... Please, don't leave me.'he pleading her


Hey, my lovely readers,

First I wants to say sorry for all my readers for not updating for so long. It just i am recovering slowly from my health condition.

I promsie to never to this again and update once a week or maybe twice.

Love you guys, for all your support. I hope you like this update.


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